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Hi Tech Termite San Diego

Hi Tech Termite San Diego – Your home is your fortress and a place of refuge for your family from the negative influences of the world. You’ve sweated and worked to own it, and keeping it safe and protected is at the top of your priority list. You are insured against fire, earthquake, flood and other natural disasters that occur where you live. You perform maintenance when necessary to keep the building safe. But what about the invisible risk that can put a structure in serious danger? A risk that can seriously damage or even destroy your home? This is something you cannot insure against. Termites cause more than cosmetic damage – in the worst case, they can seriously damage the structure of the house itself, making it unsafe to live in.

When you see blisters or warped wood in your home, you know you have a termite problem. It is a problem and you can go online to find ways to get rid of pests and repair the damage they have caused. The point is that none of the homemade methods you find online will ever be completely effective. It often happens that the termites get driven deeper into the wood and continue to do their damage while you relax, thinking that the problem is solved and all that remains is to repair or replace the damaged wood. What’s even worse is that the damage that termites continue to cause can be more than just cosmetic or furniture damage.

Hi Tech Termite San Diego

Hi Tech Termite San Diego

If the termite infestation is not completely removed and if measures are not taken to prevent the problem from reoccurring, the structure of the house may be at risk. Termites eat wood from the inside, and when they eat, they create holes and tunnels through the wood. When wood is part of the foundation or structure of a house, it becomes weak. This causes a loss of structural integrity, which in the worst case can cause serious damage to the building itself and make it unsafe to live in. Termites can bite into the structure of a home—they weaken and destroy support beams, columns, floor and ceiling beams, wall studs, and more. Homeowners may not detect termite damage, especially if it is inside the structure of a home. It takes professional knowledge, experience, and equipment to detect an infection, find out how big/serious it is, and find the right way to deal with it in order to completely eliminate the danger.

Hi Tech Termite Control Of The Bay Area, Inc.

This may sound like panic, but it is not. The billions of dollars in damage that termites cause each year in the United States alone is not just cosmetic damage to windows, doors, and furniture. Repairs to structural damage to homes represent a significant portion of the total. Southern California is a region where termites are a constant threat. Professional fumigation or fumigation-free termite control in San Diego is the only way to keep your home safe. Termite damage repair in Orange County is big business, and even hobbyists call themselves experts. If you have termite damage, make sure the repairs are done only by a reputable professional control company. All statements related to COVID-19 business operations and essential services are for informational purposes only and are self-submitted and unverified.

THERMITES ONLY! We do not offer any pest/bee or rodent control services. Avoid fumigation and more natural termite treatments. Our one-day methods are eco-friendly and pet-friendly. Not only do they kill termites, but they also prevent future infestations. At Hi-Tech Termite Control, we specialize in termite control using the latest cutting edge technology. They do not need a tent, packing or moving! We use plant-based products and salts such as orange oil, along with the state-registered Exterminator 4.0 microwave system. This allows us to offer an industry-leading three-year warranty. We also offer fumigation when needed. And we’ll continue to back our service with our unmatched warranty! Our inspectors will be happy to give you a free estimate. call us today

I sincerely recommend this company. They were direct, honest, hardworking, conscientious and, above all, efficient. They worked tirelessly to solve our pest problems and were always responsive and helpful whenever we called or emailed with questions. If we ever have another termite problem I would not hesitate to call this company. That’s how you are!

I don’t want a salesman who pitches tents and injects chemicals to treat me. The inspection went very well and well. He could prescribe treatment in 10 days. The treatment was done by injecting special chemicals where the dry termites were found. Some termites were found on the wall of the room treated with high power microwaves. Three year warranty. The technician was respected, well dressed for work and attentive to his work. Complete the work on time.

When To Consider Alternative Termite Treatment Methods

Dry termite damage was found on the wood ceiling in my porch and porch, as well as on the bedroom wall. The provider provided the free check with the offer I requested.

The service people were on time and very polite. The service was performed as agreed and everything went very well. I am satisfied with their professionalism and work.

We needed to check the house for termites as we saw signs of infestation. Jeff was prompt, knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Didn’t force me to buy any services or scare me into giving him any business. I was pretty sure our patio was infested with termites and Jeff could have told me it was and I wouldn’t argue, but he didn’t and I was comforted that he wasn’t taking advantage of me. He even recommended that I do other checks and quotes.

Hi Tech Termite San Diego

The inspector was prompt, professional and thorough. It was agreed that local treatment of the area would be appropriate. However, he insisted on inspecting the whole house and declared the presence of termites in the attic, which requires a complete treatment of the house. We asked for proof, and he blew a piece of insulation and a small insect wing. However, he noted that the treatment was both preventive and curative. Since we had seen many tent houses in the neighborhood over the years, we agreed. However, in further discussion, he said that at the minimum level of our infection, spraying should be as effective as tents, would be cheaper, faster, and give the same guarantee. We agreed again, and he scheduled work for the next week. Everything seemed to go well, with two exceptions. First, an underground probe damaged an irrigation line that failed after 3 days and required a $200 repair. Annoying, but accidents happen. Second, despite his enthusiastic description of spraying, it was noted in the final report as “a secondary and substandard measure under Section 1992 of the Structural Pest Management Board.” This effectively renders the treatment useless if you are planning to sell the house and should be disclosed very clearly in advance.

Fascinating Facts About Termites

Ray was well equipped and professionally did a thorough inspection of our house, including the attic, the entire exterior of the building and the basement. He explained what he was doing and answered all my questions. His conclusion was “no termites”. He found several patches of dry rot and showed me where they were. His report arrived just a few days later. The inspection took about 1 1/2 hours, and he was in no rush to get anywhere. There was no inspection fee. I was so impressed with his work and his company that I wanted to reward them. He said no, this inspection is free, but writing this review will help him and his company! I was happy to do so.

I contacted Hi-Tech Termite Control because after reading their website I found that there are effective termite treatment options other than tents. Another provider, our monthly terminator, recommends a tent. I wanted to know if there is an alternative. I heard about Hi-Tech from an NPR ad. It was easy to make an appointment for an inspection with Hi-Tech. Ray Wurm, one of the licensed inspectors. came home a few minutes late, but he called and told me that he might be late because of traffic!.

Steve from Hi-Tech Termite Control (San Diego) completed a thorough inspection of my two story home and emailed an estimate a few days later. I accept the quote. I had termite damage in several places on top of the sheet, loft and frame. Chemicals were introduced to kill termites, and microwaves were used in some places. Mike finished the job in half a day.

Jeff did a thorough inspection and explained everything related in detail. We liked their prices, their products, and they seem to have more treatment options than other companies we checked out. The guys were experienced and did a very thorough and professional termite treatment on the entire exterior of the house, yard, as well as inside the garage and attic. They also look after the cosmetic mirror in the bathroom and

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