Best Time Tracking Software For Consultants

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Knowing how to spend your time is a powerful thing. After all, as the old truism goes, “what gets measured gets managed.” As a freelancer, I wear all the hats in my business, which means I have to manage my time carefully. I diligently keep track of how long each client project and business task takes, so I avoid not paying for heavy projects or being overwhelmed with work.

Best Time Tracking Software For Consultants

Best Time Tracking Software For Consultants

But even if you’re not a sole proprietor, there are many reasons to track your time, from logging billable hours to improving personal productivity and streamlining business processes. And time tracking apps help make this practice easier, more accurate, and much more consistent.

Best Time Tracking Tools And Apps For Freelancers

The best time trackers have both a built-in timer and the ability to manually change or add time. They allow you to schedule time entries for various tasks and projects, and they offer detailed reporting and even invoicing features to turn your tracked time into revenue. After looking at dozens of tools, I’ve come up with the five best time tracking apps for individuals and small teams.

All of our best app roundups are written by people who have spent most of their careers using, testing, and writing software. We spend dozens of hours researching and testing apps, using each app as it was intended to be used and evaluating it against the criteria we set for the category. We never get paid to post the app in our articles or link to any website. We appreciate the trust that readers place in us to provide authentic ratings of our reviewed categories and apps. For more details on our process, read a full overview of how we select apps to feature on the blog.

If you know how you spend your time, you can analyze your work trends and make smarter business decisions. Whether you work alone or in a small team, time tracking software can give you a complete picture of your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly performance.

What do you do with this information? Perhaps most importantly, tracking project time can help you get paid, allowing you to feel confident about your invoices, rather than trying to estimate how long you worked after the fact. If you’re part of a team, time tracking can help you answer the question, “What did you work on this month?”

Top 17 Time Tracking Apps And Software (2022)

Here, we’ve focused specifically on finding a time tracker for freelancers, individuals, and small teams. We do not consider employee monitoring software, which often includes some type of time tracking. We include two automated tracking tools that monitor user activity, but the data is for each user’s eyes only. With these tools, you choose how much (if any) data to share with your supervisors.

Additionally, we do not include project management, invoicing, or accounting applications that have add-on or built-in time tracking. While time tracking clocks and these tools can be very useful, we’re guessing that if that’s what you need, you’re probably looking for a more robust solution.

Looking for ways to make time easier? Add automation to your time tracking app and automatically start events, create projects, and notify your team when you start a task.

Best Time Tracking Software For Consultants

If you need a time tracking tool but can’t afford to pay for it, you should use Toggl Track. Time Tracker has a generous free tier that gives you access to all of its apps (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, web and browser extensions) and includes all the basic features you’d expect in a time tracker. app.

What’s The Best Time Tracking App For 2022?

Toggl Track is very easy to use mainly because it doesn’t ask you to do much when you start scheduling a task. With many time tracking apps, you must have a client, project, and task logged into your account before the app will allow you to track time. If you haven’t, you should put your assignment aside for now and enter it. With Toggl Track, you can track your time instantly, view your tracked time entries in a grid or calendar format, and worry about the details later.

Additionally, if you use Toggl Track via a Chrome or Firefox browser extension, the Toggl Timer button will appear in just about every web app you can imagine, from Google Docs (and other Google apps) to Help Scout. Since you always see the Toggl Track button while you work, you have a constant reminder to track your time.

Toggl Track has some of the most detailed options I’ve seen in a time tracking app. For example, in the Toggl Track Chrome extension, you can automatically start and stop tracking time based on whether or not the browser is open. It also has excellent inactivity detection that helps you maintain high accuracy of recordings. If the application detects that your computer has been idle, but the timer is still running, it suggests ways to fix the recorded time block. That way, if you get interrupted while you’re at work and get into a 20-minute conversation, Toggl Track can take those 20 minutes out of your recording. Toggl Track even has a Pomodoro Technique setting, so you can work on a project that requires your attention for a certain amount of time, then take a short break, all with reminders as simple as a stopwatch.

For even more flexibility, Toggl Track uses integrations to connect Toggl Track to your favorite apps, so you can start new time entries in Toggl Track when calendar events start, add new entries to a spreadsheet, and more.

Best Time Tracking Software Of 2022 With Comparison

For whom Toggl Track is not suitable? while the free plan is simple and easy to use for basic time tracking and reporting, if you want a detailed view of your work, saved reports, or billable hours, you’ll need to upgrade to premium. for these features. For your money, another app on this list will probably be better for you. And there’s no task management or scheduling feature, so if you’re looking for a way to plan and track your team’s workload, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Toggl Track Pricing. free for up to five users; $9/user/month when the starter plan is billed annually, which includes time rounding, billable rates, retained reports, and more.

If you’re looking for a simple time-tracking app with no extra bells and whistles, consider Clockify. While the free plan doesn’t offer the same level of functionality as Toggl Track, it does include unlimited tracking, unlimited users, unlimited projects, and unlimited reports, all for free.

Best Time Tracking Software For Consultants

If you’re looking for a project time tracker that seamlessly integrates with your favorite project management tool to help your team plan and track your time, HourStack is worth checking out.

The Best Time Tracking Software Options In 2022

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise of my app testing, HourStack is a sleek and easy-to-use combined calendar and time tracker. The app has native integrations with popular project management tools like Asana, Google Tasks, Trello, Todoist, and even Google Calendar. When you connect to one of these apps, you can view your tasks from the HourStack sidebar and drag and drop them directly into your HourStack calendar to schedule your team’s workload.

And the best part. The integration works two ways, so you can flag completed tasks from HourStack and update them in your project manager. As a productivity tool nerd, I was impressed and excited about this feature.

HourStack’s strength lies in its simplicity. There is no risk of being overwhelmed or distracted by complex settings or interfaces. The calendar page shows your scheduled tasks and allows you to schedule and record work time. A report page, filtered by clients, projects, and tags, shows your planned vs. record the hours as well as how many tasks you completed. And with browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, you can quickly add project time or start tracking without first entering a task or project.

If you integrate HourStack with a tool that isn’t natively supported, you can create your own HourStack integrations. Connect HourStack with thousands of apps so you can coordinate your time tracking, but it’s more useful. Here are some examples.

Best Time Tracking Software For 2022

Who is HourStack not suitable for? those who want a desktop and/or mobile app. HourStack works in your browser and through browser extensions, and while it’s very responsive for mobile, some users may feel restricted by limited access points.

If you’re in the market for a time-tracking app optimized for team project management, I would be too.

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