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Tips On Doing Gel Nails At Home

Tips On Doing Gel Nails At Home – If you’re a busy mom like me, manicures aren’t at the top of your list or budget. Enter GEL Keys and Viola – you can look like pure chic to pay your hobby woman without the bank. I love my stylist, she does my nails, but with our budget, I can’t afford $2,500 for 3 weeks and I don’t have time to stop at nails. Learn DIY Gel Nail Art Here!!!

You only need three elements to paint your nails. Use Sally Beauty Supply’s GELOUS Advanced Gel Nail Polish (I just found Target carries Gelous too), any nail polish of your choice, and ANY clear top coat. at your own choice. I use Sech Vite because I got a discount from Sally. I found better shirts with less striping on the top.

Tips On Doing Gel Nails At Home

Tips On Doing Gel Nails At Home

My DIY gel nails last about two weeks, sometimes three if I’m not rough on the edges of my nails from scrubbing the floor, digging in the garden, and opening ketchup bottles a million times. . Read on for the perfect manicure and nail color tips, followed by a gel tutorial.

How To Remove Gel Nails At Home

*When I say “dried” I mean every 45 days before the move.

*Removal is easy, I used 1 cotton ball for every 10 inches. I use 100% acetone to remove the polish. I just cover all my fingers with cotton balls soaked in acetone and wrap the plate over it. I sit for about fifteen minutes.

2. Decide on the shape you want your nails to be, then grab a nail file and get to work.

Attach the sidewalls straight like a square, then fly around the free edge into that perfect circle.

The 5 Best At Home Gel Kits Of 2023

Make sure the sidewalls of the bundle are straight and perpendicular to the free edge of the nails. Once you have a perfect square, take out the corner of the board and pull out the nail.

3. Next, take a cuticle fan (or an orange stick) and gently push the cuticles back. Use the opposite end of the cuticle pusher to remove all the dirt and grime from under the nails. If your skin is hard, soak it in warm water first.

4. Wash and dry your nails. Then I’m a little against your nail tips. Then you are ready to start painting your nails!

Tips On Doing Gel Nails At Home

But if you say, “I can’t buff my skin and cuticles, consider sacrificing one of your brushes. Brush on acetone before removing polish (excess will wipe off). Others have used petroleum jelly or olive oil; dip brush before applying polish (good for this process also a q-tip) of olive oil vaseline, tap off the excess and apply to the cuticle, being careful not to nail it to the bed.

Diy Acrylic Nails

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Hey babies! Since everyone is locked down and can’t go to the nail salon, I thought I’d give you a little tutorial on how to do your own gel nails in quarantine! I made a quick video so you can get the hang of it, but let’s break it down a bit so you can get the best, long-lasting manicure. Should we?

What Your Nail Technician Doesn’t Want You To Know About Gel Manicures

First, we want to start with clean, dehydrated nails. I cannot stress this enough! One of the biggest problems with non-permanent gel polish is the natural oil on the nail plate, so wash your hands (today percent) and clean your nails with 100% pure acetone.

To do this, she placed her nails in a soft square. You want to use a 180 GRIT nail file. It’s soft enough to line the free edge of the nail plate so it doesn’t scratch too much, but also soft enough that you can gently buff (or etch) the top of the nail plate to make the gel gel. adhere properly to the gloss. Be sure to polish the whole nail like this and make a gentle slice on the sticks! Let him see white and chalk.

One common misconception is that you should use a soft buffer for the nail, but if the nail is too soft, the gel will cut right off. Using the right length of card and nail file will extend the length of your shot!

Tips On Doing Gel Nails At Home

Next, use a cuticle remover to remove all dead skin from the nail. I take a large bottle of skin softener from Sally and pour it into an empty bottle for leisure. Simply place two drops on each nail near the cuticle and let it sit for 1-2 minutes

Saviland Nail Tips And Glue Gel Kit

Once the softer cuticle has had a chance to soak in, wipe off the excess liquid and gently remove the dead skin while starting to push the cuticle away with your nails. This is another very important part if there is any cuticle left on the nail before I apply the gel. The cleaner the nail plate is, the longer your nails will last and the prettier your nails will look.

Now that all of your cuticles have been pushed back, use open-jawed cuticle nippers to gently remove the dead cuticle tissue. This means that anything that has turned white from the softer cuticle. Take your time and be careful not to tear the living skin!

Here are the nails ready to shine! Do them carefully with a brush and 100% pure acetone. After they dry, apply the first 2 coats of acid-free nail polish. Nails are sticky after priming, so don’t touch anything after this step until your nails are done!

Another trick for frosty nails is to peel off if your thick coat is too thick. This is not true! As long as you ordered your nail correctly, a thicker base will increase the strength of the nail. This base coat is by far one of my favorites and the perfect consistency for a thicker base. Apply a small amount to the nail plate to start, then float the gel ball over the entire nail to add strength.

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You can also clean up possible mistakes with a small gel nail brush! Dry the base coat in a gel lamp for 60 seconds.

After the base has hardened, apply 2 coats of your desired color and cure each for 30 seconds in your lamp. You can easily get close to the cuticle with a “crunchy” brush. We used “Presto #137” and I think it’s one of the best gel polish lines out there. Super opaque colors that won’t clump, crease or pull away from the cuticle. What more do you want?

To finish them we used high gloss without topcoat. Some topcoats have a sticky or residual layer after curing, so if you use a mask that has a sticky layer, wipe it off with rubbing alcohol. You can also hover a bit on the roof using the extra strength.

Tips On Doing Gel Nails At Home

Once your nails come out of the lamp and shed all the layers, apply cuticle oil and add more throughout the day. Trust me, all you want to do is wash your hands! It helps to increase the flexibility of the nails so that your hands are not brittle or cracked.

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Rub in this cuticle oil and you’re good to go!! These DIY gel nails should last at least 2-4 weeks and give you something to beat while bingeing on Netflix.

Try it for yourself and tag me @nailsbykaiti so I can applaud all my hard work. I hope this helps!

I can’t do my nails right now! Thank you

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