Freelancing Websites For Content Writers

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Looking for freelance writers to work on your blog? Interested in becoming a freelance writer? Check out our list of the best freelance writing websites in 2023.

Freelancing Websites For Content Writers

Freelancing Websites For Content Writers

Many sites offer different ways for employers to contact freelance writers. In this case, we’ve ranked them according to what they do best.

Get A Free Freelance Writer Layout Pack For Divi

Contena is a network that trains freelance writers to create different types of content and then communicate high-quality writing work.

Anyone interested in Contena can sign up as a freelance writer by filling out a 5-minute survey. Users can pay for a premium account that connects with Contena trainers.

Satisfied is a powerful content marketing platform that combines the power of AI technology with the expertise of high-quality freelancers to power your business with content marketing. The network includes audio, video and UI/UX designers and writers.

Business owners must take a Contently product tour and sign up for an account before using the platform. Companies are provided with a quote to use the platform at the end of the product tour.

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WritingAccess is a powerful content platform that allows businesses to plan content, hire and manage freelance writers, and publish the content they create directly to multiple platforms.

WritingAccess requires potential freelance writers to submit basic personal and professional information, including a resume. Most applicants are accepted within 24 hours.

WritingAccess offers three plans for employers, starting at $39 per month. All plans include access to automated tools, AI-powered author search, and unlimited project publishing opportunities.

Freelancing Websites For Content Writers

Freelance writers must complete two short writing tests (200 words) and submit them to iWriter. Applicants will receive results within 5-7 working days.

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Hiring writers on the platform requires you to create an iWriter account. Once you’re registered, you can post as many jobs as you like. The program comes with four prices based on the quality of the writers you hire.

Textbroker is a site dedicated to connecting businesses with the best freelance writers on the Internet. This is one of the few sites on our list of the best freelance websites that require an actual writing test to ensure the quality of everyone working on the platform.

To become a freelancer on Textbroker, you need to create an account, fill out basic information, and submit a short writing sample.

Skyword is a full service marketing platform that allows businesses to get help with content planning, hire writers and photographers to create content themselves, and use analytics tools to track how successful their content is.

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To become a freelance writer at Skyword, you must register for an account with Skyword and submit basic professional information, including a sample of your work, for consideration.

Anyone can register as an employer on Skyword and start posting jobs. When you connect with a freelancer, you have to pay a small fee.

Whili Finder is a database of freelance writers created by Growth Machine that helps connect your business with the best freelancers for your unique needs through an AI search engine.

Freelancing Websites For Content Writers

Authors must apply to work with Author Finder. The application requires three links to previously published work.

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Businesses can join Author Finder for $250. This will connect with 3-5 freelance writers.

ClearVoice is a powerful marketing platform that allows businesses to connect and manage content creators of all kinds, including graphic designers, photographers and writers.

Freelance writers must register for an account and create a resume and link to at least 6 published articles.

Employers should contact ClearVoice directly to create a content plan, including custom pricing as needed.

Kinds Of Freelance Writing Projects You Are Paid To Write is a content network created by the same people who run This experience has been used to create a powerful platform that connects content businesses and SEO writers of all kinds.

Freelance writers must submit professional information, including a full resume, for review on Once accepted, the site will automatically connect you to the appropriate job. You can search job listings directly.

Employers can post a one-time job ad or sign up for a membership to receive ongoing content. A single job posting fee is $74.95.

Freelancing Websites For Content Writers has been connecting freelance writers and jobs since 1997. The site includes job boards and listings for writing contests, as well as writers’ guides to various books.

Do You Need A Freelance Writer Website — No Hustle Freelancer

Anyone can apply for gigs listed on the job board. Most are sent via Yes, so you will need to create a real account to complete your application.

Freelance Writing Gigs are more than a job board. The site also features an extensive list of websites that pay writers (we have one too), an annual list of writing contests, and many articles about the business and art of freelance writing.

There are two main ways to find work in Freelance Writing Gigs. One looks for job postings and the other reads blogs where new jobs are posted every week. You do not need to create an account to apply for jobs.

All About Writing is a long-running site with a list of freelance writers and a job board for freelance writing positions.

How To Become A Freelance Content Writer And Get Clients

Anyone can add their information to the Writer’s Book and apply for work published on All Freelance Writing without an account. You can use our speed calculator and keyword tool.

Employers can post jobs for $19.95/30 days. To continue selling beyond 30 days, you must renew yourself.

WorkinginContent is a job posting for content creators, strategists and marketing professionals. UX writers and technical writers can find work in this area.

Freelancing Websites For Content Writers

Writers can search and apply for work based on the type of work they want to do without registering an account. This site has more full-time job listings than any other option on our list of the best freelance writing websites.

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Content Writing Jobs is a very simple job board that offers all kinds of content writing jobs, including part time and full time work.

Anyone can apply for a job at Content Writing Jobs for free. You can also sign up for daily job alerts for $10/month.

The Problogger job board is a hub for blogging jobs of all kinds, with a focus on freelancers and contractors. If you want to monetize your blog, this is a great place to start.

Employers must register with Problogger to post a job on the site. The standard list is $75 each and the marked list is $150. You can get a discount on the list by purchasing a membership package.

Top Freelance Writing Sites To Find Jobs In 2022

BloggingPro is another job board for blogging posts. The listings are mostly part-time or contract listings, but freelancers and full-time jobs can be found here.

Employers can post their work on BloggingPro for free. The platform only accepts jobs that pay at least $15 per hour (or 500 words).

SolidGigs is a little different than other job boards. Instead of being posted directly on the website, job postings are posted in the daily newsletter. This site also does not allow companies to post jobs directly to the newsletter. Instead, the SolidGigs team scours 100 job sites to find the best writing jobs to recommend.

Freelancing Websites For Content Writers

Any writer can sign up for a SolidGigs subscription and start promoting their work. The cost is $2 for the first month and $19/mo thereafter.

Top 10 Freelance Writing Websites To Grab Gigs In 2023

Upwork is a job marketplace that allows freelancers to bid on jobs posted by employers and facilitates the hiring, collaboration and payment process. The site now allows users to turn their services into products for sale.

Anyone can create an account, submit personal information and information, and start searching for jobs immediately. Previous experience is an asset, but not required.

Employers must register for an Upwork account to post work on the platform or hire freelancers. No commission is charged for hiring. Instead, Upwork takes a percentage of the freelancer’s commission from the payment.

Fiverr started as a place where people posted small gigs for $5. In recent years it has grown to include all types of projects, some reaching thousands of dollars. This is a great place to find creatives of all kinds, including WordPress pros.

What Is Freelance Writing (and How Do I Become A Freelance Writer)?

To start working on Fiverr, all you need to do is register an account, enter basic technical information, and set up a payment system. Previous experience is an asset, but not required.

Employers can search Fiverr’s database of freelancers and hire them without creating an account. You can also post your work on the site, but you must set up an account. If you’re looking to hire someone to help with your WordPress site, you might want to check out our guide on how to hire people to work on WordPress on Fiverr.

Guru provides directories and job boards and agency services to large companies.

Freelancing Websites For Content Writers

Anyone can set it up.

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