Truck Spray Booth For Sale

Truck Spray Booth For Sale – The Marathon Series Side Down Spray Booth is designed to be an extremely cost effective design, as there is no need for a pit or basement. that’s right! You get the same airflow as a full down version, but without the added cost… the best of both worlds! This large painting booth for sale can be ordered with or without the SprayCure heater.

The Side Down Draft Spray Paint Booth is a down draft booth that does not require a pit! That’s right…no pit or basement required, but with all the benefits of a full draft cabin.

Truck Spray Booth For Sale

Truck Spray Booth For Sale

This spray booth is designed so that the air enters the roof filter and moves vertically, from the top of the booth to the bottom of the booth, to cover the vehicle with clean air , filter. Any excess grease from the paint is drawn off and away from the vehicle and floats and is captured by a floor level cleaning filter located on each wall of the spray booth.

Ameri Cure Inc

Marathon Finishing Systems offers a full line of paint booths. Marathon designs and manufactures our full line of spray booths to meet today’s demanding painting technology. Whether you are spraying a solvent-based product (paint), a waterborne product only or a combination of solvent and waterborne products, we have the right solution for your application. Our team can help you choose the right spray booth kit for your application and facility. We can customize a specific system to your specific requirements. Most of the systems built and installed by Marathon Finishing Systems are engineered specifically for our customers.

They design, manufacture, deliver, install systems for cars, light trucks, motorcycles, watercraft, marathon finishing systems and then train your staff to complete the system work correctly. Or if you prefer, you can install your booth yourself with our installation guide.

4. It’s all about the lights! We frame all our cabins with horizontal light fixtures (where possible) to help eliminate shadows.

5. The “Inspection Grade” we use is LDPI, Inc. Brand lights made in the USA for spray booth applications only.

Industrial Spray Booth For Truck Bus Downdraft For Sale

6. Our spray heat and curing systems are made in the USA Energy Efficient and are “LISTED” for compliance.

Marathon sets the benchmark every year with new product releases and innovative booth designs, all at great prices! This is what you can expect from Marathon Finishing Systems.

The Standard Series Boots are designed with one simple concept in mind; Good quality and design at an affordable price!

Truck Spray Booth For Sale

“Shadow Free” horizontal lighting in side walls from LDPI, Inc., G.E. Electric controls, Goyen air valves.

Crossdraft Truck & Large Equipment Booths

All Marathon Standard Series boots are made from 18 gauge steel with precision CNC machining. Our booths are equipped with nut and bolt type construction, 6 inch precision on center and 2 inch counter for easy assembly in the shop. Manufactured in accordance with NFPA Codes and OSHA National Standards.

Marathon does not build our own fans, motors, light fixtures, heaters and control panels like some “others”. We only offer TOP BRAND NAME parts made in the USA that you can trust and are easy to service. All fans and motors are available at any Granger branch in your area or online. Marathon Lighting is manufactured by LDPI, Inc., our controllers are manufactured by G.E. And each heater is ETL listed with a 2 year warranty on all parts.

Made in the USA by LDPI, Inc., 48 inch long, 4-tube, 32 watt fluorescent fixtures, with electronic ballast, dual voltage 120v/277v, UL. Listed for this application.

Standard series boots are equipped with horizontal lights on the sidewall and hip panels for shadow-free illumination. Some of our “cheaper” competitors build their booths using 1 or 2 lights based on the wall, because it’s cheaper to build this way. All Marathon booths have horizontal lights that run the length of the spray booth, not up and down!

Truck & Industrial

Another typical Marathon feature is that our doors are constructed with not one but two skins (double skin). That is, the main products and human access doors are smooth on the inside and outside. It should be like an iron door (fire door). Our manned entrance doors have a viewing window. The cheapest cabins have single leather doors with frames (structure) on the inside of the cabin. This “tin-can” door is fluid and collects dust and excess spray on the openings. It also “shakes” when you open and close the door. All Marathon doors are “jig built” to use tubular steel for added durability and strength.

Marathon Spray Booths only use “industry standard” size filters. You can get a replacement from your local paint store, filter supplier, online, or always call Marathon. Standard series booths come with a 20″ x 20″ x 2″ Hi-Efficiency Fiberglass Paint Pad (discharge filter) and 20″ x 20″ x 1″ Premium “Tacked” Inlet Filters with internal support and a steel frame. – inside

Marathon and motor fan kits come from a long established and well trusted source. Grainger These packs feature USA made aluminum blades, AMCA certified, non-sparking, high efficiency 3-phase 208/230/460v motors (230v single phase available) Tubular axial fans driven by belt, with a neat belt tunnel for air from outside the fan to the air in the drive compartment. The steel case is treated with iron phosphate for corrosion protection, and has a durable epoxy acrylic paint finish. The factory-installed cast-iron sheave is assembled directly onto the fan shaft. When a complete fan is ordered with a drive package, all motors and belts will be charged separately. Whether installed vertically or horizontally, these critical components have permanently lubricated ball bearings for long-term service. Propellers and belt guards balanced with AMCA Type B aluminum eliminate the risk of fire​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ and and explosion. High Internal air temperature: 200°F maximum. Altitude: 104°F.

Truck Spray Booth For Sale

Marathon booth kits include manometer, all required nuts and bolts, gaskets, caulking, adhesive glass for light cover, instruction manual, assembly drawings, wiring diagrams, and factory support and knowledge Marathon. We live in sprinkler houses!

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Marathon Finishing Systems offers a variety of options and upgrades. The standard booth configurations shown on our product pages are just the beginning. Each area is unique, and each product line has its own unique requirements. Listed below are some of the options you can add to your tool chain, although not everything for sure. We can design any solution you need, so we know that no specification can be complete. This list shows the most common options and upgrades, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, just ask us…

While the typical cottage is of single wall, uninsulated panel construction, we can build your cottage with double wall, insulated panels. These panels contain standard fiberglass insulation that fills the central channel between two metal walls. Although we do not recommend this type of update, there are some apps where it is appropriate. We will help you determine whether you need single or double wall panels.

When building a spray booth or oven, we design the main product doors to be 3 to 4 feet wide, easy to open and close, and lightweight. This almost always turns out to be a “Barn Door” arrangement. However, if you want to tailor a door arrangement to meet specific requirements (for example, to enter a specific space), you can choose from many door styles.

There are many standard size windows available, from a small 10″ x 12″ “peek in” window to a full size 36″ x 48″ “view” window. These windows can be installed in cabin doors or wall panels to suit your needs. We can even make custom size windows and engineer them into your cabin wherever you want them.

Enclosed Spray Booth

As the various options you need add to your booth, the control options become more complex. Although it can start with a simple “Off” switch, it requires a fully digital system with a touch screen and computer control system. Don’t mind! We can engineer the entire system to handle every aspect of your equipment while making daily operations simple, yet efficient. We’ll show you how to do each task correctly so you can do it right.

Marathon takes great care when measuring all aspects of lighting (positioning, distribution, positioning, etc.) for our spray booths so you get a “shadow free” and brightly lit workspace. If you want to be able to increase the amount of light needed for your application, we can add as many lights as you need. If you want to change the type of lighting (change

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