Ideas Fertility Software

Ideas Fertility Software – Create custom forms, print them, give them to the patient and follow up to ensure consents are signed before procedures.

MediTEX Scheduler is the ideal tool not only for managing patient appointments, but also all your resources such as staff, rooms and devices.

Ideas Fertility Software

Ideas Fertility Software

It is a scheduling tool that will help you efficiently coordinate your organization’s daily schedule and send SMS to patients to remind them of their appointment date and time.

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With industry-leading reporting functionality, MediTEX allows you to create custom reports to deliver to patients or send electronically.

All generated files are categorized and conveniently placed in demographic area for easy access from all workstations.

MediTEX DocLink provides the perfect interface for importing patient-entered files and enables a completely paperless environment.

In addition, you can establish a phone application connection, where you can not only send messages to the patient, but also circulate information such as medication.

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It consolidates information from multiple data sources (medications, embryology, exams, pathology results, offices), providing an incredibly intuitive view for clinicians.

MediTEX HL7 technology provides a secure and automated way to import results directly from the laboratory and place orders.

Developed with parameters provided by the World Health Organization, you can document your semen analysis and use our built-in calculators to help you save precious time in the lab.

Ideas Fertility Software

If your patient is looking for a donor with specific characteristics, MediTEX offers filters that can be quickly configured in the donor search.

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Some of the features are: cell stages, scores, assisted incubation, photos or videos, PID analysis, cryopreservation, thawing, transfer and more.

It allows you to define invoice templates for different billing situations, track payments and see the current status of your overall account balance.

MediTEX has established several partnerships over the years and has a portfolio of compatible interfaces including semen analyzers, incubators and time-lapse devices, pathology labs, token systems, accounting software, ultrasound machines and more .

MediTEX REST API is a highly configurable interface tool, using state-of-the-art technology, which enables flexible and complex configuration possibilities.

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In addition, we can export data to various national registries such as DIR, FIVNAT, HFEA, ANZARD, RetePMA and several others.

MediTEX administration provides all the tools to create users, add their responsibilities and restrict access to some areas of other MediTEX tools.

Remarkable impact on patients “In a few words, MediTEX organizes and facilitates work in Reproductive Medicine. This has allowed us to perform paperless operations, speed up decisions during meetings and generate a remarkable impact on our patients.” Fertya, AR,

Ideas Fertility Software

Mission Critical “MediTEX has really become mission critical for us, from our front desk to the embryology lab. It’s easy to use, has great reporting features, and great support.” Fakih, AE,

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Regular developments “We chose MediTEX for our 5 clinics after a careful evaluation of all the best candidates. Excellent partner: fast response and direct access to experts. Annual development projects with MediTEX to improve our service to patients and to the staff”. Fertility Associates, New Zealand,

Easy access to friendly support “MediTEX offers a series of modules and interfaces that perfectly meet all our needs. Constant updates and the addition of new functions give us access to the latest technologies. Easy access to a friendly support team and useful”. Fertility Center Berlin, DE,

Interfaces “Excellent, reliable, good integration with third-party applications. MediTEX covers all aspects of clinic operations and offers regular updates and good support.” Manchester Fertility, UK,

A pleasure to work with “MediTEX is a pleasure to work with, providing training, support and contextual advice on an ongoing basis. They have a deep insight into the capabilities of their systems and go out of their way to help adapt to workflows and the need clinics”. Premium Health, USA,

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Our ITAMEDICAL Italian distributors are participating in the Next Fertility GynePro Congress “La coppia del futuro” 2022. Be sure to meet them on December 2nd in Bologna, Italy!

MediTEX Survey allows your patients to complete their medical history in the comfort of their own home. Interested? Perfect! Our MediTEX experts, Anna and Slim, will be hosting a webinar on our latest MediTEX survey module on December 14th, and you are cordially invited to join us!

Our distributor for the EMEA region, Theta Consultancy & Business Development, will be present at MEFs in December in Abu Dhabi to showcase our MediTEX software and its amazing modules! See more information

Ideas Fertility Software

Michael has led the MediTEX team since the beginning of time. Your primary duties include making important corporate decisions, setting the course for the future and overseeing the overall operations of the company.

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Andy was eager to protect our beloved company from the beginning. He is our professional in finance, human resources, contract management and is head of headquarters.

Mirjam has been part of our team since the beginning of MediTEX and you couldn’t imagine our company without her. She played an important role in the development of MediTEX and is our database expert. Mirjam is responsible for internal processes and process optimization, overseeing concepts as well as reviewing and training new team members.

Patrick is the Head Office Manager, which means he assists the Executive Board in all aspects of the business, dealing with people and financial management and liaising with customers, business partners and distributors. In addition, he also acts as an internal data protection officer.

Lea is responsible for HR management as well as office management, which means she makes sure everything runs smoothly in our office and everyone is happy! She also handles accounting, including sending invoices or tracking payments, and is known as the go-to person for questions in this area.

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Sebastian is the manager of the software development department, which means he is responsible for the developer team, roadmap and release planning. In addition, he deals with technical reviews, API concepts and design.

Andreas works in the software development team and his main tasks include building applications and components, interfacing with third-party applications and medical devices. He is also responsible for performance optimization and builds automation tools for internal processes.

Harald is the senior software developer and his main tasks include Rest-API and interfaces and database optimization. Harald also designs and improves all MediTEX applications for the best possible workflow.

Ideas Fertility Software

Josef is part of our development team and his main tasks are to maintain our core product as well as to design and develop new innovative applications.

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David is part of our Development department and is an expert in Web Development and designs and implements future projects.

Enxhi works as a test manager for eHealth solutions and his main tasks include responsibility for the entire testing process, controlling test procedures and creating test reports, evaluating customer requirements and advice on the implementation of the planned functions.

As a software architect, Luise creates concepts for new features and projects and supports the web development department. He is also in charge of project management and is responsible for planning and communication with our business partners.

Mona works in software development and requirements engineering, her main tasks are creating an efficient workflow for maintaining and publishing REST APIs, various tasks in the area of ​​database programming, design and maintenance of the company’s website, development of concepts and requirements.

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Nicole is responsible for maintaining existing projects as well as designing and developing new features in web development.

Haythem works in international support, his main tasks are REST API development, historical data migrations and KPI development.

Alberto’s main tasks include building components to facilitate the programming work of his colleagues and researching complex problems. Alberto is also responsible for reviewing and converting legacy pieces of programming and making sure our software uses the latest technologies.

Ideas Fertility Software

Julia is the head of the support team and is responsible for all support processes and procedures (eg optimization) and manages the DIR/ARTbox. In addition, he is responsible for the interface between support, development and headquarters.

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Lucas manages our international sales and support, is responsible for customer onboarding and consulting, and ensures you have the most amazing user experience and system integration.

Anna leads our German technical support team and answers questions about MediTEX and our amazing modules. Anna also prepares offers for our clients and will soon be training our apprentices.

Filippo is responsible for all tasks related to customer support, including troubleshooting, expert consultations, training and more. It is also responsible for verifying ARTbox data for our national registries.

Slim works with our MediTEX support team and manages projects and training. In addition, he is in charge of database development and is responsible for system integrations and implementations.

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Guilherme supports our Clinics and International Distributors and is responsible for training new clients and creating custom reports.

Thomas is a member of our German support team, which means he works in technical support and helps people with questions about MediTEX. Thomas also runs MediTEX ARTbox and is a pro when it comes to the MediTEX survey.

Lea also works in our marketing department. Plans our presence at conferences, designs our publications and graphics and develops marketing strategies for our company, mainly

Ideas Fertility Software

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