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Accounting And Payroll Services For Small Business

Accounting And Payroll Services For Small Business – As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Between managing your team and running your day-to-day operations, you’ll want to delegate some responsibilities. For many business owners, hiring an accountant is a matter of managing the bookkeeping. Not only can an accountant save you money, but their services can free up your schedule so you can focus on what you do best!

When it comes to accounting, working with a professional accountant is key. Small miscalculations can quickly add up and turn into big, more complicated problems later down the road. Meeting with a Chartered Professional Accountant will give you peace of mind. You’ll know that your books and records are completed to the highest quality standards, that your employees are paid accurately and on time, and that your taxes and payroll are calculated correctly and filed on time. You will receive management reports to assess progress.

Accounting And Payroll Services For Small Business

Accounting And Payroll Services For Small Business

I, Leanne M. Goddard, am a professional accountant committed to helping small businesses grow and achieve their goals. I have a unique work experience that allows me to provide exceptional service and advice to my clients. My years of experience and professional degrees allow me to offer the company the highest quality service. I have established myself as a competitive, reliable, easy going and competitive professional accountant in Cranbrook. My accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services free up your time while giving you feedback on your path to making more money to ensure you stay on track!

Payroll Software For Small Businesses Canada

For more information on bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services, please call or email me. I look forward to the opportunity to help your business grow and succeed. As a loyal and satisfied customer I can prove, I will be by your side every step of the way. My goal is to provide the most efficient processes and procedures for your business to ensure your money is well spent. If you want to focus on your business and what makes you money, then I can help you keep accurate accounting records. I offer full accounting and payroll services to support you throughout the year. Get in touch to find out more! Ensuring your payroll is processed correctly, accurately and on time is the highest priority in any business. One of the worst things you can do as a business owner is being late or wrong on payroll. Consequently, choosing the right online payroll service is an important consideration.

I have been exposed to many different payroll services over the years, but the ones listed below are my favorites. The Canadian salary room is usually led by some popular options, but in my opinion, it is outdated. The following payroll services are new players in the market (relatively speaking), but they “get” how payroll should be done in the digital age; online based, easy to use, good customer service and affordable. Below is a list of the top 4 online payroll services for your small business.

Based in Waterloo, Wagepoint is an online payroll service that takes care of almost every aspect of your payroll process. Once the initial setup is complete, all you need to do is log into Wagepoint before each pay date and enter the number of hours your employees worked or gross pay if they are on the payroll. From there, Wagepoint will calculate all required tax deductions, send the taxes directly to the government and file as required, as well as deposit the money directly into your employee’s bank account.

It might not be the most feature-rich platform, but they make up for it very well when it comes to customer service and ease of use of the product.

The Top 4 Online Payroll Services For Your Small Business

The team at Wagepoint understands how important it is not to miss a payday and that unexpected problems can arise when running payroll, so you can reach someone from the support team directly and often a resolution is provided. matter of a few minutes. I can not tell you how important this is when it comes to things like salary, because there is nothing worse than paying your employees late. You can be sure that when you talk to someone on their team, you will get a competent person.

Wagepoint also integrates with popular online cloud accounting systems Xero and QuickBooks, so you can enter your payroll data directly into your accounting system when payroll is run on time.

And did I forget to mention that you can choose to pay your employees (partly or all) in bitcoins? If you go this route, be sure to check some of the tax implications of paying your team members in bitcoins.

Accounting And Payroll Services For Small Business

The price varies depending on how often you hire employees and how many employees you have. Although they are not the cheapest on the block, they offer an experience that is worth the price.

Why Choose Accounting And Payroll Administration Program?

Because of their customer service and ease of use, Wagepoint is our favorite payroll service on the market for Canadians.

SimplePay is a very popular Canadian cloud payroll service. They have been around longer than Wagepoint and have a product with more features. I feel that some of these additional features are probably better suited for accountants, so users may not notice much of a difference. Something to keep in mind is that SimplePay will handle any scenario you may have from a payroll perspective.

SimplePay also has excellent Xero integration, so you can get your payroll data into your accounting system with ease.

The reporting side of SimplePay is very powerful and you can get the salary report you want.

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The platform is not difficult to use, but it is not the easiest either. The setup process also requires someone familiar with the platform in my opinion to set things up properly.

In terms of price, SimplePay is one of the more expensive options, so if price is an important consideration for you, SimplePay may be a good option.

QuickBooks Online (aka QBO) is a complete accounting system. One of the modules on their platform is the payroll module, which allows you to run payroll directly in their software every time you pay them, without the need for an additional third-party application. The advantage of this is that things are more integrated because you don’t have to worry about connecting 2 different applications to send your payroll data to your accounting system.

Accounting And Payroll Services For Small Business

The QBO payroll module is quite user-friendly and intuitive. Once you have everything set up correctly, processing payroll is pretty easy.

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The downside is that payroll at QBO is not automated like Wagepoint and SimplePay, for example. Once the payroll is up and running, you must write checks or make direct deposits to your employees’ accounts for their individual paychecks, as well as send the required monthly salary tax returns to the government.

That said, QBO’s Payroll is still a great choice for payroll that integrates directly into your cloud accounting system.

Wave Accounting is a fairly popular cloud accounting system in North America. Like QBO, they have an integrated payroll module in their platform, which means you only deal with one application instead of 2 and don’t have to worry about integrating 2 different applications.

In addition, Wave offers some great automation capabilities so you can offer your employees direct deposits from their paychecks. You can also set up Wave to send taxes and forms to the government every month for deductions made at source.

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Wave operates across Canada, except Quebec; so if you are a business with employees in Quebec, Wave is not the solution for you.

The price is comparable to Wagepoint. Wave payroll services are suitable if you are a Canadian business using the Wave platform for your accounting.

Just Google “online payroll services” and you’ll quickly come up with tons of options. The options listed above are some of my favorite options for small businesses in Canada right now.

Accounting And Payroll Services For Small Business

What about the big boys, like ADP and Ceridian? I feel that their architecture is a bit outdated and their customer service is lacking. I think the above options are better than some big players. You definitely can’t go wrong with the options listed above. Small businesses contribute about 11 percent to the Canadian economy, employing about 70 percent of the private sector workforce in all its forms. So with the contribution of small businesses to the Canadian economy, you, as a small business

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