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Can I Create My Own Domain Extension

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Most websites you can think of probably end in .com. You’ve also probably seen a few that end in .org or .edu.

Can I Create My Own Domain Extension

Can I Create My Own Domain Extension

These characters at the end of a web address are called domain extensions, and there are about 1,500 options. Some are limited to specific organizations or people, but anyone can sign up for most extensions quickly.

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So choosing a domain name for your website becomes a bit difficult. Do you want to use or If you sell fish, the latter may be more appropriate.

This article will introduce you to domain extensions, including what they are, what they do, and how to choose the best one for your website.

The domain extension is the character after the last period of the URL. Common extensions include .com, .org, and .net.

Another term for a domain extension is a top-level domain. Because you can think of part of the domain name as a level of classification.

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For example, the .de domain extension places the domain in the “German” category. Using .gov means that your domain belongs to the “US Government Agency” category.

Domain extensions are no longer always used this way. We’ll talk about that in a moment. But that was the original intention.

The next level is the domain. This is the pre-expansion part. Identifies the website to which the URL belongs. For example, “” in the URL is the domain.

Can I Create My Own Domain Extension

Sometimes there are other levels called subdomains. Subdomains make up your website as separate parts. For example, the image below shows the URL

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When registering a domain name, you must choose both a name and a domain extension. Subdomains and everything in the URL can be created later after the extension.

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But as you know, all kinds of websites use .com. As the Internet evolves, domain extensions are often used in a different way than originally intended.

Here’s an unfamiliar example: The .fm extension should point to a website in Micronesia. However, it is now used by many radio stations and audio streaming sites.

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There are extensions like .gov that are restricted to specific organizations. But many others are open to everyone.

As a website owner, domain extensions serve several purposes. You can tell people what site you are on, you can trust them, and you can create an attractive and memorable URL.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) manages domain extensions through its division, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

Can I Create My Own Domain Extension

An ICANN-appointed registry manages each extension. The registry maintains a database of all domain names that use this extension.

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For example, .com, .net and various other extensions are managed by the American company VeriSign. Brand extensions are usually managed by the registered company. For example, the .samsung directory is managed by Samsung.

A government branch or non-profit organization may use a country code extension. For example, the operator of the .in registry is the National Internet Exchange of India.

These registries have extended contracts with ICANN-accredited registrars. A company that can register domain names, such as Google Domains or Cloudflare.

These were some of the first domain extensions and were named “generic” as opposed to country code extensions.

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In 2011, ICANN allowed organizations to register their own generic domain extensions. This led to a brand extension and many other accidental extensions. for example:

Sponsored TLDs are extensions used by specific entities. It can be a corporation, government agency or any other group. For example, the most common sTLDs are:

A country code TLD refers to a specific country, for example .jp for Japan. Each country code domain extension has its own rules. Some are limited to organizations in your country, others are open to everyone.

Can I Create My Own Domain Extension

There are thousands of domain extensions, but some are much more common than others. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular.

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It may have once been designated as a commercial site, but today it can be considered a primary domain extension.

Like .com, .net was one of the first domain extensions. It is intended for use by organizations involved in network technology.

These days, .net is often used as an alternative to .com. Companies that cannot get the desired .com domain choose .net.

.org was created for use by non-profit organizations and is still the domain of choice for those organizations.

Domain Name Search

The .org extension can be used by anyone. However, if you choose a .org domain, most people will not expect your site to be commercial.

Since 2001, extensions have been limited to higher education institutions accredited by institutions on certain lists. This means that the agency does not use it outside of the US very often.

The .gov extension is only available to US government agencies. It was originally dedicated to federal government sites, but in 2003 was opened to state, local, and tribal governments.

Can I Create My Own Domain Extension

.mil is restricted to divisions, services, and agencies of the United States Army. The United States is the only country with a military domain.

Register A Domain Name

Many country codes are still commonly used on websites of those countries. For example, you might assume that your .jp site is actually from Japan.

However, several country code domain extensions have been selected for other purposes, including the following extensions on this list.

If you know a .io website, you probably belong to a tech company. In recent years, .io has gained popularity among tech startups, referring to the popular tech jargon, Input/Output (I/O).

Businesses choose .io because they mark their websites as technology related. It is also popular because you can use the .io domain while using the .com version.

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But IO also means Indian Ocean. The original purpose of domain extension was to designate websites in the Indian Ocean region.

.int stands for International and is one of the most demanding domain extensions. Available only to organizations and programs approved by international agreements. For example, the European Space Agency website is at

The .mobi TLD indicates that the site is optimized for mobile devices. Sites using .mobi must comply with the requirements set by the registry.

Can I Create My Own Domain Extension

Almost all sites are mobile-friendly these days, so having a separate .mobi site is less valuable than it used to be.

Examples Of Domain Name Types And Extensions (2022)

You may be wondering if it matters which extension you choose for your website. What do domain extensions do for your site in practice?

First, it gives potential visitors a first impression of your website. Even before they click on a link and see your designs and content, people will know if your site is a .com, .org or .ninja and give each other a different impression.

Second, some domain extensions are more expensive to register than others. For example, you will likely pay more for a .io domain name than a domain name ending in .com.

However, domain extensions are not a choice that should be made solely on the basis of cost. Remember that you can earn more from a trusted .com site than from the same site registered with a .biz domain name.

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He said that no matter what TLD a site uses, Google always tries to return the best results for your queries.

Having a memorable and reliable domain name will help your site’s SEO because people are more likely to click on it and link to it.

After all, this is where your website will live from now on. Choose the domain extension that works best for your website by following these best practices.

Can I Create My Own Domain Extension

We recommend using the old .com for most websites. People recognize and trust .com. If they try to guess your brand’s website, they’ll probably start with

Types Of Domain

You can use it if your organization belongs to the category of well-known and designated domain extension. For example, non-profit organizations should use .org and US universities .edu.

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Some businesses want to emphasize their location. If you are in Canada, you can choose .ca (but .com is better if you operate worldwide).

It might make sense to choose another extension. In most cases, you should use something human-friendly like .net anyway.

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However, they may have visited your site before and want to return. Or maybe you heard about the website from a friend.

When it comes to memory, .com wins. Domains using .com are 33% more memorable than URLs using other top-level domains. When people forget their domain, they are 3.8 times more likely to assume that the domain ends in .com than anything else.

However, some new TLD extensions allow businesses to create memorable and creative domains. For example, if your business specializes in pasta, you can now register (someone already registered that domain.

Can I Create My Own Domain Extension

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