Evisitor Software

Evisitor Software – A new and updated version of the eVisitor system of the Croatian National Tourist Board, intended to record tourist traffic and calculate and control tourist tax collection, has been released.

The update is part of the Croatian Digital Tourism project, which is run by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and funded by the EU under the Competitiveness and Cohesion Action Program 2014-2020 from the European Regional Development Fund.

Evisitor Software

Evisitor Software

“Part of Croatia’s digital tourism project is updating the award-winning eVisitor system to be more efficient and better adapted to users’ needs. New functions have been introduced that improve business processes, so that it is no longer necessary to physically go to the tourist board to register a non-commercial organization (holiday homes), and landlords and tourist boards Finally, the Croatian Digital Tourism Project will create a complete digital story – a set of tools to facilitate the business of participants in the innovative tourism system Croatian Digital Tourism Project, development and improvement of public electronic services in tourism with eVisitor TURegistar – Central Registry of Hospitality and Tourism Services, TUSstart – activities Registration and business start-up forecasts in the field of tourism and hospitality, TURiznicu – reservation system in tourism and – information portal in Styria,” said Tourism and Sports Minister Nikolina Branjak.

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The eVisitor system puts Croatia at the top of the world in terms of innovative technology solutions in tourism and is a completely new design in line with the design of the Croatian Digital Tourism Plan.

At the same time, it is possible to display basic information about tourist membership fees, download payment slips for tourist membership fees and edit and upload photos of residential buildings on the portal.

“The eVisitor system is an internal Croatian product that makes our country unique in the world. It is an exceptional technical solution confirmed by the award of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), which won the project in the research and technical category. The innovation, now we have further updated and developed the system, functions further for the development of the Croatian tourism sector. contribute, but for many users this system will become an even stronger tool in the development of tourism offers, i.e. marketing definition and activities. Promotion,” said Kristjan Stanisic, director of the National Tourist Board of Croatia.

Additional connections with other systems and organizations are also planned, such as the Land Registry and General Cadastre Information System, State Inspectorate, OIB system, etc., but the connection with the Central Tourism Registry will significantly improve the current registration process. Facilities make business change, and business for tourist boards, renters and other users of the eVisitor system easier and better.

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