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The Living Word Of God

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The Living Word Of God

The Living Word Of God

It’s about life. We articulate our core belief in the benefits of Christian unity for the work of His Kingdom: Winning hearts. For Jesus Christ.

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The Bible is the Word of God written by human authors but inspired by the Holy Spirit. As we read in 2 Timothy 3:16: “All scriptures are given by inspiration of God, and are profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: ye may equip you for every good work.” “Just because the Bible is inspired by God, it has no complete and utter meaning.” The main purpose of the Bible is to “make us wise unto salvation through faith in Christ Jesus” (II Timothy 3:15).

The Bible is the only source and law of faith, doctrine, and life. We follow the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed because they come from the Bible, summarize their teachings, and truly accept the Word of God. For these reasons, we adhere to the Augsburg Confession and Luther’s Small Catechism.

Although these sentences were to be measured against the Bible and obeyed for centuries and millennia, far from departing from the Scriptures, these words prevented the church from “the waves of the sea.” By the counsel of men” (Ephesians 4:14). To turn to God is to die suddenly (Exodus 33:20). Now we cannot see Him with the naked eye. His glory is too great for our eyes and our hearts. Our body trembles with the fear that we will sleep forever.

So God spoke to us. His words will be more dangerous than his glory. He can ease our thoughts into the window of infinity by giving us a voice with his word. He can tell us what we need to know him as he is.

The Power Of Knowing God’s Word — Kathleen Fucci Ministries

The writer of Hebrews tells us that God spoke to people many times in ancient times (Hebrews 1:1). One of those ways is the prophet. God spoke to His prophets through visions, symbols, symbols, and more. In every situation, regardless of form or message, God is always speaking.

God never passes away when He speaks. Always deep, always profound, always true. What God says is not what others can say. But He speaks of a greater and more precious knowledge than we know. His wisdom is infinite (Revelation 11:33). His understanding is deep (Job 9:4). There is nothing he does not know, nothing he can learn. He knows more than all creation can know.

God said so. Christmas reminds us of this fact. According to Hebrews, God revealed the face of the prophet and reduced his speech to us through his Son. God has spoken to us through his own Son” (Hebrews 1:2). Or as John put it, “The Word became flesh” (John 1:14).

The Living Word Of God

Consider the depth of this thought. Almighty God is all-knowing, all-wise, infinite, ceases to speak differently, and unites all beings in human form and takes birth. The Word of God became flesh. In Jesus Christ, God spoke very differently.

Bible The Living Word Of God

No one has seen God. However, God revealed Himself in the Word of Revelation (John 1:18). Search God’s Word and find out who He is. Look at it. Understand him. Get to know him. Open the written Word of God and read about the living Word of God. To this day, God speaks to you through His Son. And you understand the thoughts and intentions of your mind.

When I first read this verse, I imagined God as a man of prey cutting down the flocks to feed his family. But it goes deeper than that. My pastor helped me see God as a surgeon, a doctor dedicated to cleaning out the impurities in our hearts, souls, and minds. It always goes through the lies and ignorance that interest us. He knows the truth of our hearts and cleanses us from evil, shame or hatred. He destroyed the evil in us so that we could grow in His love and righteousness. He is the healer of all suffering.

Let Your Word cleanse me and help me become the person I want to be. Let your word work in me daily so that I can be a blessing to you and others.

Category: BibleTags: Bible, Bible Study, Bible Verses, Christianity, Christianity, God, Living Word, Religion, Good Books, Words, Verses, We Have God’s Word, Don’t Forget Its Power. You should take the time to get to know it and its author. In Hebrews 4:12 we read: The Word of God is living and active. Clearer than a double-edged sword, it mediates the division of soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and evaluates the thoughts and attitudes of the mind. “

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We have many Bibles around us and we carry Bibles with us so that we can read them whenever we want. Be content with not knowing what we have.

The last verse of the Hebrew text says that the Bible is alive and active. How can this happen? We see the people around us moving, breathing and active, but what can God’s Word think? The answer is that we must know that we have a spiritual world that we cannot see with our physical eyes! We couldn’t see the wind, but we knew it was there and it was strong. In the same way, we can know that God’s Word is alive and well at work because we can see evidence of it being touched in the lives and people who have chosen to obey the Lord as a result.

This Hebrew text says that God’s Word is clearer than a “two-edged sword.” A sharp sword can cut right and deep, but God’s Word says nothing else can cut deep into the human spirit. It tells us our thoughts and attitudes—why we do what we do and what we do.

The Living Word Of God

When this truth hits home, we see how important biblical timing is. In countries where speech is forbidden, people copy as many parts of the Scriptures as they can, and even memorize the entire book! In Canada, our Bibles always sit on the shelf untouched. We don’t know if this property is for many people.

Effective Ways On How You Can Live According To Every Word Of God

In general, lives are changed by people who read the Bible. To see this happening, look no further than Gideon, a ministry that places copies of the Scriptures in hotels and hospitals. People who are not connected with the Bible find time and opportunity to read it. Many people come to Christ through this ministry because of the power of God through the Word.

We need to look at our scriptures as these new converts. In a new light that allows the living Word to speak to us and through us.

As we feed on God’s Word daily, we grow apart from within. What we want to change about ourselves will stay in the way once the Word takes root in our hearts. Others will see these changes and we will have a chance to tell them why. If we read our Bibles like this, we will be like oak furniture. Unlike seeds, they are covered with plywood. Quality differences that are easy to see. In Acts 4:13 we are told that “the people saw that the one speaking was with Jesus.”

Hebrews, but this applies to us in Hebrews 2:1, where: we heard that we should not be alienated.

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If you could see a picture of your spirit body, what would it look like? Will it be healthy and nutritious or just skin and bones? where are you Should there be a change? Only you can answer these questions. Yes

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