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How To Start A Retail Store With No Money

How To Start A Retail Store With No Money – If your Sims want to be their own boss, running a retail store is an expensive but free and fun way to make money. Veteran Sims players may be reminded of the franchise’s many previous iterations, but there are a few key differences.

The process of setting up and running a retail store is similar to running a restaurant. If you already have the Eat Out game pack installed, the process should be familiar.

How To Start A Retail Store With No Money

How To Start A Retail Store With No Money

First of all, the adage “you have to spend money to make money” is perfectly valid for The Sims. You cannot open a shop on your Sim’s house lot, but you will need a vacant lot or remodeled vacant house. In theory, you could open your own store with a small number of products and the cheapest items for around §6,000. But ideally, it would start with §20,000 or more, as if you were building a new home.

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To purchase a store item, click on the Sim a cash register icon in the interface to open the store panel, then click on the drop-down list and click to add a store item. If the game is paused, you must unpause to continue. The “Buy Restaurant” option is only available if you have the Dining Out game pack, and the “Buy Vet Hospital” option is only available if you have the Cats and Dogs expansion pack installed.

From there, you can go to the Neighbors screen and shop anywhere. You can own as many stores as you want, as long as you can afford it.

Upon arrival, the first prompt will ask you to transfer money from your personal account to your store account. A shop account can only be used to shop on this item, including build mode objects and items you want to sell. You can freely transfer money between accounts at any time using the Simeoleon button next to the account amount with two arrows in the lower left corner of the screen.

The store only requires one cash register (located in the Retail Sort) and the cheapest is §50. You will also need something to sell. The cheapest may be a cheap item in the build mode catalog. Details about the item can be found at the bottom of the page.

Retail Sales And Service

This means you can get the cheapest setup for hundreds of simoleons. However, the Get to Work Expansion Pack counts heavily on “braking charm”. This is an invisible score that affects the number of customers displayed. A lot with only one cash register and one object on the floor draws virtually no attention.

The specific style is up to you, but you should at least create small deployments with decent environment scores. In the beginning, you won’t have to build very elaborate except for a lot full of wallpaper and lights, but eventually you’ll want to buy exterior decorations and bright exterior lights to attract the most customers.

If that seems like too much work, you can buy items that already have deals. However, the ones that come with the Magnolia Promenade are well over six figures, so only super-wealthy Sims can afford them.

How To Start A Retail Store With No Money

You can sell any item in the game, including other Build Mode objects. Items get more attention if they are well displayed, but you have complete freedom over exactly what you can sell. To sell an item you bought in Build Mode, first buy and place it, then have your Sim interact with the item and select the Set for Sale interaction.

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The game does not calculate the theme of prizes. For role-playing purposes, you can create a store that specializes in a specific item, or a comprehensive retail store with different departments and products.

If you have a specific item you want to sell, there are a few special items you can buy in retail type build modes. For example, if you want to build a grocery store, you need to buy a freezer. If you want to make a bakery, you should buy a display freezer box to store your finished products. If you want to make a clothing store, you can buy mannequins.

The mannequin itself is an interesting object. Once placed, your Sim can interact with it and create an entire outfit from the Costume Set in Create a Sim. The game costs money, and loading a mannequin creates a copy of the outfit you create.

If you decide to sell a craftable item, such as food or painting, you can immediately copy the original for a lower cost. These copies are less valuable than the originals, but making copies is instantaneous. So you can make a base item, make copies to sell, and then make more copies of the same original. If you make a copy, it’s much less valuable, just like a copy of a copy.

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When an item is sold, it leaves a “footprint” or card indicating an empty shelf. Leaving shelves empty for too long makes customers angry and less likely to step in. Contact and fill empty shelves. If this is not possible, we will replace it for a fee.

You can interact with posted items to change their prices, but expensive items upset customers and make them difficult to sell.

Running a shop alone is incredibly difficult, but you can hire staff to help out in town and other Sims. Once hired, you can assign them tasks or prevent them from doing certain tasks that you want to share tasks with. Employees need it, so it’s a good idea to create at least a small break room and bathroom. Customers are unlikely to stay at the facility long enough, but making restrooms communal may be worthwhile. The door to the break room can be locked to prevent access by non-employees.

How To Start A Retail Store With No Money

To hire a new employee, go to your store location and select the store panel. The required button is the small circle in the top row, second from the left.

How To Start A Retail Business: A 10 Step Guide

Initially, only one employee can be selected. All potential applicants were shortlisted along with the required skills. This affects the speed of sales and restocking efforts, and the better the staff, the more expensive it is.

Stores can be opened and closed at any time during the shift. When working in a business, you only have to manage your own needs. But with your employees, if you continue to take care of their needs for eight, ten hours or more, they start complaining and getting angry. Annoy them too much and they will give up. You can also set staff uniforms with the button next to Manage staff.

With enough staff, your business can run while you’re away. You can open the shop panel when you’re at home, command the shop to open, and then close it when you’re done. Employees seem more tolerant of working longer hours in your absence.

Clients learn their skills when working for you, which increases their demand. Feel free to fire them if they ask for too much or hold a grudge.

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Build a strong customer base and build a good reputation to earn Store Perk points. Click the bottom right button on the Shop panel to enter the Rewards Shop. All rewards are self-explanatory and help you sell products or fill your store faster.

The shop panel allows you to choose whether or not to return your shop to the market. If your business is in the red, you must pay off all debt, otherwise the money will go into your personal account. You can then visit the store again as a customer or purchase again if you change your mind (using more Simoleons).

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How To Start A Retail Store With No Money

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