Oasis Medical Spa Norman Ok

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Oasis Medical Spa Norman Ok

Oasis Medical Spa Norman Ok

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Oasis Medical Spa Norman Ok

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“Emergency medicine is a passion for both of us, and it addresses urgent needs by fixing things that need to be fixed. But with this clinic, we wanted to create something beautiful where patients feel pampered and cared for, and staff feel feel cared for,” says Matt of his new Philosophy MD Medical Spa at James Bay Metropolitan Park.

The luxury medical spa, which opened at the end of May, offers personalized beauty treatments including injectables, skin and skin treatments, facials and peels and hair restoration.

“It’s a confidence booster, and it’s about self-care,” Brie explains. “For my patients, it’s time to leave to do something nice for themselves. We wanted to create a more holistic environment to make it special for them. Unlike the emergency department, here we have a long relationship with our patients and know them well.”

Oasis Medical Spa Norman Ok

The doctors, both trained in aesthetic medicine, met in 2017 while working in the emergency departments of the Victoria General Hospital and the Royal Jubilee Hospital, where Matt still works full-time.

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“I was motivated by my ability to solve patients’ problems, and I remember exactly when I decided I wanted to do that,” the 38-year-old father of two says of his decision to become a doctor. “I was in a chemistry class and I was able to solve these difficult problems by thinking about them very clearly and methodically. I thought, if I can do this for patients every day, what a wonderful thing!”

For Bree, who also has two young children and is an artist and musician, the decision to become a doctor was a very personal one.

“When I was a teenager, my father had a bicycle accident and was seriously injured,” explains the 35-year-old single mother. “Fortunately he is fine now, but he was in hospital for a few months and during the operations and recovery there were some doctors and nurses who stood out. One in particular, her spine surgeon, really treated our family as one, was aware of the impact on my mother and my sister and really involved us in a very meaningful way.”

Bree and Matt were born in Victoria but moved to attend university and medical school. Matt played college volleyball at the University of Hawaii and then professional volleyball in Europe before attending medical school in Ireland. Bree completed her undergraduate studies at McGill and UBC medical school and was eager to return home to Victoria.

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“Victoria is great and my whole family is here and that was a big part of the decision,” says the former ER doctor. “But it’s a great community. We have a small-town attitude and feel, but you get a lot of the benefits of a city with big businesses and lots to do.”

“I think it was only a matter of time before we came back with little kids,” adds Matt. “We’re lucky to have roots here and I think that’s why Bree and I feel so passionate about wanting to build something here and create a space where the people of Victoria can come and feel cared for and cared for.”

Unlike most construction projects during a time of widespread labor shortages and supply chain challenges due to COVID-19, Matt and Bree say the creation of their relaxing Philosophy MD space be surprisingly hassle-free.

Oasis Medical Spa Norman Ok

“We’ve been so lucky that we haven’t had any major problems,” says Bree. “Cascadia Architects completely designed and refined our vision. We had an amazing team with the builders (Jawl) and the subcontractors, so when there were some supply chain issues, they were all resolved and we were very close to being on time, which is unheard of these days.”

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That was partly because Jawl anticipated the shortage and partners heeded the advice to get everything in order as soon as possible.

“Our builder said that if we ordered certain items three months later, the opening would be delayed by six to 12 months, so we decided to put everything in here and have it all stocked and ready to go,” explains Matt. .

Getting used to making quick decisions certainly helped the couple, but becoming an entrepreneur and starting a business definitely presented a new challenge for the doctors, who work with Matt’s wife, Tara Carere, who runs Victory Media and specializes in aesthetic medicine marketing. , as well as CFO Carla Matheson, who has a business background and experience working with startups.

“There aren’t many models doing what we do, so learning how to run a new business was completely different,” says Bree. “We did everything from scratch and it was a steep learning curve.”

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“We really had to learn how to work on a budget and be smart with money and plan things properly,” adds Matt. “I think the biggest lesson right now is the need for constant communication. There are so many moving parts and so many things that have to happen together that we realized that we always have to communicate with the whole team.”

As for the decision to open a new business during the pandemic, the partners say it was definitely a calculated risk. But the spa industry is growing and demand has increased during the pandemic.

“When you start a business at this point in the world, there are a lot of unknowns,” says Matt. “But we felt, if not now, when? We knew we wanted to do something together, so we just put one foot in front of the other.”

Oasis Medical Spa Norman Ok

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