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Security Desk Camera Software

Security Desk Camera Software – Control Center (ACC) 7 is the latest and most advanced version of ACC™ video management software. Designed to give you the right information, ACC 7 features an intuitive and AI-powered user interface to help ensure important events are never overlooked.

Operate safely and follow local health and safety guidelines. with the use of powerful analytical videos for population counting social distancing and proximity face detection – for users of ACC 7 software without a local license.

Security Desk Camera Software

Security Desk Camera Software

Cloud Services (ACS) can connect your existing ACC sites to the cloud for easy and secure remote video access via web or mobile apps. without deploying complex firewalls or time-consuming deployments. Centralized system health checks in ACS and remote assessment of camera and server health. Take advantage of future ACS enhancements by upgrading to the latest version of the ACC software.

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Focus of Attention highlights potentially important events on the interface by AI detecting and flagging events that require your attention so you can easily see where the action is:

AI-powered facial recognition technology helps organizations speed up response time by identifying people of interest based on a secure watchlist. Easily populate your watchlist by uploading photos or searching for faces from recorded videos. If a match is found You will be notified using the FoA interface or via the ACC alarm, via armed or alarm panels. The ACC software displays alarm triggered video along with reference images from the watch list. Helps agents verify matches and take action quickly.

ACC software integrates with your access control manager to verify the identity of the person entering the door connected to the camera. Quickly search for people using cardholder information. and view video footage of relevant door activities.

For US government agencies and corporations requiring FIPS compliant encryption, ACC 7 Software provides Microsoft Windows a FIPS 140-2 certified encryption library for compliance with IT policies.

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License plate recognition analysis can record license plates extensively and quickly. Enables operators to create watchlists, search, and video searches for specific license plates that have been validated and verified.

H5SL, H5M, H4SL, H4 Multi-Sensor, H4 PTZ, H4 IR PTZ, H4 Fisheye, H4 Mini Dome, H4ES, H4 Thermal VGA and H4 Thermal Imaging Cameras.

Comprehensive video analysis (next generation video analysis Self-learning video analysis Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) and Unusual Activity Detection (UAD)), the latest version of the software supports more than 80 new video devices and access control. Updated plugin Intrusion Detection and Video Wall Integrations

Security Desk Camera Software

Genetek, a leading provider of integrated IP security solutions, recently announced that its latest Security Center (5.2 SR4) service integrates with more than 80 new video devices from 13 technology partners, including Arecont, Axis Communications, Samsung. Many new categories include Sony and Vivotek. The release includes new Security Center plug-ins for partner solutions such as Software House C CURE 9000 access control, Barco CMS video walls, Southwest MicroPoint perimeter detectors, and DSC PowerSeries Intrusion Panel

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Available for download for Security Center 5.2 customers and those with an active Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA). The launch of this service gives customers access to software updates and new feature options. to support the latest flagship devices on the market

Security Center 5.2 SR4 supports a number of new encoders, including the Axis M7016 and P7216, providing similar customers with a high-performance 16-channel encoder. The release also includes new multi-megapixel IP cameras from technology partner Genetec as well as support for Arecont SurroundVideo panoramic cameras. extended version

The number of Security Center technology partners continues to grow with the addition of new and updated third-party plugins. Security Center’s latest updated software homepage C CURE 9000 Access Control Plug-in provides two-way integration of both systems. Enables operators to review C•CURE alarms and other information within the Security Center, and view access control activities with related video C•CURE Workstation Video Security Center new Barco CMS plug-ins provide video wall management. Barco in the security center seamlessly Allows operators to remotely control video wall and camera layouts with simple drag and drop.

Integration with Southwest Microwave’s INTREPID MicroPoint cable and MicroPoint II perimeter monitoring system provides customers with a field-proven interface. This allows operators to receive perimeter fence alarms and review video surveillance related to security center events. The Security Center also supports the PowerSeries 1864 Intrusion Panel, a new partner in intrusion detection from DSC.

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Jimmy Palatsoukas, Genetec’s senior product marketing manager, said, “Working with Genetec’s technology partners, we can frequently update and integrate with Security Center and provide our customers with the latest technology.” The ability to secure our partners through a single, simple application.”

Genetec develops open platform software, hardware, and cloud-based services for the physical security and public safety industries. Since 1997, Genetek is a global innovator headquartered in Montreal, Canada serving businesses and government organizations through a network of retailers. System integrator and integrated consultant in over 80 countries, Genetec was founded on principles of innovation and is at the forefront of emerging technologies that unify personal security systems. For more information, visit It’s hard to be overly cautious with multiple live video feeds. Security personnel often review recorded footage after the incident. which stakeholders may overlook Because security provides a priority view. It focuses on real-time incidents so security personnel can take action and respond. with 99.87 percent accuracy in challenging real-world conditions. The Interface security team adds familiar visibility and empowers people and valuable assets to better protect themselves.

“Combining Facial Recognition with the Center for Genetic Safety Delivers a new level of focused and prioritized security. which customers will be impressed We believe that AI facial recognition can enable the next generation of security. And we look forward to helping Genetec customers increase the value of their VMS.”

Security Desk Camera Software

Instantly identify people on camera using images and categorize them as Strangers, Threats, Anonymous, Employees, VIPs or other tagged people.

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Customize real-time alerts to know immediately when someone enters or leaves a monitored area. Customize actions to trigger any security response. Based on build lock or recognition events

Find timestamped metadata for more efficient investigative or forensic work. Create custom tags for shared searches.

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