Microsoft Com Support Windows 10

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With Windows 11 now available, the question of when Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 has become a challenge. Not everyone is a fan of the new OS version, and there are certainly reasons why you might not want to upgrade to Windows 11. Now that Internet Explorer has gone public, you might be wondering when Windows 10 will have the same risk.

Microsoft Com Support Windows 10

Microsoft Com Support Windows 10

During the announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft reiterated that Windows 10 will be supported until October 14, 2025. This applies to the Home and Pro editions of Windows 10. This information has been made public since the launch of Windows 10, written everywhere on Microsoft’s product page (opens in a window new). That date is more than 10 years after the first release of Windows 10, which is the typical lifespan of a major version of Windows.

Windows 10 Review: Windows Update, Support, Recovery, Easy Upgrade

The end of Windows 10 affects PC owners who don’t support Windows 11, which requires a recent CPU, TPM security chip and Secure Boot support.

Microsoft’s Health Guide explains what happens when that dreaded day arrives. “If a product reaches the end of support, or the service is retired, there will be no new security updates, non-security updates, or additional support,” it says. During support, you will receive security, quality and feature updates, although at some point you will miss out on updates.

For Windows 10 and Windows 11, Microsoft moved from a fixed health policy to a modern health policy. Splitting the old policy

Part of the agreement and policy of the update life is that the user must keep the version of the product up to date in order to maintain support. Note that each destruction has its own life. For example, version 21H2 of Windows 10 will only be supported until June 13, 2023, and you will need to upgrade in the future to continue receiving support. The rule of thumb here is that the current versions of Windows Home and Pro are supported for 18 months (opens in a new window). Also note that Windows will be released

Will Microsoft Add Android Support To Windows 10 Next Year?

Going forward is not twice a year like before. This applies to Windows 10 and 11.

Although some users continue to use unsupported versions of Windows (many did so with XP), this is a very bad idea. According to security expert Neil J. Rubenking, “It’s important that your operating system is up-to-date with the latest security updates. Late-life operating systems are no longer able to receive that information, so you shouldn’t be using it. If you’re using an untrusted operating system, you need third-party protection that you can get, but that can’t be without security updates. “Smart consumers use the latest and third-party protection.”

Support, in addition to updates, also means real technical support. Windows users can get help for computer problems until the last day of 2025. Any user of the current version of Windows can go to (opens in a new window). As you might expect, you’ll need a Microsoft account. I tried this support page from Windows 10 and immediately got in touch with a support doctor via text chat. My friend, Michelle, told me, “Windows 10 support is completely free. You don’t have to pay for support services.” However, this is a discussion support only. Telephone support is not provided free of charge.

Microsoft Com Support Windows 10

There is an exception to this deadline, but it is only available for voting rights. It’s called Extended Security Extensions (ESU) (opens in a new window). It only provides security updates—not performance, quality, and updates.

Windows 10 Support Ends In 4 Years, But This Is What You Should Know Now

So far, Microsoft has only released the ESU option for Windows 7 – Windows 8.1 end of life will be on January 10, 2023 next year. But observers expect (opens in a new window) the company to offer paid expansion plans. Once the OS is updated. These plans increase in price with each year of expansion—further incentivizing upgrades.

According to the lifetime policy that applies to Windows 10, users will be notified one year before the end of life. It says: “At least 12 months’ notice will be given before the goods and services are discontinued.” That’s enough to figure out the plan. Yes, many people love Windows 10, but ten years seems to be enough for any technology product.

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Microsoft Will End Support For ‘the Last Version Of Windows’ In October 2025

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Prior to my role, I designed XtremeTech’s software and applications, and before that I was the head of the software team, but I’m excited to be back in the realm of consumer software. I have attended Microsoft, Google and Apple sales and written about their products.

I’m a bird photographer and traveler-I’ve been to 40 countries, many with great birds! As a classical fan and former performer, I have reviewed classical music streaming services. Well, after a long and exciting time, Windows 10 will finally hang up the gloves. A much needed break.

Microsoft Com Support Windows 10

Of course, when the company first launched Windows 10 in 2015, they announced that it would be the last version of Windows.

Microsoft Starts Notifying Windows 7 Users About End Of Support

According to the information available on the life page, Microsoft will continue to support the Windows 10 network for at least half a year until October 14, 2025.

We are talking about Home, Pro, Enterprise and Education editions, we show one thing that is obvious, which is that the age of the OS is slowly coming to an end.

After October 14, 2025, devices running Windows 10OS will not receive security updates, and users will not be able to contact the company for support.

Although the operating system has a long way to go to reach the end of service, until then Windows 10 will be replaced by a new version called Windows.

Support For Windows 10 Will End In 2025, According To Microsoft

There is no reason to worry about this information or stick to the past and never use anything that is not familiar to us.

According to the latest information about the new operating system that Microsoft is going to announce on June 24, the future of the company looks bright.

All we can do now is hope for the best and embrace the new, because we, the human race, have changed before. By trying new things and constantly striving for excellence.

Microsoft Com Support Windows 10

If we think about it, this makes sense, because the end of service for Windows 10 means that there is time to release new updates, which indicates that Microsoft may not plan to force users to a new version right away.

Microsoft Ends Support For Windows 7 After 10 Years

Instead, we can have the option to keep the installation until we are ready to move to a new version.

In general, many say that the changes are long overdue and are happy to get new software to embrace new possibilities and meet new challenges.

If the above tips don’t solve your problem, your PC may have a deeper Windows issue. We recommend downloading this PC repair tool (highly recommended on After installation, click on Scan button and click on Repair All. If you buy something from Verge, Vox Media may get a commission. Look at our behavior.

Microsoft has begun rolling out Windows 7 and will notify existing users of the end of support. The software maker ended support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, and now it has started warning about the discontinuation date. Microsoft uses notifications to notify users of Windows 7, similar to the instructions the company uses to prompt people to upgrade to Windows 7.

Microsoft Extends Support For Windows 10 Version 1709

Microsoft’s support date means that Windows 7 users will no longer receive security updates, and the company wants them to upgrade their PCs to Windows 10 instead. While the announcement doesn’t mention Windows 10, Microsoft is linking to a new Windows 7 platform that encourages customers to upgrade their PCs.

Microsoft announced earlier this month that this information will be available in Windows 7, but the company says

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