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Java Automation Testing Interview Questions And Answers

Java Automation Testing Interview Questions And Answers – In this article, we see common test automation interview questions for freshers and experienced QA professionals. Before proceeding further, let’s look at some inevitable interview questions, ie

Automation is a process that performs repetitive tasks with minimal human assistance to reduce human effort. If a person needs to repeat a task multiple times, instead of doing the same process over and over again, we create a small software or robot that does the work to reduce human effort.

Java Automation Testing Interview Questions And Answers

Java Automation Testing Interview Questions And Answers

Automation testing is the process of testing software or applications using automation testing tools to find bugs. This process involves the execution of test scripts and the generation of results automatically using automation tools.

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It is impossible to automate everything. Achieving 100% automation is difficult because there are situations where a registration page has a captcha or some test case that we don’t perform very often. Automation will not add value by automating such tests.

CAPTCHA stands for Fully Automated Public Turing Test to distinguish between computers and humans. The reason for creating a captcha is to control bots.

If someone is able to automate the captcha, it means that the captcha is not able to distinguish between a computer and a human. So the idea behind captcha fails.

To automate an application that uses captcha, you need to consult with your development team to provide a solution.

Automation Testing Tools

Fixing the captcha in your test environment helps you automate the captcha by assigning a specific value as the captcha in each run.

12. What kind of tests do you have automated? Our main focus is to automate test cases to perform regression testing, smoke testing and sanity testing. Sometimes based on project schedules and testing time, we focus on end-to-end testing.

Automation testers need to understand what actually needs to be automated. Identifying the appropriate test cases for automation plays a critical role in the success of automation testing.

Java Automation Testing Interview Questions And Answers

14. How many test cases do you automate per day? It depends on the complexity and length of the test case. I automated 2-5 test scenarios per day when complexity was limited. Sometimes there is only 1 or less test per day when the complexity is high.

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15. What kind of test cases would you choose to automate? Before automatically taking test cases, I check if the application is stable. So based on this, if the AUT changes frequently and I rarely run it and only run it once, I won’t choose a test case. Also, I don’t automate when I do usability and exploratory testing.

16. Name some popular automation tools you know? Some popular automation tools include Selenium WebDriver, QTP/UFT, JMeter, LoadRunner, Ranorex, etc.

17. How do you choose an automation tool? Choosing an automation tool is essential for test automation. There are many automation testing tools in the market. The following are some of the factors involved in choosing an automation tool.

18. What is a frame? A framework defines a set of rules or best practices that we can systematically follow to achieve desired results.

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19. Why Framework? In an automation testing project, we perform different tasks using different types of files. We use a framework to organize and manage all files and complete all tasks in a systematic way.

We can do automation testing without a framework. A framework is a set of rules or best practices that we can systematically follow to achieve desired results. If we understand automation tools we can do automation testing without framework but if we create and follow framework it will help in many ways.

21. Have you developed any framework? If you are a beginner: No, I haven’t had a chance to build a frame. I used an already available frame. If you are an experienced tester: Yes, I have built frameworks (or) No, but I am involved in building frameworks.

Java Automation Testing Interview Questions And Answers

23. What are the different types of frames? There are different types of automation frameworks and the most common ones are:

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24. Some coding practices to follow when writing an automation script or framework? Some good coding practices include:

We have listed these questions which are independent of automation tools or programming language. If you are appearing for an automation testing interview, you need to know your tool well (eg Selenium) and the programming language (Java) used to write your scripts. You will be asked to explain the structure you use in your project.

Hope these Automation Test Interview Questions and Answers will be very helpful for you to prepare for Automation Test Automation Interview.

Founder Rajkumar SM. He is a Certified Software Testing Engineer by training and a blogger and YouTuber by choice. He has extensive experience in software testing. Moreover, he loves to be with his wife and cute little baby “Freedom”. Java is one of the best advanced languages ​​used by most developers for product development and testing for automation. Also, about 65% of modern automation solutions use Java as a backbone. Hence interviewers usually ask important Java topics like Java Basics, Java Collection Quiz, Java String Quiz and Java Threading Quiz. And every software tester needs to be well versed in these areas to pass the job interview test. To help them, we have come up with a comprehensive list of Java interview questions so that they can answer anything related to Java that the interviewers ask.

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It took us some time to come up with such a diverse set of Java interview questions. And it has helped many readers in the software testing fraternity gain confidence in their Java skills. We know there are many testers who write quality Java code. However, they do not focus on the theoretical part which is necessary to crack a top software testing interview. We hope this post will help them fill this gap quickly and they will be able to learn more than just code. Now let’s find out which Java interview questions will help you in the interview.

In this section, we have covered some basic Java interview questions. It is almost certain that the interviewer may ask you 3-4 questions from this section to test your understanding of Java as a programming language.

JRE stands for “Java Runtime Environment” which is what you usually download as Java software. The JRE consists of the Java Virtual Machine, Java Platform classes, and support libraries. JRE is the executable component of Java software and you need it to run any Java application.

Java Automation Testing Interview Questions And Answers

The JDK is a superset of the JRE and includes everything in the JRE. Additionally, it comes with compiler and debugging tools required for Java application development.

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JVM stands for Java Virtual Machine. It translates and executes Java bytecode. It is the module that transforms Java into a “portable language” (ie, write once, run anywhere). However, each platform has its own implementation of the JVM ie. Windows, Linux, macOS, etc. have a special version of the JVM to run bytecode.

and are OS-level environment variables. Path specifies the location where the system can look for executable (.exe) files, and classpath specifies the location of Java class files.

No, constructors in Java should have the same name as their clusters. If the name is different, it will behave like a normal method.

When you define methods, you pass variables that you refer to as parameters. And when you call these methods and pass values ​​to variables, they are used as arguments.

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It is certainly possible to have many main methods in different categories. When you start the program, you need to provide the name of the startup class to run. The JVM then only looks for the main method in the class you provided the name for. So you won’t notice any conflicts with multiple classes that have


Pass by reference indicates passing the address itself instead of passing the value. Pass by value means to pass a copy of the value.

The Java compiler generates bytecode for all Java code and converts it to class files. Bytecode is platform-independent and requires a platform-specific JVM to run.

Java Automation Testing Interview Questions And Answers

Yes, we can compile, but it won’t run. The “main” method acts as an initializer function for a Java class and is called by the JVM to run the application.

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Call . It will print 0. This indicates that the array is empty. If it were null, it would throw a NullPointerException when calling .

If the object no longer belongs to a variable, Java automatically reclaims the memory. This process is known as garbage collection. You can use the method to call it directly.

Yes, an unreachable object can become accessible. This can happen if the object’s method is called during garbage collection and there

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