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Rapid Plan Software

Rapid Plan Software – Automated radiotherapy planning is a boon for medical physicists and dosimeters, radiotherapy departments and patients – according to a team at Cone Health Cancer Center. A personalized and automated planning model can reduce a patient’s treatment plan preparation time, reduce plan variation, and improve healthy tissue sparing compared to manual planning.

Since 2015, dosimeters and medical physicists at this community cancer treatment center have been using Varian’s RapidPlan, a commercial knowledge-based predictive planning model based on past patient anatomy and dose distribution for use in intake treatment. Generates estimated dose-volume histogram (DVH) at . Planning system. The team has now demonstrated that using RapidPlan with a customized automated planning model to develop volume modulated arc therapy (VMAT) plans for prostate cancer patients reduced the average planning time from two hours to 20 minutes.

Rapid Plan Software

Rapid Plan Software

With the exception of maximum dose to target, all measures of planning target volume (PTV) were metrically similar between automatically generated plans and manual plans. Most importantly for patients, automatically generated plans provided significant improvement in rectal sparing (J. Appl. Clin. Med. Phys. 10.1002/acm2.12674).

What Is Rapid Application Development (rad)?

“Creating VMAT plans is still a complex and time-consuming process due to the complexity of the treatment, the anatomical behavior and the level of expertise of the planner,” the authors write.

The planning software is based on shared knowledge that reflects clinical practice in major treatment facilities. It takes into account each patient’s anatomy and planning goals, optimizes predicted DVH, and provides optimization goals based on treatment criteria for each individual patient. The software calculates clinically acceptable trade-offs for target coverage and dose to organs at risk (OARs).

Custom templates can be created from basic templates. It took medical dosimeter and lead author Christopher Amalu about a week to develop an effective RapidPlan model that uses plans from previously treated patients. The model was then implemented on a fully automated system compliant with radiation oncology department protocols using the Variant Scripting Application Programming Interface (ESAPI) developed by medical physicist Len Hayes.

“The Eclipse Scripting API is essentially a set of programming tools that directly replace the button clicks that a person would perform in the Eclipse scheduling system,” Hayes said.

New Update Available: Rapidplan 3.1

. “We developed and tested a logic framework over a period of several weeks to simulate the decision-making process of a planner creating a new prostate treatment plan. Finally self-imposed that is clinically acceptable.

This model has been in use for over a year to treat about 100 prostate cancer patients with VMAT. “The combination of RapidPlan and ESAPI combines planning with optimization through final calculations that are more valuable and practically useful to our treatment planners,” explains Hayes. “While using the predictive model alone was comparable to manual treatment planning, the combination saved a lot of time for our planners.”

For their study, researchers generated manual and automated VMAT plans for 20 prostate cancer patients who were assigned 78 Gy in 40 fractions. For all patients, both plans meet departmental guidelines for OAR savings and minimum target coverage.

Rapid Plan Software

A team of eight dietitians, medical physicists, and radiation oncologists independently reviewed and compared each of the 20 paired test cases to determine the suitability of the plans. For each case, they chose a preferred plan. For 18 of the 20 cases, most reviewers preferred the automatically generated plans or had no preference.

Ways To Quickly Reduce It Costs

Automatically generated plans increased intrarectal volume savings, whereas manual plans reduced peak bladder dose, although neither plan produced consistently improved results. “While sparing all OARs is important, the relative value of bladder augmentation versus rectal sparing is considered an acceptable trade-off,” the authors write.

The researchers noted that the automated planning process, which involves simple data entry and a click of a button, transforms a laborious manual process into one that is essentially resource-free. The automated approach reduces average planning time to less than five minutes and total planning time to 20 minutes, including optimization and computation time.

“From a physician’s perspective, we achieved high reliability of plan quality, regardless of the specific planner. This is useful when team members have changed coverage and roles,” says Hayes. “From a medical physicist’s point of view, these plans are more consistent with guidelines and naming conventions, and typically involve more treatment time.

Although the radiation oncology department has not changed staff size, the time savings have helped shift the focus of the dosimetry team to more challenging and unique cases. For a busy community cancer treatment center, this automatically generated planning template for VMAT has become invaluable. If you are building traffic or site plans as part of your business, rest assured that you have made the right purchasing decision. Undoubtedly this is the easiest and fastest way to plan your jobs. Please read on to learn a little more about Invarion and our plans for it.

Qu’est Ce Que Le Rapidplan ? (de Invarion)

Invarion is the software firm behind the design and manufacture. Many customers will remember our original Planman traffic control plan software, which was the first of our offerings. Planman builds on the functionality of the system, with an all-new drawing engine and countless new features and functions. In fact, it has come a long way in terms of sophistication from the initial software program, which has led to users across the world making the switch.

We are committed to continuous improvement, and we actively encourage feedback from users around the world who would like to see improvements, additions or modifications to the system. It is this feedback that helps us shape our future releases for our customer base. If you have an idea for a new feature, or a suggestion for an improvement or change to the version you are using, please visit our website at .com and fill out the feedback form (located in the Contact Us section). look

You can communicate with us via the contact form on our website https://.com/Home/ContactUs or contact the Invarion technical support line in your country – for contact details please visit our website https://invarion Check out .com/ locations.

Rapid Plan Software

This section will help you install it on your system(s) and also explain the registration process you will need to complete to unlock your system for use.

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To get things started, you need to install the Invarion Launcher. You can download Invarion Launcher here:

Invariant Gateway has recently been replaced by Invariant Launcher. This is our new distribution channel for desktop versions of RapidPath, ensuring your software is secure and always up to date.

Please also note that for existing customers, the legacy Invariant Gateway will be phased out in the coming months. Therefore, we recommend moving to the launcher as soon as possible to avoid any interruption in your service.

If this is the first time a user has logged in, you will be presented with the following instructions in the Invarion Launcher.

Meet The Only Concurrent Planning Platform

Clicking “Sign in” will direct the user to a browser window to enter the username and password provided by Invarion, once the credentials are entered and the details accepted, you close the browser window. will be prompted to do and return to the launcher.

If you have forgotten your password, click the “Forgot your password” link below the login area, and you will be taken to another browser window with steps to reset your password.

Once the user is logged into the Launcher client, the apps assigned to that user will be displayed. Clicking on ‘Open’ will open that particular application.

Rapid Plan Software

If an update is needed, the launcher will automatically download and apply it before launching the app.

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To manually check for any updates, simply click the refresh icon at the top left of the launcher window.

This will detail the current version you are using, the beacon packages and any extensions that apply to your user profile.

Clicking on the hamburger icon at the top left of the window will allow you to access the Settings menu.

If you have both Sequential and RapidPath, you can specify which application will be opened by default when the launcher is opened or when a .TCP file is opened from your computer.

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The “Show Advanced Settings” button contains features that our support team will advise you to use, should you encounter any technical issues.

If you would like to change your password, click on your user profile email located in the top right of the Invarion launcher, then you will be directed to your Invarion account page in a browser window.

A proxy mode is available for users who have limited Internet connectivity on their workstations. This configuration requires a network server with Internet access. Please contact Invarion for more information on using this feature.

Rapid Plan Software

It also allows using the program without an internet connection with the work offline option. For a user login to remain valid, they will need to login online at least once every 14 days.

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, an account can only be activated on a single user profile on a given computer. Activity on another machine or on

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