Update Access Database From Excel

Update Access Database From Excel – You can open a Microsoft Excel table directly in ArcGIS and work with it in the same way as you work with other tabular data sources. For example, you can add an Excel file to a map, open it in location view and use it as input to a geodetic tool. For more details, see Working with Microsoft Excel files in ArcGIS.

Working with Microsoft Excel tables in ArcGIS does not require Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office to be installed on the same machine as ArcGIS.

Update Access Database From Excel

Update Access Database From Excel

The only requirement to access and work with Excel files in ArcGIS is that the appropriate drivers must be downloaded and properly installed on the computer where ArcGIS is installed. Depending on the configuration, a silent install may be required to properly install the appropriate drivers. Without the appropriate drivers installed, attempts to access an Excel file in ArcGIS will result in a Required Microsoft Driver not installed error.

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To determine the appropriate driver to install, review and answer the following questions about the configuration of the machine where ArcGIS is installed. Your answer will help you determine whether you need to install one or more drivers and whether a silent installation of those drivers is required to access and use Excel files in ArcGIS.

Based on your answers, use the following decision tree as a guide to help you determine which drivers to install and to determine whether a silent installation is required for one or more drivers.

See Guide to connecting to Excel files in the ArcGIS blog post if you need additional details or guidance to answer this question and complete these steps to access and use Excel files in ArcGIS.

Microsoft Access Database Engine technology helps unify communication and external data transfer between files that are proprietary to the Microsoft Office system and other non-Microsoft Office applications such as ArcGIS.

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To access and work with Excel files in ArcGIS, you must download and install the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 Redistributable driver on your computer. These drivers can be accessed from the Microsoft Download Center.

Microsoft Office is installed in one of two ways, either MSI or CTR. It is important to know what type of installer is used, because if your Microsoft Office channel is installed using CTR (such as Microsoft Office 365), the Microsoft side-by-side detection prevent the installation of 32-bit or 64- bit drivers from ceeding.

Microsoft policy only allows you to install drivers of the same bit version as the installed channel of Microsoft Office. If you try to install the downloaded AccessDatabaseEngine.exe file on a machine that already has 64-bit Microsoft applications installed, you will receive an error message that you cannot install the 32-bit version of the database engine because you have the 64-bit . Microsoft Office Channel installed. A similar error message appears if you try to install the AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe file on a machine that already has 32-bit Microsoft applications installed.

Update Access Database From Excel

To overcome this situation, complete the following steps to perform a silent installation of the downloaded files:

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Note: To check if the driver is installed, in the Windows taskbar search box, type Settings. In the Applications and features panel, look for Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016. If it’s not there, or if you have any problems with the installation information listed above, see Guide to connecting to Excel files in ArcGIS for additional installation instructions.

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