Things To Teach 2nd Graders

Things To Teach 2nd Graders – Teaching fractions is an important concept in 2nd grade and all grades. Fractions are part of everyday life in the real world and will be built on in high school. Depending on where you teach, your country’s standards for teaching fractions may differ. With these hands-on fraction teaching activities, your little ones will have fun learning about fractions.

My favorite way to introduce new math concepts like fractions is with anchor charts for whole groups. Anchor charts are great visual resources meant to be created together with your students. This is one of the first things you should do because it helps them read concepts, see visual representations, and learn math words.

Things To Teach 2nd Graders

Things To Teach 2nd Graders

I recommend that you create a whole group version of the solid chart together as a class before you begin teaching fractions. This anchor chart can be shown in your classroom during each math unit.

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A good way to prepare the entire team’s anchor chart is to prepare it ahead of time by writing the headings and drawing the columns and boxes. Any information, math terms, and models should be added as your students engage in fractions instruction.

After creating the whole group version, students can create smaller versions to include in the book. Record their math. This great introduction helps build a deeper understanding of fractions. It also serves as a great part-time teaching tool for students to refer to throughout the year for greater success.

After introducing the concept of fractions using the whole group and student version of the anchor chart, you’re ready to dive into your fractions lesson, hands-on activities, and fun games to teach fractions.

Today, I will share some simple ideas for practicing fractions that can be used in both group and small group instruction.

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The best way to start a 2nd grade fractions unit is to teach students about equal and unequal parts. You can do this with a simple, but effective hand plan to build a solid foundation.

I like to print different fractions worksheets when teaching fractions that show equal and unequal parts in notation. This makes it very easy to pass sticky notes and have students decide whether the smaller parts of the notes are equal or unequal.

Students will then tape their partial notes to the correct side of the anchola chart or whiteboard chart.

Things To Teach 2nd Graders

Another hands-on activity for teaching fractions is to have students read the name of a fraction and find the corresponding part in a flipbook. They can keep this book as a reference throughout the math unit.

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This Fraction Flipbook is essential when teaching fractions because it is useful as students do other fractions activities, such as this interactive Color Fractions book.

Pick a Fraction is a great Fraction Flipbook and Shading follow-up activity for teaching fractions. This is a great strategy to help students practice the concept of identifying and modeling fractions and writing fractions of words using basic connected cubes.

This activity can be used in small groups or as a whole group. All students will need a set of 2 different colors of connected cubes, such as red and blue. Each student will need a cup or tub of 2 colored cubes. They will also need 2 same colors of markers or colored pencils.

You can call out several cubes for the students to choose or have them follow the instructions on the notepad. They will choose several cubes at random. They will draw part of their choice.

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For example, if they choose 2 red and 2 blue cubes, they will draw 2 red dots and 2 blue dots. Ask students how many red cubes are there. For example, in this case, two quarters of the cubes are red, so students can write, two quarters.

When teaching your fractions unit, it’s important to include a variety of fraction activities so students can practice more with them. One of my favorites is called Play Dough Fractions. This activity can be done in whole groups, small groups, or with partners to help students be the main part.

Give each student or pair of students 1 container of playdough and a tool to help them divide the playdough into fractions. This can be a basic toy, plastic knife, or other similar tool.

Things To Teach 2nd Graders

Students will create different shapes with play dough. If you want, you can even give them pre-made cookie cutters to make different shapes out of their toys. Students can use the lid of the toy to make a circle.

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After creating their shapes, students will use their tools to classify (categorize). Students can practice dividing shapes into equal parts.

I love to use these playdough strips for students to learn, create, and separate. one from If I were doing this activity for a whole group, I would have everyone work on the same shape to complete. If I’m doing this in a small group or with colleagues, I’ll give them different shapes of work to do.

This is a great activity to encourage mathematical discussion about fractions and the size of their parts. You can discuss and model how the more parts a part has, the smaller it will be. Similarly, the smaller the part it has, the bigger it will be.

Folding fractions is another great activity for teaching fractions. Active students divide the fractions and put them back together. Plus, it’s an easy way to combine manual labor! All you need is a basic piece of paper and a pencil.

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Cut simple shapes out of paper, such as rectangles, squares, and circles. Let the students make each shape and let them decide the shape. Fold one in half, the other in fourths, and the other in thirds or eighths, depending on your state’s standards.

Model how to fold each shape and zoom it back so they can see the fold lines. This helps students to see how the shapes are divided. Next, have students use their pencils to trace the folded lines so they can clearly see how the shape is divided.

Then, students cut out the pieces and put them back together, like a puzzle. You can have students put the pieces together and put them together many times to practice.

Things To Teach 2nd Graders

They can also tape or glue the pieces together on colored paper and label each piece. This is an efficient and easy way to do many ideas in one task.

Nd Grade Anchor Charts That Will Make Teaching Easier

An important concept when teaching fractions in 2nd grade is fractions. Students need to understand that although two shapes may not be exactly the same size, their component parts may differ depending on how they are divided.

For example, a rectangle divided into quarters will have smaller halves than a rectangle of the same size divided in half.

This concept can be complicated because the larger the fraction, such as eight, the smaller the fraction.

Using PowerPoint in whole groups and games in the classroom is a good way to help share this idea. down and let students practice and repeat more.

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They can then use this information in a small group writing activity to teach fractions. Students will see two similar shapes divided by a different part. They will then write and say which part is smaller and explain how they got the answer.

Fractions teaching activities that introduce students to the concept of fractions with more than one whole are very important in 2nd grade. After introducing the concept and completing the interactive notebook activity, reinforce the concept using this hands-on fraction game. Students will practice graphing more than one part using number cards.

I hope this 2nd grade activity has given you some new ideas. and simple on how to introduce and teach some concepts to your students.

Things To Teach 2nd Graders

To see some of these activities in action, check out my YouTube video on Fraction Activities to learn more about using these activities when teaching fractions to your students.

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