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Reactive M&A is a great way to attract attention, pursue ineffective deals and tie up internal resources.

Deal Sourcing Software

Deal Sourcing Software

If you want effective M&A, you have to be proactive. M&A is a great tool and should be part of your growth strategy.

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In this article, Sabih Khan, Director of Corporate Development at Infoblox, discusses effective deal sourcing through market mapping.

“If you want to do a successful M&A, you need to be proactive and identify your needs, don’t wait for opportunities.” – Sabi Khan

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As a business development professional, you think you understand what your competitors are doing. But no one knows it better than product teams and business leaders, which is why you need to map the market.

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The goal of the market map is to increase the relevance of the industries served through strategic acquisitions within each industry ecosystem. Market mapping allows practitioners to narrow their M&A priorities and engage more deeply with business units on M&A strategy. It requires collaboration with business unit leaders, product teams, corporate strategy teams, and many others.

When creating a market map, put your main solution or main product in the middle. Communicate with internal personnel, and then work through the classification around the basic solution.

From there, break down all the categories into the subcategories you need to sell your product, retain customers, and run your business. Prioritize them from lowest to lowest based on total addressable market, technical needs, or market needs.

Deal Sourcing Software

It should now be possible to see potential areas for acquisition and shortlist potential target companies based on the skills required.

How To Drive Deal Flow And Build Networks As New Angel Investors

Target companies can come from anywhere. Key pieces are information and data points collected from various sources. Gather information from white papers, publications, websites, press releases, news articles, industry events, and more.

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M&A deal origination, also known as “deal sourcing,” is the process by which investment bankers, lawyers, and other financial intermediaries have a “statutory” mandate to advise on corporate transactions.

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The importance of deal origination, the primary source of income for most investment banks, cannot be overemphasized.

We help companies initiate deals and manage their M&A pipelines, so we have some expertise in that. So let’s start with the definition:

Deal initiation is the process of finding investment opportunities in the market. This applies to corporations, private equity firms and venture capital firms looking for targets in the market, as well as investment bankers looking for opportunities to broker transactions.

Deal Sourcing Software

At the lower end of the market, small brokers sell local family businesses, often for more than a few hundred thousand dollars.

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At the high end, Wall Street investment bankers sell multibillion-dollar, complex companies that employ thousands of people.

The smaller your firm or investment bank and the more active you are, the more likely you are in category (1).

Small brokers, for example, conduct regular direct mail campaigns to small business owners in the hope that one of them needs the intermediary’s service, or at least is willing to discuss their intentions with the company.

Likewise, if you are a small company looking to get something to grow your business, you have to be proactive in finding deals.

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Investment bankers are approaching large corporations about the possibility of acquiring companies, but this is much less common with small and medium-sized companies. The best deals aren’t usually delivered to your door – you have to start the deal yourself.

While they try to start deals (for example, by making the referrals mentioned at the beginning of this article), they are often contacting large corporations to help them close deals.

Smaller boutique investment banks will instead try to network with other banks, increase interest in their sites, or be more active in finding deals they can broker.

Deal Sourcing Software

First-time readers of Jonathan A. Knee’s “The Accidental Banker” may be surprised that a book that claims to be all about investment banking talks about chickens in the first few pages.

Software Hacks That Help Fund Managers Source Better Deals — Dealcloud

But Knee’s introduction is actually an interesting insight into how many investment bankers initiate deals.

“M&A bankers spend much of their time brainstorming deal ideas, pitching companies, and sometimes formally ‘pitching’ their services, although they almost always fail. Investment bankers’ pitches ‘ They usually bring a proposal to support their efforts.”

That is, one way investment bankers initiate deals is to find potential opportunities as the market develops, market those opportunities to companies that are interested, and hope that those investment bankers will take them on. Reward for awareness and empower them to trade if commission is paid. When the transaction is closed.

In Charles D. Ellis’s book on Goldman Sachs, he describes how Goldman Sachs advised many of the biggest deals in the 20th century with mandated companies earning by building and maintaining connections.

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This means that Goldman’s management sometimes loses things if it thinks the company in question will become a valuable customer in the future.

Again, this is a risky and time-consuming process, and will bankrupt thousands of investment bankers who weren’t lucky enough to get blue-chip clients.

Thankfully, technology has greatly contributed to the deal initiation work of investment banks, so their golfing hurdles are less of a concern.

Deal Sourcing Software

Outside of Wall Street, almost all investment bankers use a combination of the following methods to originate deals:

Scale Your Deal Pipeline With Private Equity Technology And Data

Investment banking is no different from any other industry in that maintaining direct contact with past or potential clients is one of the most valuable ways to generate sales.

Small investment banks usually send a monthly list of companies they allow (buying or selling) to everyone on their mailing list.

In this case, the mailing list serves several purposes: it alerts potential buyers and sellers to deals that the investment banker owns—and may even lead to a deal—but it also Reminder that this investment banker is in the market.

An investment banker increases the chances that they will turn to him when it comes time to market their firm.

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A company’s website is its shop window to the world. When SMB owners are trying to sell their business, they often shop with an investment banker in their area or a specialty in business.

Accordingly, updating your website regularly with informative and interesting content increases the chances that the right people will find you at the right time.

There’s a reason investment banks are called “middlemen”: they’re the ones who create value by bringing together two different parties—two parties who often don’t know each other very well.

Deal Sourcing Software

Because even if your website isn’t attracting an audience, your direct mail isn’t being read, and the deal isn’t showing up on networking platforms, other investment bankers who know you have useful contacts will find you. will reach

Essential Property Deal Sourcing Software To Find Deals Faster

An increasing number of investment banks are networking on M&A deal platforms (sometimes referred to as “M&A networks” or variations thereof), which are essentially currently active (and often inactive) mandates that Investments are held by banks, an online database, both in buying and selling. .

To their credit, these platforms provide more transparency to a process that is unnecessarily shrouded in mystery.

When contacting investment bankers, they are often willing to offer a percentage commission if they recommend the right buyer for their selling company.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review (see here) survey of nearly 1,000 venture capital firms, more than 70 percent of deals come from connections in their networks.

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This tells us that deal initiation in venture capital is very different from regular private equity or M&A deal initiation.

Most importantly, it’s important for venture capitalists to wear different hats, be active all the time, and be visible in the venture capital ecosystem.

Aurigin, formerly BankerBay, positions itself as a platform that connects qualified corporate deals with institutional capital providers.

Deal Sourcing Software

The word “capable” is important here because Origen concluded

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