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Cheap Auto Body Repair San Diego

Cheap Auto Body Repair San Diego – Lemon Grove Truck Body & Equipment is one of several body shops located at 8373 and 8377 Broadway. They have received more airbrush complaints in recent years than any other automotive paint job. Photo by Ingrid Lobet, July 21, 2016.

In the Lincoln Park neighborhood of San Diego, there was a report of – smoky spray paint, thinner than thick enough that the caller had trouble breathing and had to get out.

Cheap Auto Body Repair San Diego

Cheap Auto Body Repair San Diego

In Spring Valley, a resident said an auto body shop was painting in a small room with no exhaust filters. The children of the neighborhood were very sick.

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Just outside of Lemon Grove, Eric Drainer said he has objected to the storefront in his backyard for years. The problem will not go away.

“We asked that question,” Drainer said. – It’s useless, I’m retired, I’ll leave after I retire. The civil genius said that the value of his property decreased, the neighbors became burdened and tired, and he left.

From Pacific Ocean to Mill City, Escondido to Chula Vista, complaints of fumes from paint control operations are among the most common reports from air authorities. Analysis of records by

More than 10 percent of air traffic complaints in San Diego County refer to auto images, up from 224 out of 2,100 complaints from January 2013 to April 2016.

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The Environmental Health Coalition, one of the nation’s oldest groups dedicated to urban environmental health, has long worked in National City. Research director Joy Williams said the results were “in large part what we’ve been hearing from residents”.

The District Air Pollution Control District has primary jurisdiction over air quality in the region. Robert Card declined requests for an interview with the district. In his appeal, he said that the inspectors are familiar with local cinemas for any illegal activities and respond to complaints in a timely manner. And when they paint an auto shop, Card wrote, they look for specific features that only use modern water-based products.

Several people were interviewed about the positive change in the industry as it moved away from solvent based paints.

Cheap Auto Body Repair San Diego

Alison Davis, senior adviser for public affairs at the agency’s office, said the changes also stem from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rules that went into effect in 2010 and 2011 because “these stores may emit some type of toxic or air pollutant.” “. from air pollution. The rules defined a shop as any money spent painting cars or painting more than two cars a year. It included shower stalls and required controls on how workers cleaned their equipment to reduce solvent costs.

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But chemicals that people shouldn’t be exposed to still cause stress on the body. Common solvents include xylene, acetone, alcohol and sometimes NMP, said Charles Corcoran, director of environmental science for the state Department of Toxic Substances Control. NMP, or N-methyl-pyrrolidone, is considered a reproductive hazard by the California Department of Health, meaning it is dangerous to unborn babies. Acetone can cause dizziness and irritate the nose, throat, lungs, and eyes. Both xylene and NMP are restricted for use in San Diego County, the district wrote.

The state also exempts some shops from federal requirements for showers, including a registered address. In this case, the base decides to filter the exhaust air. Environmental Protection Agency regulations require that shower stalls have filtration systems that are 98 percent efficient. The practice may be illegal.

“Local governments or jurisdictions are not allowed to issue exemptions for auto body shops,” wrote Enesta Jones of the EPA. “Federal regulation sets minimum acceptable standards for auto body shops in the United States.”

No address in San Diego County has received more than 60 complaints about car paint over the past three years than Drainer’s home on Broadway in Lemon Grove.

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“One or two times someone went out,” he told the Air Force. “‘Hey, we don’t smell anything right now. We’ll get some samples.’ Well, of course not, you came out here the other day. The answers aren’t real.”

The air pollution control district provided records showing 10 violations at the address since 2013, resulting in fines totaling $2,650. All of these fines were issued to Lemon Grove Truck Body & Equipment, one of several body shop businesses located at 8373 Broadway. Aviation authorities say the two violations occurred recently, from 2016, so the restrictions have not yet been assessed.

One of the owners of Lemon Grove Truck Body, Omar Zamora, said he believes some of the complaints are related to his business.

Cheap Auto Body Repair San Diego

“We’re trying to keep the noise and the smell down, but there’s only so much we can do,” he said, gesturing to rooms a few meters away.

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David McClune, executive director of the California Automobile Association, said most businesses do not or will not disturb neighbors. Anyone who suspects illegal activity is encouraged to contact the California Bureau of Motor Vehicle Repair. The Bureau also sends inspectors to consumers’ homes or factories when repairs are not carried out properly.

Lemon Grove Truck Body has been dealing with a few smoke complaints, but owner Omar Zamora says some are mistaken and they should legally list other body shops at the address. “There are six shops here,” he said.

David Winkowski, program manager in the San Diego office, said the protest was about someone painting outdoors in a residential area. “I’m sending the responder to let them know that this area is not for auto body repair and we need to get out,” he said.

Mary and Thomas Hughes of Chula Vista say it’s a situation they’ve had for years — sandblasting and painting multiple neighbors’ cars in their front yard. There are many of them. Thomas Hughes said there were nine Volkswagens in the park at one time. “He’s got a live truck over there.”

Auto Body Painter, 619 208 5321, San Diego, Ca

“We’ve been working for a while to get some rest at home,” Maria Hughes said in Spanish. – But we can’t even leave, so what’s the use? He said various authorities, including the city of Chula Vista, are monitoring the situation but have not done anything.

The owner of the property on Emerson Street, Eva Sanchez, denied that the body’s family members were working on other cars for pay.

“There’s nothing to do here,” Sanchez said, distinguishing four of the seven cars nearby. His son, son-in-law and son-in-law, he says, just “love working on cars.”

Cheap Auto Body Repair San Diego

Chula Vista: “Business paints cars with visible overspray that also creates odors. 7 days a week until 8 p.m. – November 2015

Automotive Certificate Programs

City Heights: “Complaints about paint fumes” and “the smell that killed us” from a nearby auto repair shop. – February 2015

Southeast San Diego: “A searcher can see paint coming from a business during business hours. Paint coats in front of homes, cars and businesses. A complainant can also see paint coming from vents into the air in the store.” – January 2016

Vista: “The noise and painting of car parts continued, he told them to stop, but they continued. He seems to be running a brothel in a residential area. – February 2016

Irene Lobet is a journalist specializing in the environment. To contact her with tips, suggestions or corrections please email [email protected] More from Irene Lobet

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Cheap Auto Body Repair San Diego

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