How To Make Your Own Plush

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Each one is filled with everything you need to design and build your own Ricemonster toy.

How To Make Your Own Plush

How To Make Your Own Plush

Whether you’re looking for a fun family activity, a DIY project for a budding designer, or a playful and unique gift for a friend; our sets are sure to bring a few smiles.

Make Your Own Toy Museum At Home!

Each kit includes a simple step-by-step instruction manual, mixing accessories, mixing and a Ricemonster “skin”. Choose your favorite design below and commit to it.

Please note that the kit does not include a cutting/gluing tool. We recommend scissors, waterproof fabric glue and needle and thread.

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Make Your Own Plush Soft Toy Diy Kit

Great animal kit – I got this for 4-10 year olds and they all loved it.

I love this mask, it’s so cute, beyond beautiful and gorgeous! Thanks for this mask. Shipped very quickly, unless the friendly tech told me there might be a delay, which I didn’t mind if there was. Thank you. It even came with a nice card and some nice notes that were very well wrapped. I also appreciate the washing and care instructions, thank you very much! I highly recommend this wonderful shop/artist. This face mask is too cute to talk about! Thank you!

A very nice little toy that plays well with some of our critics. How can you not love a furry little monster with extra chest hair? Very professional and fast service. Thank you!

How To Make Your Own Plush

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How To Make Your Own Plush

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Free Toys To Sew: 10 Pdf Patterns To Download To Make Stuffed Animals

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How To Easily Make Plush Toys In Any Shape

Each year, we partner with nonprofits and donors to bring joy and comfort in the form of stuffed animals, free of charge, to at-risk children, children in treatment, and children with life-limiting illnesses. If you are interested in sponsoring a child or donating, you can find out more here.

He empowers artists and designers of all ages: from the age of 3, when he drew his first doodle creature, to the age of 73, when he published his 10th graphic novel. Celebrating the artist in all of us – no matter how old we are!

Check out all the different types of pleats we’ve made so far, from children’s drawings to book illustrations and original characters like friends and family. There are no limits! Like us, have you always been a big fan of cute toys, whether they were made for kids or not? Sometimes we see a toy in stores that makes us think our kids would love to play with it, and sometimes we see one that brightens our day and makes us want to put it in the corner of our desk so it stays that way. Of course, we often find more satisfaction in making things ourselves than buying them, so we’re keeping our eyes open for DIY toy tutorials that can help us make some cute ones of our own, just for you.

How To Make Your Own Plush

Check out these 15 cute and adorable toy ideas that had us really excited to find them!

Make Your Own Hobbes Stuffed Animal

Are you the type of DIY enthusiast who always loves the process, especially when you upgrade something at once, simply make something recycle and feel more productive? In this case, we have a feeling you’re going

Anyone planning to make a small plush toy that cats always love more than anything else? There are lots of DIY cat toys to choose from, but we love this little cat sitter for adults and kids because you can put it anywhere.

Maybe the person you’re planning to make a toy for has always been a big fan of sea and ocean creatures, so you’re hoping to find something to help them celebrate that? That’s why we’re sure Flying Mio can

I suggest making a teddy bear instead! We love how Crafty Muffins made this one because it’s so simple, so it’s a great project to start with, whether you’re new to sewing or pattern making.

Custom Stuffed Animals, Pillows & Gifts

An idea for a system upgrade? Then definitely check out this tutorial from Maqaroon. Not only do they show you how to make both little bears

A matching bunny friend, as well as how to do it in a soft sock that makes them even cuter.

Did you really scroll through our list hoping to find something a little different from what you’ve been doing before, which has always been teddy bears and such? In this case, we think you’ll appreciate how Little Things to Share made this super cute skinny lamb look like a fun cartoon!

How To Make Your Own Plush

We really got your attention with the idea that in addition to making plush toys, we also stuff stuffers, but the problem is that you do not have much sewing experience? Then there’s the handmade Charlotte

Mermaid Plush Dolls (with Downloadable Pattern)

Your learning! Watch them make cute dogs, cats and bunnies out of socks and feel like you didn’t sew anything.

Is your most well-built craft always the best because you love to ride? Then we think you’ll be really happy to know that you can make plush toys with these skills and not just sewing! This absolutely adorable crochet sheep is a perfect example of what we mean. Get it

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