How To Do Fraction In Simplest Form

How To Do Fraction In Simplest Form – Here you will find a number of printable fractions worksheets to help your child practice converting fractions to their simplest form.

This involves dividing both numerator and denominator by a common factor to reduce the fraction to an equivalent fraction with the smallest possible numerator and denominator.

How To Do Fraction In Simplest Form

How To Do Fraction In Simplest Form

The Fraction Simplifier Calculator also shows you how examples worked to simplify a fraction if you’re really stuck!

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Fraction equivalence, converting fractions to tens, and fraction properties are all explored in our fun games.

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Solved] Write The Ratio $36 To $28 As A Fraction In The Simplest Form

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How To Do Fraction In Simplest Form

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How Would You Convert The Decimal 0.125 Into A Fraction In Its Simplest Form

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Find The Quotient. Write Fraction In Simplest Form. 2.4รท3.2

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Note that the numerator and denominator are called the “terms” of the fraction. So if we simplify the fraction, we reduce the fraction to its simplest terms.

For example, consider the three rectangles below, where the left side of each rectangle is shaded, and the resulting part represents the shaded part of the entire rectangle.

How To Do Fraction In Simplest Form

All three figures represent a part to a whole, meaning that each resulting fraction is equal to the other. But it is important to understand that although they are equal, only one fraction in the simplest terms is 1/2.

Fractions In Simplest Form Interactive Worksheet

And as this example shows, our goal is to convert a fraction by creating an equivalent fraction whose terms have no other common factors, as Lumen Learning says.

The way to guess and check is that we pick a number that we know is divisible by both numerator and denominator, but we’re not sure if it’s the largest. Therefore, we will need to continue to reduce the fraction if necessary.

Using the “guess and check method” we can see that 24 and 36 are divisible by 3.

Notice that this new fraction 2/3 is completely simplified because there are no common factors left in the numerator or denominator.

Solved] Write 8.4% As A Fraction In Simplest Form.

Whereas the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) method always gives us the largest number to divide by.

And then we determine the GCF from prime factorization. Note that when we find the GCF from the list of prime factors, we choose the lowest one.

This means that when reducing the fraction 24/26, we must divide both terms by 12, since this is the GCF for both terms.

How To Do Fraction In Simplest Form

Both methods are perfectly acceptable and it depends on personal preference which technique you want to use.

How To Simplify Fractions

Obviously, if your “pin” is also a GCF, you will simplify your fraction quickly because the GCF always gives the lowest reduction.

Throughout this lesson, we’ll look at several examples of how to reduce fractions to their simplest form, as well as some practice problems where we first create a fraction and then reduce it to its lowest terms.

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