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Pharmaceutical Jobs In Dallas Tx

Pharmaceutical Jobs In Dallas Tx – Global Edge Recruiting is an executive search and recruiting firm specializing in recruiting executive-level talent, sales and marketing, and other professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. For a full list of our employment projects, click here.

Since 1997, our dedicated team of pharmaceutical sales recruiters has specialized in recruiting sales and marketing professionals for leading pharmaceutical companies. We enjoy building sales teams for Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. If you are interested in a pharmaceutical sales position and would like more information, contact one of our pharmaceutical sales jobs today.

Pharmaceutical Jobs In Dallas Tx

Pharmaceutical Jobs In Dallas Tx

Often viewed as a “dream job” or a “piece of cake,” most pharmaceutical sales reps are happy to talk to anyone. A typical day for a pharmaceutical sales representative involves “calling” or “describing” 8-10 physicians per day and often 3-5 pharmacists per day. Many pharmaceutical sales representatives do this while covering a radius of 60-200 miles. Most pharmaceutical sales representatives are responsible for covering 100-200 physicians in their area.

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Access to these doctors can be very difficult and is often a challenge even for top pharmaceutical sales representatives. Creativity is key to making it difficult for sales reps to reach doctors. A typical sales call often lasts less than 90 seconds until the sales rep’s sales skills are honed to get the physician’s attention.

Getting a job as a drug salesman is a daunting task for most people. It is increasingly competitive. Getting a job selling pharmaceuticals takes effort and is not for the faint of heart. Getting a job in pharmaceutical sales can involve a lot of interviews and rejections.

If you’re interested in a job in pharmaceutical sales, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree (preferably in business, marketing, or life sciences). Also, most pharmaceutical companies often require a GPA of 2.8 or higher to qualify for a drug sales interview. A few entry-level sales positions are available, but most require 1-2 years of proven outside sales success. Most prefer product sales experience such as copier sales, telecommunications or consumer product sales.

Jobs in pharmaceutical sales can involve intensive study and testing, especially when a new pharmaceutical product is launched. Cell representatives are expected to understand basic human anatomy, physiology and clinical pathology. As a sales representative, you study the indications, uses, and side effects of the pharmaceutical products your company represents, as well as competing pharmaceutical products for sale.

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Today, pharmaceuticals is considered an advanced industry. Although many companies have merged, pharmaceutical sales jobs are still the best career opportunity for sales representatives. If you are interested in a job in pharmaceutical sales, please click on our Pharmaceutical Sales Job Opportunities page.

For those who crave a challenge, pharmaceutical sales jobs can offer great rewards. Pharmaceutical sales companies often offer generous base salaries and the opportunity to earn commissions. Starting salaries for pharmaceutical sales jobs can range from $80,000 to $110,000 with additional compensation in commissions and bonus plans totaling $130,000 to $150,000. Most drug sales jobs also offer a car, mileage or company car allowance.

The drug sales industry is constantly evolving. Companies are integrating and consolidating sales forces in an effort to better promote their products. Changes in Medicare, managed healthcare and FDA requirements are forcing pharmaceutical manufacturers to constantly adapt their strategies. Despite the changes in the economy, medical and pharmaceutical companies remain strong and offer excellent business opportunities in drug sales.

Pharmaceutical Jobs In Dallas Tx

Find jobs in drug sales. Learn more about starting a career in pharmaceutical sales. Our pharmaceutical sales recruiters offer advice on how to get a job in pharmaceutical sales.

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Pharmaceutical Jobs In Dallas Tx

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Dallas Drug Testing

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Pharmaceutical Jobs In Dallas Tx

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Jobs In Dallas / Fort Worth

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Other unclassified cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not yet been assigned to a category. The Legacy Center is a new corporate campus and center dedicated to organ and tissue regeneration in Dallas, Texas. Opened in March 2021 by the Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA), it is the most advanced facility in the United States dedicated to organ and tissue regeneration.

The center was built after more than seven years of planning, fundraising and construction. STA hopes this will strengthen the company’s position as one of the leading organ procurement organizations in the country.

The facility hopes to help save more lives by providing efficient and speedy organ recovery and transplant services, reducing transplant-related costs by up to 50 percent and shortening transplant procedure times to five hours. It is also expected to save more organs and tissues and reduce scheduling conflicts in hospital operating rooms.

Diving Deep Into The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process

The Legacy Center is a mixed-use facility that houses the company’s corporate offices, a philanthropic foundation, and an organ and tissue rehabilitation center.

The three-story, 77,000 sq. ft. medical and research facility includes a donor care unit, surgical suites, CT center, holding and surgical preparation rooms, staff support areas, locker rooms and a multipurpose training room. Additional amenities include a call center work cafe, a fitness center, and executive suites with a family room.

The Legacy Center also has an organ perfusion laboratory, which is supported by a $500,000 investment from the Hoblitzelle Foundation of Dallas. The laboratory is equipped with appropriate equipment to ensure that the organs remain in a suitable condition for transplantation. Hillcrest’s Simulation and Learning Laboratory offers a real-world learning environment for organ rehabilitation training, while the Harry S Moss Heart Unit is equipped with specialized cardiology equipment to support heart transplants.

Pharmaceutical Jobs In Dallas Tx

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