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Medical Device Companies Charlotte Nc

Medical Device Companies Charlotte Nc – Pursuing a medical device sales internship in college is the most direct way to land a lucrative medical device sales position right after earning a bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately, only a few medical device companies offer sales internships.

There’s a lot of interest in one of these internships, which begs the question: Why aren’t more companies investing in sales internship programs?

Medical Device Companies Charlotte Nc

Medical Device Companies Charlotte Nc

The short answer is that it takes someone more than a few months in the summer to explore a product portfolio and gain the clinical insight needed to close a deal or guide a surgeon on a case. After all, junior salespeople have to spend nearly two years in role training before they’re promoted to sales reps.

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However, there are ten fantastic medical device sales internships that the Breaking Into Device team recommends. The following internships will help you on your way to becoming a medical device salesperson:

Seattle, Washington; Kei, Colorado; Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati, Ohio; Gainesville, Florida; Greensboro, North Carolina; Irvine, California; Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Nashville, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana; North Haven, Connecticut; Raleigh, North Carolina; Austin, Texas; Boston, Massachusetts

Here are the job openings we found for each position. We have not included links to these roles because application links vary by location and application cycle (e.g. Summer, Spring, Fall). To find a specific job opening, do a quick Google search and apply.

If you have a passion for being in the spotlight with the latest medical technology, we want you to join our team. Join Stryker and help us improve healthcare.

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Why we recommend it: Stryker is a leading player in the medical device industry, especially orthopedics. Being able to follow the sales team and become familiar with the Stryker sales process early in your career is an invaluable experience that will speak volumes on your resume.

We are looking for Sales Interns to join our growing Advanced Surgical Sales Team. As an experienced surgical sales intern, you will have the opportunity to observe surgeons using specialized medical devices to perform surgeries in the operating room. You accompany representatives on excursions and gain experience and expertise during the sales process. In addition, you complete a project and a final presentation for the sales executives of Advanced Surgical.

This is a great opportunity for a student looking for a secure internship with a growing medical device company!

Medical Device Companies Charlotte Nc

This internship requires a dedicated and responsible team player interested in a career in medical device sales and open to relocation across the country. If this appeals to you, we invite you to apply! Job requirements

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Why we recommend it: CONMED is a large, growing medical device company with an excellent reputation in the industry. This internship prides itself on the fact that “As a Sales Intern for Advanced Surgeons, you’ll have the opportunity to observe surgeons using specialized medical devices to perform surgeries in the operating room.” – This clinical introduction will definitely give you an edge when it comes to full-time hiring.

Location: Seattle, Washington; Kei, Colorado; Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati, Ohio; Gainesville, Florida; Greensboro, North Carolina; Irvine, California; Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Nashville, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana; North Haven, Connecticut; Raleigh, North Carolina; Austin, Texas; Boston, Massachusetts

To become a candidate for the Summer Spine Summer Associate Internship, you must meet the following basic requirements. How you meet these criteria must be clearly stated on your CV in order to be considered for a position.

Why we recommend it: Medtronic is a leading medical device manufacturer with multiple portfolios, including orthopedics. An internship at Spine comes in handy as you are looking for full-time employment with both Medtronic and other top players.

Top 10 Medical Device Sales Internships For College Students

Zimmer Biomet embodies a commitment to the highest ethical standards and full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, company policies and industry codes. The Zimmer Biomet Code of Business Conduct and Ethics reflects our shared values ​​and guides our daily work, as well as our interactions with each other and with patients, healthcare professionals, business partners, regulators and other community stakeholders.

Why we recommend it: While this internship description is broad, a sales internship at Zimmer Biomet, the industry leader in orthopedic medical devices, is beneficial for a future career in medical device sales. Succeeding as an intern at Zimmer Biomet can be a strong argument for you to take a job as a junior sales representative after graduation.

Are you looking for a company that cares about people’s lives and health, including yours? At Olympus, we help make people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling every day. Let’s inspire a healthier life together. We are seeking a Professional Training Intern to join our Sales Training team at our Southborough, Massachusetts office.

Medical Device Companies Charlotte Nc

This is a full-time job of 40 hours per week. An experience that develops you and your career. As an Olympus intern, you will contribute to our mission by helping your department provide medical device training to our sales representatives.

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Why we recommend it: Olympus Corporation owns about 70% of the endoscope market (≈ US$2.5 billion). If you are interested in a career as a medical device salesperson in the field of endoscopy, this internship program is the best choice. While this particular internship focuses more on sales training than hands-on experience, it puts your foot in the door to facilitate a smooth transition into sales after graduation.

DePuy Synthes, a division of Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices, is recruiting for a number of summer internship positions. DePuy Synthes offers the most comprehensive range of orthopedic products in the world. With specialties such as trauma, cranio-maxillofacial surgery, joint rehabilitation, sports medicine, spine surgery, we are committed to improving patient care and delivering clinical and economic value to healthcare systems around the world.

Our interns play an important role in the development of our company. We plan to take on several positions in different specialties and departments. Our program offers you business challenges to solve, coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities. You will work on projects that enhance your leadership and professional skills while learning about the orthopedic business.

Why we recommend it: DePuy Synthes is one of the largest and most respected medical device companies, especially in the orthopedics segment. This internship clearly has nothing to do with sales; however, specific internship areas in commercial operations, marketing, and business intelligence focus on sales. Completing this internship will allow you to progress to a position as a junior representative within the company upon graduation.

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The McKesson Intern Program offers caregivers the opportunity to gain hands-on healthcare experience. Working on the job in a dynamic, fast-paced sales environment, interns learn the core competencies of a healthcare sales representative and assist in the sales process. The Extended Care Intern(s) within the Sales Department are responsible for participating in sales and department functions such as: working on key department initiatives, finding sleeping customers, participating in medical device maintenance, running marketing campaigns, and assisting in other day-to-day activities. -a day of business development events Inside Sales. This is a great opportunity for emerging seniors to learn about the comprehensive healthcare industry, learn about healthcare equipment and supplies, interact with customers, and learn about the healthcare supply chain . Details of the internship program

Why we recommend it: McKesson is a respected name in the health care industry. While you may not be selling capital equipment or implants at McKesson, this internship provides a fantastic introduction to the medical device sales process and can serve as a springboard to other medical device sales roles. Learning how to get on-the-job training during an internship will be beneficial to future employers.

Do you want to have a potential future job in a medical device company? TZ Medical is a privately held company based in Portland, Oregon. We pride ourselves on a strong corporate culture and creating an enjoyable workplace where everyone is valued and valued. Last month TZ was notified that we have been included in the Top 100 Companies to Work in Oregon. We’ve been in the Oregon Top 100 Companies to Work for three years in a row.

Medical Device Companies Charlotte Nc

TZ Medical is looking for new team members to continue this tradition. In the fall we offer a paid sales internship, which will give you the opportunity to work in our sales department in the future. During the internship you will learn the ins and outs of our sales process, account management and more!

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Why we recommend it: TZ Medical is a small medical device company based in Portland, Oregon. The TZ Medical Sales Internship Program offers a unique opportunity to become familiar with a range of medical devices at the start of your sales career. This experience exclusively prepares you for the best.

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies and equipment for healthcare simulation and education, Pocket Nurse provides solutions and services that create hands-on learning experiences for the next generation of healthcare professionals. Our small business philosophy is to use common sense every day. We not only give team members the guidance and tools to succeed, but empower them to do whatever it takes to make the business successful.

The Sales Trainee is responsible for the daily sales support of Pocket Nurse. This internship offers the opportunity to develop sales skills and learn all stages of the sales process on the job

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