Free Concept Map Template Word

Free Concept Map Template Word – There are many mind map templates available online. But most of them are boring and they all look the same.

In this post, I’ll share over 40 unique mind map templates you can use right away, tips for visualizing your business strategy with mind maps, and a mind mapping software recommendation. Here’s an example of a mind map template that you can quickly edit:

Free Concept Map Template Word

Free Concept Map Template Word

What happens when I click on one of your templates? You will be prompted to create a free account. Then you enter the online drag and drop editor. As you know, some of our templates are free, others require a small monthly fee. Mind Map Template (click to continue):

What Is A Concept Map And How To Do Concept Mapping (actionable Guide For Beginners)

Looking for a shortcut? Watch this handy video for an overview of some popular mind map templates and how you can use them in your business processes:

Mind maps connect logic and creativity – which is why leaders rely on them to organize information and stimulate creative insights.

Business professionals can use strategic mind maps to plan their sales or marketing strategy, research and development, growth planning, and project organization.

Healthy employee engagement requires a plan. An internal communications strategy ensures that your teams stay engaged – meaning they perform at a high level and your company can benefit from increased profit margins.

Use The Mind Map Template To Generate A Large Volume Of Ideas

HR leaders and managers can use this strategic mind map to plan how they intend to communicate and what goals will support their strategy.

Design Tip: Color choice isn’t just important to making your patterns look good. This is also an important part of making images more readable. You can use colors to organize information and draw attention to certain points.

Mind maps are perfect for outlining strategy because they allow you to see the big picture of a topic

Free Concept Map Template Word

For example, this strategic mind map template is actually numbered so you can visualize a process and the steps required along the way.

Mind Map For Research Proposal

This process can also spark new creative ideas as you shed new (visual) light on your problem.

Strategic planning should be more than a list of actions and goals. It should outline a step-by-step process that teams can follow to achieve their goals.

The following strategic planning map template takes into account the internal team, customers, KPIs and the tools they will use to achieve their goals.

Design Tip: The supporting ideas in the mind map above are all different colors, which help them stand out from each other. This makes mind maps easier to read. Use free tools like Coolers or Colorlovers to try out different color palettes.

Green Biodiversity Biology Concept Map Template

A successful marketing strategy should look at what your company does well and what it does

In this marketing strategy mind map, we break down the various goals according to the types of marketing required to achieve them.

Design tip: Brand your mind map template with one click. The My Brand Kit tool allows you to add brand colors. This tool automatically picks up the color palette from the website and applies it to your mind map template.

Free Concept Map Template Word

In the example below, I changed the default color palette of the mind map template above to ‘sbrandcolors’ with one click:

Nursing Concept Map Template

Therefore, it is important to set high-level goals, but also to know what factors influence these goals. Then run an experiment to test how well you know

This product launch map covers all aspects of the process, what are the specific indicators to measure success and what factors influence success:

There are several aspects of a collaborative strategy that you should explore in this smart strategic mind map. Bullets make information easier to understand. There is plenty of room to work on points and strategize.

Something more complex, such as a growth strategy, may require further explanation. That’s why we have this business strategy map template for your introduction and bullet points.

Editable Mind Map Word Template Ppt Slides

A mind map shows the main objectives of a business development strategy. A brief introduction under the heading of mind maps helps readers understand how the various branches play a role in strategy.

A simple and straightforward design is effective when you want to communicate information as clearly as possible, for example in a business plan, report or internal presentation.

A neutral background with a few pops of color (like in the Smart Diagram example below) will keep your mind map from looking haphazard and crowded.

Free Concept Map Template Word

That being said, even in internal communication, color can be used strategically to make your mind map easier to read.

Downloadable Best Free Concept Map Template For Word

While you can use different colors for each idea, you can also use colors to connect ideas, as in this example.

Each of the three branches has its own color. It highlights the three branches of strategy and makes it easy to find specific information.

Nonprofits typically begin the strategic planning process by conducting a SWOT analysis. Then the staff and board can begin to determine how their nonprofit can advance its mission.

According to the National Council of Nonprofits, this means identifying measurable goals and figuring out which ones to prioritize. This nonprofit strategy map examines how best to conduct an evaluation, including tools to use and different approaches.

Education Mind Map Free Google Docs Template

That’s right: you’re in the research part of the project, so be open to as many possibilities and new ideas as possible. Encourage employees to shed their filters and embrace the flow of ideas – both good and not-so-good.

Brainstorming Bubble Map can collaborate online in real time, which suits the current needs of remote teams.

And open discussion results in very few people being able to speak up and stuck to their ideas. Online collaboration can open up space for new ideas.

Free Concept Map Template Word

Or findings can be summarized in a mind map and presented to the group in an instant messaging program such as Slack or in a presentation. Most of the mind map examples in this post can be used for presentations.

How To Create A Mind Map In Microsoft Word

The success of your business depends on good ideas, warns McKinsey. It’s important to take the time to figure out how you and your colleagues can brainstorm more effectively.

A good practice is to ask 15-20 questions during a brainstorming session of about 20 people. Questions should help the team see the problem from a fresh, new perspective.

When presenting your findings, try to keep the question that provides the best insight at the center of the brainstorming map template:

Explain key findings to the rest of the executive team with this creative brainstorming mind map. Include it in your presentation or report. Icons offer a fresh visual way to explain new concepts at a glance.

Evolution Concept Map Template

Or keep things simple by focusing on three main ideas, then break those ideas down further using nodes or bullet points to show possible courses of action, as in this brainstorming mind map template:

Protip: Planning a strategy like SEO topic clusters? Brainstorm with your client or boss? Connect your ideas to your mind map and instantly share your design with a private link. Or turn on Team Sharing with the business to collaborate.

Try starting the session with a video call, listing ideas, and then after the call, ask everyone to comment on which ideas are good or not, recommends the Content Marketing Institute.

Free Concept Map Template Word

You can then present those ideas to your leadership team or client with this great marketing mind map template that uses a simple icon for each node:

Free Concept Map Diagram Tool: Create Concept Maps Online

Design Tip: Change any of the icons in your mind map template using our simple online editor. It has an icon library of over 40,000 free icons. In the example below, I have replaced the web icon with a WordPress icon.

Mind mapping in project management is important to give stakeholders a look at the entire scope of the project.

Especially if you work with a client, it’s worth being able to present your ideas creatively, which sets you apart, recommends the Project Management Institute.

Use a project management mind map to show a process. Use the template below to outline your project goals and the steps needed to achieve them. Or number the colored squares to show the steps in the process (and then the steps within each step).

Best Free Concept Map Templates For Powerpoint Presentations

This project mind map template visually captures the three central tasks using icons to aid understanding. Include it in your project management plan, presentation or consulting report.

But because many people think better visually, maps and diagrams are better for showing how ideas are connected.

The best way to make these connections is through a mind map. You can also create new ideas based on existing points and add them as branches (or bullet points as in this example).

Free Concept Map Template Word

To create a mind map that engages the reader, follow some principles of good infographic design – especially if you plan to share your mind map in a longer piece of content such as a presentation.

Free Mind Map Templates & Examples (word,powerpoint,psd)

For example, this idea mind map template uses an image of a light bulb as a focal point to illustrate the themes of ‘thinking’ and ‘ideas’.

The supporting visuals above help illustrate any ideas that fall outside of the “design thinking” concept.

This mind map template uses a cloud motif, possibly representing higher thoughts. It’s a simple design, but it’s easy to edit to define any concept.

Design Tip: Visual hierarchy is about creating different visual weights through different shapes, sizes, colors, positions, and densities. In the example above, the perceived density of shapes creates two levels of hierarchy – a dense central one.

How To Make A Concept Map

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