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Best Way To Learn Greek Language

Best Way To Learn Greek Language – Many visitors to Greece want to learn some basic Greek words and phrases before their vacation. This article covers some useful Greek words and some common phrases Greeks use every day. Includes some cute puns!

The Greek language is quite unique. Our alphabet is thousands of years old, and many of the words we use today were used in ancient Greece.

Best Way To Learn Greek Language

Best Way To Learn Greek Language

Most visitors find it difficult to learn the Greek alphabet. However, once you memorize the Greek letters, you should be able to read basic Greek words and phrases.

Best Apps To Learn Greek

This is useful when traveling around Greece and the Greek Islands, as you can read almost all road signs in Greek.

Meanwhile, if all you want to do is learn a few useful Greek words and phrases, you don’t need to learn to read the alphabet. You can become a “good traveler” just by memorizing the sound of a few key phrases!

This guide introduces some words you might want to use, as well as some phrases you might hear in Greek. Whether you want to repeat these few words is up to you!

As you can imagine, very few of these words are used on a daily basis. Here are some of them.

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Note: I’ve used special flags so you can see which joints to emphasize. For example, the word ka-li-mé-ra is stressed on the third syllable: meh.

“Óchi” or “Óhi”, the Greek word for “no”, is a short word that many English speakers find difficult to pronounce. You can say “ah-hi” to introduce a hard “h” sound.

If that word sounds familiar, you’re right. This is my article about Hari Ochi, spelled “OXI” with a capital letter.

Best Way To Learn Greek Language

Note: When they are among friends, Greeks tend to say “tsk” instead of using “ohi”. While not very polite, it is something to be aware of.

How Vasiliki Baskos Started Teaching Greek Online Part Time And Grew Her Business To Support 5+ Staff Members

“Kalymera” is one of the most popular Greek words. It is a compound word where ‘kali’ means ‘good’ and ‘imera’ means ‘day’.

Translated as “good day”, “kalimera” is usually used when seeing someone during the day or evening. It is best to use it between 1-2pm.

“Kalyspira” translates to “good night” in Greek. If you think it’s too late for Calimera, maybe 4-5pm.

Some people turn to Calispira just after noon, which might sound a bit extreme considering it’s not quite night yet.

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“Kalinichta” is used when you wish someone well, i.e. when you cannot see them again that night.

Useful if you miss the watermelon you had for dinner. If you’re staying at a hotel with a host, you can say “Kalinikta” on your way back.

If calimera, calispera, and calinicht are too confusing, there are other standard greetings you can use: yiássou or yiássas. The word means “to your health” and can be used as “hello” and “goodbye”.

Best Way To Learn Greek Language

“Yahssou”, pronounced “yah soo”, is used when you are talking to someone. “Yassas,” often spelled “gaia sass,” is also appropriate if you’re talking to two or more people, but you want to show courtesy by addressing an older person.

Easy Ways To Say I Love You In Greek!

“Epharisto” is the first word every polite traveler wants to learn, and it makes one smile. In fact, I don’t think the Greeks use “thank you” the way other people do!

Now, of all the major Greek words, this is probably the most difficult to pronounce. So don’t be disappointed if the Greeks try to correct your accent – they’re just trying to help.

We say the same word “please” – not that you’re going to hear that word here often!

The Greek words for “forgive” and “forgive” are other words that are difficult to pronounce. Best pronounced “see-ghno-mee”, with a soft “g” sound.

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Let’s say you’ve ordered some food and drink at a Greek taverna, and now it’s time to raise your glass and say “hello.” .

“Yia” is the word we use for “yiá ssou” or “yiá ssas”. Specifically, it is a short form of the word “hygiene”, which is related to hygiene, sanitation, and several other words used in English.

Considering Greece is a warm country, at least in the summer, “water” is probably the most useful Greek word you’ll ever learn.

Best Way To Learn Greek Language

If you want to buy a bottle of water, remember the words “mikró” (small) and “megálo” (large).

Claire Lagoutaris From Hellenic Learning Gives Her Top Three Tips To Learn Greek

Apart from drinking lots of water, there are several other ways to help keep you cool while visiting Greece in the summer. Remember, watermelon (karpoúzi) is your best friend!

No list of essential Greek words is complete without at least one iconic Greek dish. Souvlaki is a popular street food, fast, cheap and filling.

Today, there are hundreds of Greek dishes, and it would take weeks to find them all. Here’s a guide to 50 popular Greek dishes that can be found in many Greek restaurants.

If you’ve been in Greece for a few days, you might think that everyone is always looking for a taxi. In fact, the word everyone uses is “dada” and is often shortened to “dashi”.

My Big Fat Greek Challenge

We also use “okay” a lot, especially in everyday situations, and you’re sure to hear it dozens of times during your Greek vacation. Since it’s easy to pronounce, you can use it instead of “okay” to impress a Greek.

The word ‘ela’ means ‘to come’, but we also use it as ‘to come’ or even as an expression of surprise. It is often followed by “torah” which means “now” as an expression of exasperation.

On other occasions, people follow with a short “reh” just for emphasis. This word doesn’t translate to anything in English, but it’s not very polite, so it’s best to avoid it.

Best Way To Learn Greek Language

Now for another common word! Gamoto, pronounced with a soft “g,” is not a word you want to say to grandma.

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Translated into English, the F-word is used as an expression of simple annoyance, frustration, or anger. It’s best to avoid using it alone, but at least now you know what this Japanese sounding word means.

The most famous vulgar word in Greek, “qualify,” can have several meanings depending on who you speak, your tone of voice, and the appropriate gestures.

For example, if you’re driving and someone cuts you off, the word “competence” sounds like a rough hole. However, you can also refer to your friend as a “qualifier” in more subtle ways, such as “buddy”, “guy” or “guy”.

So, while the word “malaka” is emphasized on the second syllable, the word “malaka” which is emphasized on the last syllable means soft/soft. If you want to use it, make sure you stress the correct syllables

Dead Languages: How (and Why) To Learn A Dead Language

Interested in some harsher words? Here they are: Greek swear words. Maybe it’s better not to read it in the office.

Now that you know some of the most popular words, let’s review some key Greek phrases.

“What’s Your Name” is a world ice breaker. In Greek, you can choose between these two forms of the phrase.

Best Way To Learn Greek Language

You can use “Pos se lé-ne” when talking to young people, but “Pos sas le-ne” is more appropriate when you want to be polite or address an older person.

Learn Greek Online: 39 Free Resources And Classes To Learn The Greek Language

If you are talking to young people, you should use “ti kanis” / “ti ka nees”. However, if you are addressing your parents or several people, the correct form is “ti kanete”.

The standard answer to this question is “kala”, the Greek word for “good”, or “ola kalá”, which is best translated as “all is well”.

Even if you have learned a few phrases in Greek, people may give you answers they don’t understand. In this case, the best thing to say is “Den katalavéno”, I don’t get it.

Whether you’re sitting down at the dinner table for a long meal or ordering a few beers, at some point you’re going to have to pay up.

Learn How To Say Hello And Other Phrases In Greek

Since you already know the word paracalor, you only need to learn the word logarithm with soft g.

Plot twist: If you want to say this phrase 100% correctly, you have to actually say “Tha íthela to logariasmó parakaló”, where “tha íthela” means “I want”.

However, the last two words are not enough – even if you just say “parametric” or “logarithmic”, you will still get the message. Avoid operating on the date that was clicked

Best Way To Learn Greek Language

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