How Much Is Trugreen Service

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If you’re thinking about hiring a professional lawn care company, you can’t do much better than TruGreen. The company has decades of lawn care experience and offers a wide range of services to cover almost all of your lawn care needs. But are his services worth it?

How Much Is Trugreen Service

How Much Is Trugreen Service

This comprehensive TruGreen cost guide covers everything you need to know about one of the best lawn care companies available today. Below, you’ll find an in-depth discussion of what you can expect to pay on average for TruGreen’s annual plans, what surprise fees you may encounter, and how you can save money on the company’s services without compromising the health of your lawn.

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TruGreen is an all-in-one lawn care service designed to help you grow a thick, lush lawn without even spending time in the dirt. The company offers a variety of services, including basic soil testing, fertilization plans, tree and shrub control, and custom weed control packages. TruGreen has locations in every state except Alaska, making them available across most of the country.

TruGreen customers can subscribe to one of TruGreen’s prepackaged packages or select services a la carte as needed. Most people who use TruGreen to develop a healthy lawn prefer to use the company’s maintenance plans, while cherry picking services are a better option if you’re only interested in specialized options like mosquito control or pest control. Whichever you choose, all TruGreen services begin with the company’s healthy lawn analysis through initial application and are backed by the TruGreen Healthy Lawn Guarantee.

Once you sign up with TruGreen, one of the company’s certified professionals will come to your home approximately once a month to perform one of the services included in your package. You can choose to pay as you go or pay a year in advance to save money. Any additional services you request will be billed separately from your annual plan if you choose to pay for them.

TruGreen’s services depend on several factors (more on that later), but the following estimates based on 5,000 square feet can help you understand how much you can expect to pay:

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A purchase of services a la carte can save you money if you do not want all lawn care options in one of TruGreen’s service plans;

Keep in mind that the above estimates are only approximations, as your rate will depend on the size of your lawn and other factors specific to your circumstances. The only way to know exactly what TruGreen will cost you is to contact the company for a free quote.

The previous section estimated the cost of TruGreen service for an average of 5,000 square feet, but other factors can cause the price you pay to vary significantly.

How Much Is Trugreen Service

How much you pay for TruGreen services depends directly on the size of your property. Larger yards require more pesticides and fertilizers to cover and longer maintenance, which means you pay more to cover costs. Fortunately, TruGreen prices remain proportional to property size even as yard sizes increase, meaning a 10,000-square-foot yard costs about twice as much as a 5,000-square-foot one. Some companies charge significantly more to service larger yards, making TruGreen one of the best options for larger properties.

Affordable Lawn Care Maintenance & Treatment Services

You should expect to pay more if your lawn needs work than if it is already healthy and just needs maintenance or a little tweaking. If your yard is overgrown with weeds or has a sewage problem, your estimate will likely be higher to cover the additional cost of applying more herbicides and pesticides. Some TruGreen customers report that their rates go down when their lawn problems are under control.

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles included in the TruSignature plan, you can save quite a bit of money by choosing a TruHealth or TruMaintenance plan. One of TruGreen’s primary strengths is that it has a plan that fits the needs of most homeowners, making it easy to find a service package that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Sometimes problems arise out of the blue, and while it’s nice that TruGreen can help in some cases, it also means that sometimes you have to cover unexpected expenses. Grub problems and insect infestations are two of the most common surprises that TruGreen customers can encounter, but it is also quite common for customers to add other a la carte services such as mosquito protection and termite protection. These services will increase your monthly bill if you need them, but will not increase your annual cost if you are on one of the more affordable plans.

Because TruGreen is a national company, their prices vary greatly depending on where you live. In general, urban and suburban properties pay more than rural properties. ​​​​​​​However, if you live particularly far from your nearest TruGreen, you may have to pay a premium to cover the time it takes for your technician to get to you.

Fall In Love With Lawn Maintenance

If you have unusual circumstances that make your garden maintenance more difficult than usual, you can pay slightly higher prices for the service. These factors include dense undergrowth, tall grass, and less common problems such as standing water and poor drainage.

Whether or not TruGreen services are worth it to you is largely a personal matter, although there are some general considerations that can help you make that decision.

First, realizing that TruGreen is often more affordable than other companies that provide similar services is a good indication that their services may be worth it for most people. TruGreen has an excellent track record, and the company’s competitive pricing often makes it a better choice than local lawn care companies.

How Much Is Trugreen Service

Second, TruGreen is available in (almost) every state, making it easy to continue the business if you later move. This factor is not relevant to many people, but it is an advantage for those who want to move, who want continuity of lawn care wherever they go.

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Ultimately, if you have a lot of lawn care experience and the necessary equipment and time to take care of it yourself, TruGreen probably isn’t worth it. Remember that TruGreen’s additional services, such as mosquito protection and insect control, can play an important role here. However, TruGreen’s primary audience is homeowners who don’t have the time or experience to take care of their lawns themselves; if you’re not, you’re probably better off going the DIY route.

Fortunately, most customer reviews indicate that there are almost never any hidden fees with TruGreen. People who pay in advance for a year of service incur additional costs only when they require additional services, and everyone who pays gets detailed bills that show exactly where they’re going.

If you​​​​are thinking about using TruGreen for lawn care but are concerned about the cost, here are some helpful tips that can reduce the cost of the service.

One of the best things about TruGreen is that it has a plan that works for most people. However, having several programs to choose from can be paralyzing for some people who may not be sure if they need the advanced versions of more expensive programs. Your best bet is to start with one of the cheaper plans and only upgrade if you notice your service is lacking.

Lawn Care Services

It’s also easy to add a few one-time services, such as trunk treatments and tree services, as needed to complete the TruMaintenance plan, which can help you save money in the long run.

If you​​​​are not sure you are ready to shell out the money for a complete lawn care program, you may want to try TruGreen’s add-on services. Getting a little early spring fertilization and weed control help from a professional service like TruGreen can make it easy to keep your lawn healthy all summer long, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. As long as you’re willing to handle most of your lawn care yourself, you can treat TruGreen like the cavalry and only call in the pros when you really need them.

Many people are surprised at how affordable professional lawn care services like TruGreencan are and spend years needlessly tending to their lawns with mediocre results. Even TruGreen’s introductory plans are enough to help you grow a beautiful, green lawn without lifting a finger, and more expensive plans will take your entire landscape to the next level. TruGreen is one of the most reputable companies in the industry, and its impressive range of services and nationwide service area make it a great choice if you’re looking for help with your lawn.

How Much Is Trugreen Service

Although it depends on your specific circumstances, the general answer is “probably”. TruGreen offers high quality professional lawn care services at affordable prices, making it a great choice for many. The company offers several lawn care packages aimed at giving homeowners coverage options that fit their needs and budget. If you don’t like spending your weekends fertilizing your lawn or applying weed killers, TruGreen is worth it.

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Most people sign up for monthly maintenance visits, although some prefer less frequent treatments.

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