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Fom Software

Fom Software

We’ve been helping world-class artists, producers and engineers create great music and audio for decades. It’s important to have the right tools for the job, so we’ve teamed up with some of the industry’s leading brands to bring you the new SSL Production Suite, bundled free with registered SSL 2 and SSL 2+ audio interfaces.

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Featuring a selection of must-have virtual instruments, plug-ins, samples and DAWs, let your creativity shine and bring your productions to life with the SSL Production Pack.

Solid State Logic plugin by Solid State Logic. These are the real deal and two of our most popular plugins to date. Contains a carefully selected suite of processing tools including Compressor, Expander, Transient Shaper, LMC, EQ, De-Esser & De-Ploser and more… Vocalstrip 2 and Drumstrip are production powerhouses capable of getting the best out of your vocals, drums, speech and percussion .

A free 6 month trial of Channel Strip 2, Bus Compressor 2, FlexVerb, X-ValveComp, X-Comp, X-Saturator and X-EQ 2 is also included.

Legendary guitar and bass gear in your DAW. Covering the entire guitar signal processing chain, IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube 5 SE features a selection of stomps, amps, cabs, speakers, mics, rooms and FX racks all in one interface, with routing options.

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Produce and present with over 2000 studio-quality sounds, 16 synths and samples, plus a comprehensive selection of effects, loops and more… Never look for inspiration again.

Ableton Live 11 Lite is a new and easy way to write, record, create your own songs. Whether you want to record guitar and vocals or program drums and bass, Ableton Live Lite has everything you need to start composing and processing….it’s great for live performance too.

Ultra analog synth – some knobs, big sound. Ultra Analog Session is fun to play and features amazing analog sounds, perfect for electronic music.

Fom Software

Strum Session – a combination of acoustic guitar and electric guitar in the same package. With chord detection, chord voicings, pretto and action selection, a MIDI riff library, amps and effects, playing guitar on a keyboard has never been easier.

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Melodyne is the choice of professionals for pitch correction of recordings and samples. Tune vocals, instruments and more for perfect performances.

We’ve teamed up with sample masters Loopcloud to curate a collection of ready-to-roll samples and loops for your creations, intuitively organized by genre and available through the award-winning Loopcloud app.

SSL 2 Audio Interface The SSL 2 professional personal studio gives you the tools and technology to make your productions stand out from the crowd. You will find more

SSL 2+ Audio Interface SSL 2+ combines the best of our technology with the right features and expanded I/O capabilities to get the most out of creating as a team. Find more Organizational measures like Focus Fridays can alleviate the symptoms of a poor meeting culture, but they cannot eliminate the causes. FOM software, however, gets to the root of the problem.

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More and more companies are recognizing bad meetings as a source of problems and cost drivers. More specifically, the Waldorf-based software company SAP introduced “Focus Friday”, a Friday without meetings. In doing so, SAP is the first DAX-listed company to follow a trade from the US, which aims to create a more efficient meeting culture.

Focus Fridays is an attempt to deal with the increasing meeting load of companies. According to a WHU survey, managers rated 67 percent of all meetings as failures. They are not aimed at a clear goal and have no next steps to finish.

Bad meetings not only cost employees their nerves, but also cost organizations a lot of money. Because of this, meetings are no longer held on Fridays at the call center, so that employees can concentrate on their operational work without interruption at least one day a week.

Fom Software

But when organizational measures like Focus Six are aimed at the right problem, they are not a long-term solution. They only alleviate the symptoms of a poor meeting culture, but do not eliminate the causes of the inefficiency. If there are no meetings on Friday, the employees will schedule them for the remaining working days. So Focus Fridays don’t make the meetings themselves more efficient, they just shift wasted time to other days of the week.

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To get to the root of the problem, you have to start the meetings themselves. FOM software and Focus Fridays share the same goal: a more effective meeting culture. However, unlike Focus Fridays, the FOM software optimizes the meeting time itself. The tools prevent unnecessary processes and seal repetitive processes.

An example of this is agenda templates: FOM software includes ready-made agenda templates for various meeting events, such as budget meetings, heart-to-heart meetings or daily sales positions. Instead of creating a new invitation for each meeting, FOM organizers can always select the appropriate invitation, modify it if necessary, and send it in advance to meeting participants.

Another example is FOM’s participant directories: here, FOM organizers can create participant groups for recurring meetings and send the invitations with one click, instead of how to select and invite all participants each time. Participating library supervisors can also see which meeting groups individual employees are a part of at any given time. This allows them to better assess and regulate the meeting load of their employees.

Tools like automatic minutes can also help with tracking. Instead of sending a repeat email with meeting minutes after each meeting, participants can simply download the minutes themselves in a secure online area.

Solidworks Pdm Professional Software For Managing The Enterprise

All these tools aim to reduce meeting time and improve control over work results. The result is clear goals, shorter preparation and standing time and effective follow-up, including the initiation of the next steps.

Of course, you can also do all this manually, but it takes time. In addition, FOM software provides organizers and participants with valuable assistance based on the experience of specialized meeting experts. This is why FOM software provides not only technological tools, but also best practices resulting from decades of experience.

In addition to the operational implementation of a better meeting culture, FOM software also supports the strategic evaluation of meeting data. Since all sessions now run on the same platform, data can be collected and analyzed.

Fom Software

For example, the software provides data on the frequency and duration of the meetings, whether they start on time and d within the set time frame, if decisions were made during the meeting, and which tools are used to organize the meetings. Those responsible can get optimization potential from this data.

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All this data is collected anonymously to ensure data protection and privacy. So the goal is not to evaluate the efficiency of individual employees, but to evaluate and improve the efficiency meeting of the wheel organization.

If the FOM software could reduce the meeting time by 30% – for example by one hour per meeting – which is quite realistic – it would save five hours per week and 260 hours per year in paid meeting time. This corresponds to a saving cost of 15,600 euros per year.

Extrapolated to all meetings within the organization, the savings can easily reach millions, depending on the size of the company and the frequency of the meetings – and this calculation does not even take into account the increased operational efficiency through better results of the meeting.

The benefits of FOM software are clear, for employee satisfaction and work efficiency and for the company’s finances. Organizational measures such as Focus Fridays focus on the right problem, but do not represent a long-term solution approach. FOM software, on the other hand, improves meeting culture in the long run through standardization, automation, and data analysis. Because of the high cost of bad meetings, meeting software is essential for organizations of all sizes.

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How do you improve your meeting culture? And how is the FOM software used in the organization? Feel free to write to us at [email protected] The FOM alphaSC represents the ultimate combination of control, functionality and versatility in thin film research and production. All components of its hardware, software and premium features are optimized to eliminate experimental error and increase usability on both flexible and rigid substrates. The FOM alphaSC provides users with unmatched versatility, accuracy and process reproducibility for a broad spectrum of lab-scale materials and coating processes relevant to industry and academia.

FOM alphaSC is the gold standard for world-class research centers with ambitious technology development roadmaps. The combination of full automation and seamless control software integration is the focus of the design which enables unmatched reproducibility for systematic experimental design.

Whether you’re conducting basic research, developing next-generation concepts, or looking to create peak efficiencies, FOM alphaSC has the tools to accelerate your progress whether you’re focused on rigid or lightweight substrates. The inclusion of a microporous substrate holder will provide homogeneous suction while avoiding the additional steps typically taken to fix the sample to the substrate. with integrated software

Fom Software

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