Hr Payroll For Perfex Crm Nulled

Hr Payroll For Perfex Crm Nulled – Recently, I suddenly had an idea to find some kind of “life management” software. Roughly, there will be functions like:

Looking for all kinds of keywords, but still able to find them, google suggests the word “Personal CRM”, most of which meet the list of friends, family, customers and communicate with them, but fully functional. As above, there is no…

Hr Payroll For Perfex Crm Nulled

Hr Payroll For Perfex Crm Nulled

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) translates into customer relationship management, the relationship here is a relationship, not a relationship as you think. Understandably, this is sales management software, which product does the customer buy, what is the income, the history of interaction with him, signing contracts, sending emails ….

Wp Erp Pro V1.2.9 (nulled)

CRM in addition to Customer Contact (contact) also integrates many other modules such as Project Management (Project), Work Management (tasks, reminders, checklists …) set HRM (HR administration), HelpDesk (error handling support for Kh ). ..

I can not find life management software, easily find the key “CRM” on Codecanyon, the result is this

Look at the Top 1 Bestseller and its distance to the 2nd position, do not hesitate to click to see the details, then silently google to find … Zeroed version =)).

At first impressed with the name Perfex, it is probably a play on the word “perfect”. I don’t know if CRM is perfect or not, but it is detailed :v . Go to the demo to see several modules and a series of operations, interacting with customers through their eyes. I have to admit that the Westerners were really thoughtful and meticulous ><

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I really did not have time to learn all this but I am so inspired to write this blog and I would like to temporarily translate the introduction on the author’s site, the list of features includes:

? Customer management: Information, interaction, creation of quotes, offers (pending approval), surveys, order estimates… Manage leads in a separate module, create forms to collect information, follow the progress of the developments.

? Manage projects, add project followers, to-dos, checklists, schedules.

Hr Payroll For Perfex Crm Nulled

? Manage tasks, assign tasks, track task execution time, deadline counter.

Recruitment Management For Perfex Crm By Greentech_solutions

? Manage invoices, create recurring invoices, expenses, recurring expenses, pay through different payment gateways (and Paypal).

? Customer service system through Ticket, automatic response, no response to email is a ticket without logging into the system.

✍️ Focus on knowledge, create articles, knowledge for employees and customers (can rate it as useful or not).

I forgot to say above that it is open source for anyone who knows how to program can “make more features” for CRM and import into the system. For example, the chat function between employees (messaging style), creating Zoom meetings directly in CRM…

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You can watch a demo of excellent or lazy CRM modules, see my summary list below

Create a chat function between employees and customers. Have your own chat page (as big as Zalo) or small window at the bottom of the screen like Facebook Messenger

Update 5/9: Looks good in use. can be caused between employees and employees and customers. Create a private chat group and tag names like zalo. Add links to deals, projects and job offers in your chat content. Turn Kh’s conversation into something.

Hr Payroll For Perfex Crm Nulled

Cons: Can’t search chat content = Vietnamese with an accent. This means that they cannot find content written in Vietnamese with accents because the author probably did not integrate the Vietnamese language into it. Maa

Purchase Management Module For Perfex Crm By Greentech_solutions

Tag employees, projects… in CRM. As with the project, in a Helpdesk ticket you can tag username like facebook @username or #projectname

Update 5/9: First I thought it might mean names everywhere like contracts, projects … But it will actually add a menu. Go there and create a discussion topic, then tag everything in CRM, then go there and discuss. This seems a bit of a pain, you can set up a chat group, and each contract and project also has a discussion, although you can not flag it, but it also has a notification for those in charge.

Add an accounting module. Actually, I also see functions related to invoices, all kinds of income and expenses, but this module will probably be more in-depth and complete. The demo doesn’t work so I can’t get more information.

Update 5/9: This is a module made by Vietnamese people, so when you select the Vietnamese language, it always shows Vietnamese without having to Vietnam. I don’t know much about accounting, so I don’t dare to comment much, but click on the feature it’s true that it specializes in accounting, not just “invoicing”

Perfex Crm Modules Hr Records Job Description

Create appointments with Kh, the raw CRM itself also has similar features, it must be advanced

Update 5/9: Create client appointments, have all kinds of reminders, when access = phone information understand the phone number When pressed, it can be called. In addition, you can create a form for customers to send reminder requests, tips, quotes

Update 5/9: Fiduciary name, property management, distribution of assets managed by a staff member, transfers, and property status are detailed. However, when I create a new asset type, for example “fixed asset” “current asset”, I also get an error in the Vietnamese font (only temporary fix = write unsigned)

Hr Payroll For Perfex Crm Nulled

Create programs for loyal customers, award points to customers to reduce prices on purchases, other promotional rules…

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Human Resource Management. In the default CRM, I can see the employee creation section, but this one will probably be more advanced and detailed.

Update 5/9: when I first installed the HRM module, I first installed the one below because “its name is more standard”. But after installing both new HR files, it is fully functional and valid, also made by Vietnamese, and Vietnamese language is available.

Also a module on HRM. I guess I will have to try it and compare which one is more comprehensive

Update 5/9: As mentioned above, this one was made by western and has less features so don’t use it.

Manufacturing Management Module For Perfex Crm By Greentech_solutions

Update 5/9: The HRM above doesn’t have a recruitment feature, so it’s an add-on. I can see features like creating recruitment channels, plans, campaigns, adding candidates, creating interviews (I don’t know. The zoom can be added) , it is also full to look at.

However, functions after pressing 2/3 are not possible. It’s like it only has a name but no function inside. You can also use the null version, so it’s buggy

Manage work by goals and results, that’s what my company will implement, haha. Learn more about the OKR governance model

Hr Payroll For Perfex Crm Nulled

Update 5/9: download this module, it says update successful, it means type available now and now only update. But in short, no module has been added -> error

Ipix Erp Vs Perfex Crm

Update 5/9: This is still a Vietnamese module and is very comprehensive. However, the invoice item is separate and not with the A/R invoice. Logically, it is true, but when it comes to general reporting for the entire CRM, it will need to be reported in 2 places. Also, the purchase request function creates a 500 error

Update 5/9: as expected, this one specializes in provider information and is not as comprehensive as the one above

Update 5/9: True to its name, this one manages your inventory, links to pre-made items, and currently doesn’t stand out as anything special.

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