Ez Leads Software

Ez Leads Software – Find, connect and build a stronger talent pool with the only comprehensive outbound recruiting platform. Consolidate, integrate, and easily optimize your company’s technology stack for smarter, more efficient recruiting.

Intelligently search over 800 million different candidate profiles and identify hiring trends in the market to develop data-driven hiring plans that align with business goals and objectives.

Ez Leads Software

Ez Leads Software

Streamline engagement with automated scheduling and email campaigns, and collaborate with team members to align communications and accelerate onboarding.

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Enhance your HR technology ecosystem and rediscover the talent that already exists in your applicant tracking system with the latest rich data.

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“We can simplify and accelerate the process of finding the right talent to help our clients achieve their organizational goals. [] changed the game for us.

“So I can’t choose LinkedIn because of all the other sign-on offers. It’s a very important piece that has been important to some of our tech people. Has half a star on GitHub or Stack Overflow, even though his resume is great.

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“From a delivery standpoint, when we compared [the] we had, it didn’t even compare. We’re finding people much faster, and because of that, we’ve got very good staff.

“At DIVERSANT, we are always looking for new solutions to help our team members work more efficiently and deliver better results for our clients. And that’s why he immediately stood out. The return on investment has been outstanding. “

“I rarely write reviews, but I believe there is one organization and one product that will change the search and recruiting market, and this is it.”

Ez Leads Software

Your core values ​​are a set of beliefs that guide your company’s actions and decision-making. These values ​​should be reflected in everything you do, from how you treat your employees to the products you sell. Continue reading.

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It’s no secret that our mental health plays a big role in our overall well-being. Here are five tips to improve your mental health at work. Continue reading.

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Hiring in bulk is tough, especially for startups and small businesses. Here are 3 recruiting tips to help your business succeed. Every business, big or small, depends on potential customers. Businesses need to convert potential customers into loyal customers in order to thrive. And to do it right, you need to have complete visibility into your sales and marketing leads in an organized way. On this page, learn everything you need to know about lead management and how lead management software can help you convert leads into customers.

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Lead management is the process of acquiring leads, tracking all touchpoints for your business, such as email, chat or website activity, and qualifying and engaging them. that they buy your product.

During lead generation activities, there are various ways to reach potential customers such as email, website, social media, webinars and paid advertising. Good lead management software ensures that every lead is automatically entered into the CRM system from web forms, emails and chat, preventing lead churn.

Or sales or marketing operations; your teams shouldn’t have to spend time searching for information on each lead or manually entering data.

Ez Leads Software

Software with lead management functionality automatically populates a lead’s profile with publicly available information such as job title, location, time zone, company name, and social media profiles. It can track a lead’s activity on your website (pages visited, links clicked, resources downloaded) and email engagement.

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This valuable information allows salespeople to understand their intent and personalize their sales efforts. This gives your marketing team the much-needed context to create email campaigns.

One way to effectively qualify leads is to use a contact scoring model, a model that ranks your contacts based on their interest in your product or service, demographics, path to purchase, and customer satisfaction.

A predictive scoring model helps you prioritize the contacts you interact with by sifting through historical data and assigning each contact a score based on factors such as job title, website activity, and connection to your company.

Your team can easily identify the right leads and invest their time in making the sale. Lead management software with AI-powered contact scoring capabilities will be highly cost-effective and beneficial for your sales and marketing teams.

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The sooner your salespeople communicate with potential customers, the more likely they are to convince them. Manually assigning large volumes of leads to the correct iterations can be time-consuming and delay lead response times.

A good lead management system automatically assigns leads to salespeople in all territories, assigns phone numbers to territories and forwards calls to sales teams.

This way, your sales team can prioritize assigned leads instead of manually searching for new leads in the CRM system. With lead management software, you can also generate reports to determine which territories are generating the most profit, which reps are hitting goals, and which lead areas can be improved.

Ez Leads Software

Not all of your prospects are ready to sell. Many of them are probably still in the research or outreach phase, trying to see if your service could solve their problems. The purpose of lead nurturing is to educate and demonstrate the value of your product/service. With lead management software, you can send follow-up campaigns to those leads who are not yet ready to make a purchase. This is where you educate and demonstrate value through content and promotional offers, helping them in their decision making process.

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One of the most important steps in lead management is a clear sales process and sales pipeline.

From lead generation and acquisition, to lead assignment, engagement and nurturing, to closing, all sales teams need clarity on which channels to use. , engagement tactics and procedure to be followed at each stage.

Successful lead management depends on clear communication between the various teams involved in the process. This includes marketing operations, performance marketing, inside sales, outbound sales, field sales, and sales operations.

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Communication between teams must be fast and accurate when handing over, communicating and following up with leads.

Use lead management software that can help different teams in your organization gain context and visibility into your pipeline and communicate better.

There are several ways to manually qualify leads, such as the BANT technique, which has worked wonders in the past; prospects and customers have greater access to technology and are able to fully assess their needs and solve problems. This leaves your sales team with less control over the prospect’s decision-making process than ever before. Just put; BANT is no longer reliable enough.

Ez Leads Software

Lead management software can make your job easier by ranking leads based on their engagement and interest in your product/company and identifying leads with high purchase intent.

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Your business may have many lead generation campaigns, but it’s hard to track the exact number of leads and revenue you’re getting from those efforts.

With lead management tools, you can easily track your marketing and sales KPIs with visual reports and measure the ROI of every campaign in your business.

Measuring results through reports is a sign of effective lead management, and good lead management software can help you accomplish this.

Manually finding leads, updating your database, writing emails and following up can become overwhelming, especially if you want to grow your business. Without an effective lead management system in place, you will struggle to identify leaked leads.

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Customers often have poor experiences because sales and marketing teams can’t see customers as their own set of touchpoints.

Your team lacks a process or methodology, such as grading and scoring, to qualify and disqualify leads, resulting in lost productivity.

Your team does not understand the requirements of potential customers and therefore cannot send emails in a timely manner and build lasting relationships.

Ez Leads Software

Your CRM or spreadsheet is filled with duplicate lead records, which can cause significant lead leakage.

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A CRM like Freshsales provides a quick summary of all relevant lead information such as name, company, contact information, assigned salesperson, etc. In CRM, you can capture leads from a variety of sources, such as chat campaigns, web forms, and emails. You can even answer chat directly or call from CRM and funnel quality leads. After tracking and capturing leads, powerful lead management software can automatically assign leads to salespeople across territories based on lead routing.

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