Explode The Code Book 6

Explode The Code Book 6 – I’ve found a few gems to help strengthen my kids’ phonics skills while teaching them to read. Blast the code!

These books are great for me because my kids hate hands-on learning! Every time I try worksheets with my kids it’s a disaster! The explosion codes are different. My kids literally ask if they can blow up their code worksheets!

Explode The Code Book 6

Explode The Code Book 6

Explode the Code is a multisensory phonics program for pre-K -4 grades designed to improve literacy with direct, structured, phonics instruction. It can be a complete phonics program or an addition to one you already use.

Explode The Code Phonics Program

Blast Code contains three separate audio files. They have pre-literacy primers, First Crack at Code books, and Beyond Code Literacy Companion.

This pre-literacy book series teaches 21 consonants and their sounds as well as letter formation through visual, auditory and related activities. Students will also learn printing tips.

Designed to develop cognitive skills, these books have beautifully illustrated stories. Writing and spelling exercises introduce new sight words and reinforce phonetic patterns.

The lessons are organized systematically which helps the child learn phonics easily. Lessons include matching, reading, copying, spelling, writing sounds and words. Lessons take a lot of time. My kids can easily finish lessons in 10 minutes. No teacher preparation!

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Each day your child will do a page or two. After children have completed the worksheets for a while, they will be able to do them on their own with less instruction.

For reading comprehension practice, the Beyond the Code series includes unique stories that follow the phonetic sequence. These books are smart and thoughtful companion books to Code Books Explosion.

Blast Codes Online provides beginning readers with straightforward, structured phonics instruction that is effective and easy to implement.

Explode The Code Book 6

Students learn the skills—phonics awareness, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, comprehension, and spelling—needed to succeed in the program.

Explode The Code

Explode Code Online uses time-tested content from the award-winning publishing workbook series and provides practice, personalization, and instruction.

Blast the Code can be a complete phonics program or a supplement to your program. I see amazing progress with my children. It really cemented their phonics skills!

Brenda is a home-schooling mother of 5 with a wonderful husband who encourages her to be the best woman God has created. They make many decisions together about spending time together as a family. She considers her daily life with her children as her ministry and finds many ways to encourage others to live a life of learning. He is the founder of the curriculum review site Curriculum Choice, a group of well-known education bloggers. This post may contain sponsored content and/or some affiliate links for your convenience (meaning if you make a purchase after clicking the link, I’ll earn a small commission, but it won’t cost you a dime)! Read my full disclosure policy.

I ordered a very expensive (many dollars!) reading book last year that I am so excited to start with my 1st grader.

Aftermath: Empire’s End

Sadly (but not sadly), it backfired many times. Even with the start of the school year, I decided to order two Exploded Code workbooks to supplement until the curriculum arrived.

Well, we ended up loving the worksheets so much that I canceled another textbook order and dove right in with Explode Code!

After a year of working through the curriculum, I’m not disappointed and I’m even starting my little one on the worksheets!

Explode The Code Book 6

This comprehensive Explode Code review covers all of this and more: What Explode Code is, what each worksheet covers, what level the worksheets are for, what to buy for the course, Explode Code is enough, how general education works, what about exams, work independently Can do, what we like and what we don’t like about the curriculum.

Explode The Code 7 And Explode The Code 6 (four Books Set, 2 Book Each) By Nancy Hall And Rena Price

Grab some coffee and get ready to discover everything you ever wanted to know about Code Come!

Explode the Code (Second Edition) is a set of 8 worksheets that uses an easy, foolproof, and systematic way to teach reading through phonics!

If you don’t know, students are taught how to sound out words using phonograms (ee, ea, ou, etc.) as opposed to memorizing sight words or word recognition. Looking at the picture.

The short begins with the first book. There are some consonant sounds to make sure the child is ready for the lesson. The child learns about letter writing, short vowel sounds and blending.

Explode The Code 8

The reading lessons in the Explode Code worksheets are approximately 8-9 pages long, giving the student plenty of practice to consolidate new phonics skills. You can choose how many pages you want to do at once. We usually do 2-3 depending on the pages (more on that later).

Each workbook has about 11 lessons (which include a built-in review) and an exam at the end.

The structure of the pages is predictable, meaning you do the same activity page for each lesson – just written with a different concept. As an added bonus, each lesson also includes writing, spelling and reading comprehension practice.

Explode The Code Book 6

As I mentioned above, the lessons are 8-9 pages in total. Curriculum developers do not intend for you to complete the task in one sitting!

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You should do those pages for as many days as your child needs. Your kids can only do 1 or 2 pages and they can do 3 or 4. It depends on their age, readiness and how challenging they find the new lesson.

All explosive code books follow a very similar format. So no matter what grade you start with, it’s all about how you study.

This lesson is 8 pages long and begins with identifying the -all and -alk sounds at the end of words.

On the first page the student must decide on seven words, circle the corresponding picture, and then write the word.

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The third page is my favorite. Have the student look at the picture and find out which words it describes (it’s great to help children where they don’t know what the word is). Then they have to divide the word into first, middle and last sounds by matching the correct sounds they hear in the text. Finally, they got the word at the end of the line. This is a great introduction and addition to any spelling program!

On the fourth page, the child must read a list of silly questions and check a yes or no box. This is great for reading comprehension! Kids also really enjoy trivia questions. For example, no child would laugh, “Can a leprechaun use pronouns to call his friends?”

The fifth worksheet has more pictures. The child must read the three words that follow the picture and circle the one that matches the picture.

Explode The Code Book 6

Sixth page Fill in the blank task. I usually go to the wordbank with my daughter and have her sound out every word. Then you have to read the sentences and write the correct word in the blank. If you’re tired and don’t feel like writing, I’ll always let you draw an arrow here.

Explode The Code 1 1/2

The seventh page is always the most challenging. The child should read the two sentences and then place a check mark next to the sentence that best describes the picture. These are more silly sentences and an opportunity for stronger reading comprehension work.

For the last worksheet page, children are shown pictures that they have seen many times in other parts of the lesson. They were asked to write the correct word next to the picture. Another opportunity to practice writing, spelling and breaking down the sounds of a word.

That’s it! Complete the explosive code course. As you can see, it’s wise to break up the worksheet pages over a few days or a week.

There are many other reading programs that involve a lot of prep work for parents to do. Cutting materials, organizing large boxes of flash cards, preparing games, gathering craft supplies, large teacher manuals to read, etc.

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I tried such an expensive reading program with one of my children and it was too long for both of us. My son is tired of games and end of lessons.

He really likes knowing that all he has to do is punch out 2-3 worksheet pages and read with me for 10-15 minutes every day.

You can usually try it for around $12-$15. It really beats other reading programs where you can spend over $100 to get the “whole program”.

Explode The Code Book 6

I love that you can easily go through the tutorial on your own

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