Que Sintomas Tiene La Depresión

Que Sintomas Tiene La Depresión – Can depression really exist without sadness? It is a frequent worry in people who, although not sad, live in a stranger

In popular culture, depression is associated with a very obvious state of sadness, but clinically diagnosed depression is much more complex than that.

Que Sintomas Tiene La Depresión

Que Sintomas Tiene La Depresión

There are many people who are extremely depressed and no one around them notices it, sometimes they can’t even recognize it.

Síntomas De La Depresión Ilustración Del Vector. Ilustración De Problema

Depression is a serious emotional disorder (which can even affect physical integrity), and it is very important to learn to recognize it, even if it is not very obvious.

Yes, depression without sadness exists. You can be depressed without being sad, because sadness is just one of many symptoms of depression.

According to the DSM-V, for a person to be diagnosed with depression, they must present at least 5 different symptoms of the disease.

Therefore, a person with depression can manifest one of these symptoms, without necessarily including sadness among them.

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It’s funny, but a depressed person can become so far removed from their own emotions that they can feel nothing or almost nothing.

For example, when he sees another person suffering and no matter how hard he tries, he cannot put himself in their place, as if he is immune to other people’s pain and does not cause him anything.

The most common thing in people who suffer from depression without sadness (non-dysphoric depression) is that it works by somatizing it through physical symptoms.

Que Sintomas Tiene La Depresión

Depression makes them feel numb. As we mentioned before, a person with depression can feel nothing or almost nothing.

Depresión Reactiva: Qué Es, Síntomas, Causas Y Tratamiento

Not only do they not feel sad, but they have a hard time feeling happy or angry, and in some cases they feel nothing at all.

It does not refer only to toxic substances such as alcohol, marijuana or cocaine that provide escape and temporary relief from discomfort.

In all these cases, the person may not be aware of the depression they are experiencing and try to replace these activities.

Anger often manifests itself as a reaction to other emotions that cannot be controlled or suppressed, such as sadness or a feeling of emptiness.

Depresión Por Infidelidad: Síntomas En Terapia De Pareja

There are those who feel very comfortable replacing anger with sadness, because in the end, although it is negative, anger is not an emotion.

This can become a problem that prevents the person from recognizing their own emotions, possible depression or another emotional disorder.

For example, it is common when faced with a situation of loss (characterized by great emotional pain), some people say they cannot feel sadness.

Que Sintomas Tiene La Depresión

Some degree of somatization is a natural response that can be part of the stages of grief

Existe La Depresión Sin Tristeza?

It is possible that at that moment there is nothing in the person’s life that they can be sad about, without experiencing other symptoms of depression caused by the disease.

Some people with depression only experience sadness for short periods, that is, they are not necessarily sad all the time.

It refers to the inability to recognize one’s own emotions, and it is not surprising that someone with this problem has difficulty recognizing their melancholy.

In this case, sadness is present as an emotional element, the problem is that the person suffering from it is unable to recognize that what they feel is sadness.

La Depresión En La Adolescencia: Definición, Síntomas, Causas Y Tratamiento

Anhedonia is characterized by a loss of interest in activities that were previously enjoyed, and so the depressed person stops doing them.

However, like sadness, this is one of the most representative symptoms of depression, and like the latter, it may or may not occur.

That is, a person can experience depression without being sad, if the lack of motivation is obvious and they express that feeling

Que Sintomas Tiene La Depresión

It is common that depressed children have not had time emotional training, and interpret their emotions as

Síntomas De Depresión. Signos, Prevención Y Tratamiento De La Ansiedad. Infografía De Trastorno Mental Con Deprimir El Carácter Y Los Iconos Vector Cartel Imagen Vector De Stock

Other times they don’t really experience sadness, but as we’ve already seen, not showing any of the many symptoms doesn’t mean they don’t have depression.

They become problematic in their family nucleus, they distance themselves from friends and retreat to themselves with dire disappointment.

Teenagers tend to go to bed very late, sleep much longer than usual, and have trouble falling asleep.

They tend to feel very unmotivated and do not have the energy to do their homework or chores, without necessarily feeling or expressing sadness.

Síntomas Generales De La Depresión

According to research from the University of Pennsylvania and John Hopkins in the United States, depression without grief is very common among older adults.

Because they tend to deny sadness, they more often manifest other depressive symptoms such as somatization, referring to anxiety and complaints of unexplained discomfort.

It is also common for them to present symptoms of anxiety, which reduces their motivation and prevents them from activities they used to enjoy (anhedonia).

Que Sintomas Tiene La Depresión

It has even been found that elderly people suffering from depression may manifest fewer than 5 symptoms than are necessary to diagnose depression.

Infografía] La Depresión: ¿qué Es Y Cuáles Son Sus Síntomas?

Many of the depressed elderly admitted that they had experienced despair and sometimes suicidal thoughts, but they did not show any symptoms of sadness.

The elderly people who manifested these symptoms of depression most without sadness were those with a higher risk of

So, even without a reason to be sad, the decline of their abilities made them develop recurring thoughts that were as negative as sadness.

Sadness is usually common with depression, which is why we associate it so much with it, but we must not forget that it is another symptom.

Depresión En Personas Mayores: Síntomas Y Consejos Para Prevenirla

Each person’s context is unique and so is the way events are experienced

Therefore, in the process of overcoming depression, it is essential to consider that, despite its common signs, it can be experienced in many ways.

Completely detached from other people and activities, addiction to work which can hide behind deep depression.

Que Sintomas Tiene La Depresión

Of course, there are people who have always been very active, social and with a lot of vitality without this meaning that they are depressed.

Aislamiento: Cómo Distinguir Si Sufres Ansiedad, Estrés O Depresión Y Consejos Para Afrontarlos

However, it is an alarm sign if they suddenly start to withdraw, stopping to show their true emotions (including sadness).

The most important thing is to discover and know in detail what depression is, in order to distinguish properly from each of its symptoms.

You should be very careful if the symptoms are not explained by a medical condition or you are going through a difficult period, because it is not a good sign.

If this is the case, the best solution is to consult a psychologist, because depression is one of the great evils of our time that requires professional attention.

Cómo Saber Si La Pandemia Te Genera Depresión Y Cómo Reconocerla

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Health Psychologist (College No. M-29412). Master’s degree in clinical and health psychology from the Advanced Institute for Psychological Studies. Specialist in brief psychotherapy and mindfulness.

Addiction Older Adults Self Help Anxiety Depression Depression Eating Disorders Study Psychology Toxic People Couples Psychology Children’s Psychology Youth Psychology Psychologists Near Me Psychology Psychological Health Gender Thanatology & Grief Psychological Disorders Depression is a mental disorder that has a major impact on people who suffer from it . The symptoms of depression go beyond feeling sad all the time. This disorder directly affects the person’s normal performance in all areas, and is completely disabling. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is the leading cause of disability.

Que Sintomas Tiene La Depresión

Perhaps one of the most recognizable symptoms of depression is the presence of low mood. Below we will tell you in detail about the main symptoms that this disorder presents and you can also learn more about what depression is, you can consult another one of our articles.

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Depression has a leading role in primary care today. The most common symptoms of depression are the following we will gather. It is important to note that not everyone suffers from all symptoms.

“I have nothing to do” “It’s hard for me to live” “Every day that goes by seems worse than the last” “I don’t want to go on like this” Down mood most of the time

Feeling sad is not the same as having depression, although this emotion is the most common in this disorder. It is important to know what is the state of mind in this type of diagnosis characterized by: deep sadness, decay most of the day, feelings of emptiness, despair. At this point, how we relate to grief and knowing it will be important.

Sleep is completely affected when we talk about depression. Two things can happen: insomnia (difficulty falling asleep) or hypersomnia (too much sleepiness).

Síntomas Característicos De La Depresión

Appetite is greatly affected and changes in weight can also accompany it. Significant weight loss without dieting or gaining weight.


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