Palantir Forward Deployed Software Engineer Salary

Palantir Forward Deployed Software Engineer Salary – For Palantir (NYSE: PLTR ) shareholders, non-shareholders, and those who have never heard of the stock, I present to you my key takeaways from the first FoundryCon US customer event. I don’t think any investor or critic would call Palantir a “black box” company. Audiences will drive value and ROI to Palantir Foundry customers.

This event will strengthen Palantir’s customer community as well as bring in prospective commercial customers. Customer networks, business results, and customer experience and satisfaction help companies build a brand. The event included all of this and then some and was streamed live on YouTube for all to see. I think we’ll go back to Palantir’s conference call this week as a key moment for business, and I’ll tell you why.

Palantir Forward Deployed Software Engineer Salary

Palantir Forward Deployed Software Engineer Salary

If you know what Palantir does, you can skip to the article or read this section to see their business.

Palantir Interview Questions And Interview Process

Palantir is a software company that offers three software as a service (SaaS) platforms for government and commercial customers. These platforms help them integrate their data to make better decisions, run their businesses more efficiently and create alpha against the competition. For its first 17 years, the company was a private company that primarily helped the US government and Western allies make better decisions to protect civil liberties. Publicly known findings from Palantir help US forces track down Osama Bin Laden. Palantir also played a key role in the identification and conviction of Bernie Maddow for his Ponzi fraud scheme. Over the past two years, the company’s Gotham platforms have helped the United States withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Western allies to deliver COVID vaccines to its citizens.

There are two other platforms offered by Palantir, Apollo and Fabrica. Palantir describes Apollo as “a SaaS solution for application teams building, deploying, and continuously deploying software on Kubernetes in one or multiple environments. Apollo autonomous deployment brings together developers, security teams, and operators to automate deployment and complete DevSecOps integration. Increases release speed and product stability , supports full returns and changes, along with automated assurance of product availability and product security.”

Therefore, Apollo not only helps developers bring applications to production faster, but also maintains the operational efficiency of applications. Apollo also enables organizations to create multiple production environments, so applications can live in Azure, GCP, AWS, private clouds, hybrid clouds, on-premise, on-premise and resilient environments. No matter where customers’ data and applications live, in the back of a Humvee, on a submarine, in space or in factories, Apollo ensures continuous deployment and updates in any environment.

The third product platform is Fabrication, which serves Palantir’s commercial customers and was created six years ago. Palantir Factory serves as a central operating system for individual institutions as well as for entire industries. For example, Airbus (OTCPK:EADSY) built its Skywise app on the Palantir Factory platform and has grown into an aviation industry system that connects data from more than a hundred airlines and 9,000 aircraft worldwide.

Pdf) Seeing With Software: Palantir And The Regulation Of Life

As you can see, Palantir’s customer base is very diverse and global. Palantir’s top 20 customers had annual spending of $45.8 million, up 17% from last year. In the last 12 months, customer base is up 80% year-over-year, and US commercial revenue is up 120% year-over-year.

This week, Palantir held its first user conference for users of its Foundry platform, called FoundryCon. Of course, they also have lead customers, I think. They also invited financial analysts, because after participating in these systems, no one could call Palantir a “black box” company. The company tapped six different customers from different verticals to discuss customer experience, ROI, and software platform differentiation. Palantir also made this part of the conference available to others to watch live on its YouTube channel.

It was impressive to hear from customers about their onboarding experience and the level of detail and customer service that Palantir provided throughout the sales and deployment process. One of the clients he spoke to was Morgan Stanley, and he was able to share his experience of being protracted due to the numerous internal problems that arose. However, they showed how the Palantir team was there for them and ensured a successful deployment of the solution.

Palantir Forward Deployed Software Engineer Salary

The Space Systems Command shared how their legacy systems are built on top of multiple solutions, which are a huge technical commitment, lack of integration, and challenges for operational sustainability. With Palantir Fabrication, they were able to dismantle legacy platforms, deliver better data and evaluate results, and significantly reduce budgets.

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Jacobs Solutions (J), an offshore structural services and engineering company, shares how Palantir Fabrication is able to collect, integrate and use the vast amounts of data the company receives. The speaker was able to demonstrate how mobile technology helps meet with existing employees by providing simplified, real-time instructional support and notifications.

I won’t go into all of the customer successes because you can see them all here, but let me conclude with Tyson Foods (TSN). Yes, you’re right, Tyson Foods is using Palantir Factory to streamline business operations and improve efficiency across the company. CIO and CTO Scott Spradley gave a presentation and it was phenomenal! He explained how there was a lack of developers and obsolete technology, and how difficult it was to justify technology purchases within the organization. Palantir was able to take Tyson Foods to a new operating level. Scott Spradley said, “Our value here is that we have 20 different projects, we’ve done over $200 million in cost savings. That’s a big deal. Over two years. It’s hard to beat. It’s hard to beat.”

For me, FoundryCon confirmed my belief as a shareholder that there is a paradigm shift in the internal software development process for organizations and how value is delivered to customers in the marketplace. Customers want to integrate their software tools, simplify management, make informed decisions and see quantifiable ROI results from their purchases. A day after a large long-term contract sale and a customer walk away. Software as a Service (SaaS) is all that its name says, it must provide a service that produces the desired results for the customer. To do this, the software must do what the vendors say, but also be able to demonstrate digitally, which makes the business run more efficiently and effectively.

Gone are the days when software was assumed to provide data and information that was not in context, in real time or at work. CIOs and CTOs are asking IT to provide business solutions that are not a CAPEX drain on the business, but that make IT a revenue driver and cost saver. This paradigm shift is happening faster and faster in certain industries and will eventually cascade across all industries. Companies face limitations, whether it’s gaps in employee skills, operational efficiency, data intelligence and decision-making, or a lack of automation, so “work smarter” meets the concept of smart “not harder” IT.

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I believe that software companies should demonstrate the value they can deliver earlier in the after-sales movement and ensure that their customers achieve business results. The best software companies in the world can justify their costs and deliver quantifiable, proven and valuable ROI that warms up over time. There aren’t many people doing that in the world today, and that’s Palantir’s strength when a customer realizes the problem is doing the same thing. It’s hard to sell a solution to a customer, even if you know it will bring them great value, until the customer themselves admits that there is a problem.

That’s why events like FoundryCon are so impactful, as customers share their insights, challenges, and why they chose Palantir to improve their business intelligence and operations. When you create a product that is so useful, then it becomes a platform and the customer experience is so great that customers sell their experience to their friends and colleagues, then you have a brand. Palantir is in the early stages

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