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Build Your Own Box Hockey

Build Your Own Box Hockey – DIY Box Hockey Game All you need to play is two popsicle sticks and a bottle cap!

So, this type of hockey box is what my dad made for me and my brother when we were kids and it’s based on what my mom remembers playing with her siblings as a kid (That’s one of 6!) I couldn’t find anything similar anywhere online but it’s so easy and fun that I wanted to share it with you! We played it for hours!

Build Your Own Box Hockey

Build Your Own Box Hockey

I don’t have step by step photos but I will do my best to explain how to make a DIY box hockey game and the rules to play. My parents’ version is played with two popsicle sticks and a bottle cap and is easy enough for little kids to play but still fun enough for adults! And just to clarify, my dad did this from his memory, so we don’t know if there are any measurements or legal rules for hockey. I couldn’t find anything consistent online, even the Wikipedia page has more than one version. But this size is nice and manageable and still a lot of fun!

Project: Broken Hockey Stick Bench

To create your own box hockey game, look at the image below. The long sides of the “box” are 3 meters long. And then to keep the thickness of the long sides of the short sides and all the divisions are reduced to 22.5″. This would make the size of the hockey game be 24″ x 36″.

After cutting your 1 x 6 pieces, cut the gates. Both ends of the box and the middle partition have a center gate that is 4″ x 4″. You can mark them and cut them out with a jigsaw.

There is a gate at each end of the two partitions in between. The gates are equal in size but at the ends of the dividing boards. Cut them too after measuring them with a saw.

Finally cut your plywood base to size (24′ x 36″) and attach the entire box to the divider with wood screws as shown in the picture.

Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Retail Box

Each player gets a jumbo popsicle stick, you can flip a coin to see who goes first. To “kick” the player places the bottle cap on the top of the box above his goal and flips it into the box (see video above!) As he passes, he swings it at the opponent’s goal. First to 5 goals wins!

If the bottle cap is blown over the top of the box, the other player will “kick” near the top of the box from where it was blown. Don’t forget to slide the bottle cap off the walls and use your geometry skills to get into the goal, the smartest hockey moves aren’t always a straight line!

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Build Your Own Box Hockey

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Build Your Own Box Hockey

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Build Your Own Box Hockey

Professional air hockey is usually only available in arcades because it requires advanced systems to operate. Our goal was to create a DIY air hockey table to bring this game experience home.

Adventurepi: The Ultimate Diy Raspberry Pi Portable Arcade

By using commonly available materials we were able to create an inexpensive and easy to build air hockey table. Our project uses the power of modern technologies such as lasercutting and 3D printing to create a unique, easily manipulated system that allows anyone to create the game they love.

There is no better joy than watching the puck slide smoothly on a cushion of air and into the goal. Follow along to create your own air hockey game and we can guarantee that it will give you hours of fun!

If you liked the project, vote in the game contest and watch the video above.

To see the air hockey table, we started by designing it in Fusion 360. We scaled our playing field, making it easy to set up, while keeping the fun part. of the game. Here are some of the features of our DIY system:

Future Stars Backyard Ice Rink Kit

The lift created to move the puck is achieved by creating small holes throughout the playing field in a net that blows air at high pressure from below. Air enters these holes and is expelled at high speed against the weight of the puck causing it to float on thin air.

The following is a list of all the parts you will need to build your own air hockey table. All parts must be readily available and easy to find.

The total cost of the model came to about $ 50 which is almost half the cost of products on the market!

Build Your Own Box Hockey

We used a 3D printer to create many custom parts. Since most of the parts do not require a lot of energy, we printed them with PLA which we recommend as it is easy to print. The following list includes the total number of parts and their print descriptions. All STL files are provided in the attached folder below, allowing you to make the necessary changes if needed.

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Printing the parts took a total of 48 hours and was done on our Ender 3 press.

The playing surface should have a grid of 1 mm holes.

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