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Part Time Jobs In Kansas

Part Time Jobs In Kansas – A state agency, the Historical Society, posts jobs here, in addition to Kansas. Historical societies include librarians, archivists, historic preservation specialists, archaeologists, museum curators, archivists, exhibit designers, educators, graphic designers, history editors, site managers, maintenance and clerical workers. employ people.

Applications must be made through the Kansas Civil Service job postings. In addition to the Historical Society, the site also contains other national institutions.

Part Time Jobs In Kansas

Part Time Jobs In Kansas

Employees independently work to support the department’s research and inventory programs, coordinate the Historic Markers Program, and provide outreach services to the public regarding all State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) programs. Or work collaboratively with a team. Employees assist in the review of submitted inventory forms and research reports and assist in the development of historical context statements. This employee also responds to requests for general information about her PO program from public and other government agencies and initiates efforts to disseminate public knowledge about the PO program. As an experienced historian/architectural historian, this person is her one of the team’s historical/architectural history experts. Employees are expected to provide excellent customer service when interacting with property owners, government officials, entrepreneurs, consultants, conservationists and others. Salary starts at Grade 27/Step 4 ($20.13/hour). PD: Required Documents: Transcript, Resume, Cover Letter, State Application.

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The Kansas State Historical Society manages and oversees the state’s trust fund and other grant programs, advises and consults organizations requesting funds while implementing the standards of the Secretary of the Interior, and assists in state coordination. We are looking for well-organized individuals. save meeting.

Maintaining and servicing the Kansas Historical Society, including the Kansas Historical Museum, State Archives, Pottawatomie Mission, Stake Schools, and Depots using knowledge of building materials, cleaning procedures, cleaning products, and operation and maintenance of special or industrial equipment maintained by using technique disclosure. Percentages are approximate and will vary according to changing needs. The area requires a high degree of hygiene and special attention to detail, and special care and caution is required when handling collections or working in highly secure collection areas. They represent million dollar facilities and collections that require professional care to maintain and preserve.

This position is responsible for the maintenance of the Kansas Historical Society, which includes the Kansas Historical Museum, State Archives, Stack School, and Warehouse. Knowledge of building materials, cleaning procedures, cleaning products, operation and maintenance of specialized or industrial equipment is required.

This position works 20 hours per week. Applicants must provide flexible schedules for tours, events, and maintenance that may occur outside normal hours.

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This position includes opening and closing, presenting historical information to visitors to the Kaw Mission and Last Chance Store historic sites, coordinating with local support groups, and maintaining the building and grounds. I am in charge of managing the site of This position will also be responsible for learning and operating her TAM computer system for museum store sales, attendance and closing. Associated with this role is a high degree of physical activity and attention to detail.

Historic foundations employ people in fundraising, retail sales, corporate development, and office work. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation that supports the programs of the Historical Society. As soon as there is a recruitment, it will be posted here and the application requirements will be posted. To be accepted for this position, you must complete the entire application process on the tracking screen after being redirected by clicking Apply Now above.

* To be accepted for this position, you must complete the application process on the tracking screen after being redirected by clicking “Apply Now” above. *

Part Time Jobs In Kansas

Job Description: This position requires an energetic individual with excellent communication skills and a passion for working with young people. Work with staff in various outreach roles both onsite at her GEHA field at Arrowhead Stadium and offsite in the Kansas City community. Duties include conducting Arrowhead student tours for schools and youth groups, supporting Chiefs Flag football events and running Play60, supporting/conducting off-site Chiefs training lab visits, running Kingdom Kids and other youth education programs. Assistance included. program.

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This position also includes responsibilities such as game days. Youth-based community outreach and running school. Candidates should love working with children and be comfortable leading a youth group. They need to understand different age groups and communicate clearly and effectively to each. Public speaking skills are highly recommended. The ideal candidate should be highly responsible, timely, professional, and suitable for direct interaction with youth. Many people would like to have a popular restaurant. Great reviews and queues form out the door with patrons wanting to eat. But what about another kind of popularity? Imagine you are a restaurant in Kansas City where you work part-time. It’s not as glamorous, but building a strong team and lower turnover reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction. And building a reputation as a restaurant you want to work for makes it easier to hire part-time workers.

Here’s what it takes to make your restaurant the best part-time employer in Kansas City.

Employees want to be ready for work. They need to know where things are and how to navigate systems and policies, from special requests to customer complaints. Don’t assume you can skip training just because you have experienced staff. We want our teams to work together seamlessly. This means that policies and procedures must be clear and everyone on the same page. Training doesn’t have to be a quick tour, a few handouts, or a one-day event. Training should include ongoing feedback during the first critical months. Continue training employees for other roles or more specialized skills.

Complex schedule. You need to balance talent and experience with employees who only work weekends, who just make breakfast, and who need a day off next Tuesday. You need to have enough people to keep your customers happy and your employees not burnt out, but you also don’t want to be overstaffed.

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That’s why we’ve gathered these administrative resources). What Kansas City part-time job applicants really want to know is if they have enough hours and if they can get the shifts they want. You need a reputation for a schedule that is fair, clearly communicated, and meets employee needs. To do this, Hiphirin includes days of the week, shifts, and hours as part of the matching criteria.

You can train people, but you can’t adapt them. To make it a perfect fit for your restaurant, we want your employees to embrace your company’s values ​​and bond with your team. Try out these interview questions to help you hire the right part-time worker for them.

But finding a match starts before the interview. Clearly communicate your company culture through your website, job description, and social media presence. Are you known as a fun place to work or a prestigious place? Do you (and your customers) value speed or special attention? What traits will help you fit into a team of

Part Time Jobs In Kansas

Another way to find the right talent is to ask employees for references. Introduce people you want to work with. Good fit means happier employees, more efficient teams, and lower turnover. And happy employees tend to give word of mouth to help you become the place to work.

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We don’t ignore salaries and tips. An employee looking for a part-time job at a restaurant in Kansas City wants to know how much he or she can make and how tips will be handled. Be mindful of what you offer, the expectations you set, and be transparent about tipping policies.Check with employees for awareness. Are your employees getting the right shifts and better desks? True or not, their perceptions matter.

But beyond wages and tips, Kansas City employers can offer little perks that make employees happy. Other businesses offering part-time jobs in Kansas City Get some unique ideas from her owner. People don’t just work for profit, they’re part of your overall appeal and part of your company culture if done right.

Are you currently known as a good source for part-time jobs in Kansas City? If not, you can. This makes the hiring process much easier. Improving in these four areas will make you more employable.

What else is holding you back in your hiring process? Try our free part-time job audit to see what else is holding you back. Free job sites allow employers to effectively reach a large audience while posting jobs for free. There are some truly free job boards that do not require you to submit your credit card information before posting a job.

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If you’re outside the US, see our list of free job sites in Canada, UK, and Australia.

America’s best-selling job board is completely free to post your job listings.

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