Web Development Seo Best Practices

Web Development Seo Best Practices – You are an SEO. You’ve mastered the beginner’s guide to search engine optimization. Every day you deal with incorrect site migrations, fake title tags across thousands of pages, earthquake changes in Google’s algorithm, and more. Who would have thought that one of the hardest parts of your job would be implementing your recommendations?

This is why your professional relationship with your web developers is so important. They hold lock and key on almost everything you need to do to optimize your on-page SEO and technical site – and often they don’t understand why you’re putting so much demand on them while they’re there. . they have their hands full with website maintenance.

Web Development Seo Best Practices

Web Development Seo Best Practices

Getting your developers to care about and prioritize your SEO solutions isn’t easy, so we’ve created the Web Developer SEO Cheat Sheet, a free download that anyone on your team can use for technical and on-page you can share with someone. best practices.

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Ever since Zer Danny Dover created the original version in 2008, the SEO Cheat Sheet has been downloaded tens of thousands of times by developers and marketers.

Countless newbies and advanced SEOs have printed it out, laminated it, and hung it on their walls as a quick reference to best practices that impact search engine optimization. Web developers and software engineers will also benefit from easy reference to technical SEO standards.

Completely updated for 2020 by senior SEO scientist Brittney Mueller, the SEO Web Dev Cheat Sheet breaks down all the overlapping parts of SEO and web development so your teams live in or near perfect harmony.

But before you call for your first appointment, make sure you have all the information you need! Arming yourself with numbers and real-world examples will give you a clearer picture and allow both of your teams to start working on a plan of action.

Search Engine Optimization (seo)

If you already have a Pro account set up, simply go to Campaigns and select Custom Reports from the left-hand navigation. Select “Full Site Audit” from the list of templates and click Generate Report.

This report explains many technical and SEO mistakes that your web development team can help you with.

If you don’t have a Pro account, you can sign up for a free trial and start collecting data for your site. Once the rinse is complete, follow the steps above.

Web Development Seo Best Practices

The first thing you should address with your friends in the web development community should be your critical crawler issues. These problems include 400 and 500 HTTP status errors.

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A 400-level error indicates that the content cannot be found or is completely gone, while a 500-level error indicates a problem with the server.

As SEOs, our worst nightmare is finding a high-value, high-traffic page that returns a 400 or 500 rank error. “Wait for it to be fixed – at best, they’ll try to find what they’re looking for elsewhere on your site. At worst, they’ll go to your competitor.

It should be very simple to explain the importance of this to your developers – these errors make the pages completely inaccessible to site visitors. The web developers on your team spent a long time building and maintaining your site; they don’t want that hard work to be wasted.

Important issues on important pages should be avoided at all costs. Part of prevention is understanding why something went wrong in the first place and how to support developers in the future. Once you know what happened, make a plan to notify them of site changes that you can work with them on and offer them support. Do you have a list of high value pages you can provide? Can you help with prioritization? Ask your developers how you can best support them and foster a positive working relationship, even when critical bugs occur.

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Together, your teams can identify and resolve these issues by visiting the Critical Crawler Issues section of Site Crawl in Pro.

Next, let’s talk about your browser alerts. These can be a bit more difficult to explain to your web development team in terms of impact, but they are worth the effort.

Some pages are intentionally hidden from search engines, such as sites or hidden behind a login screen, so not every browser warning is something that requires your web developer to fix. Double check that the URLs that the browser returns with a warning are really the pages you want to hide. If important pages get lost behind the wrong noindex/nofollow tags, you’re missing out on valuable traffic and ranking opportunities.

Web Development Seo Best Practices

Try to understand why some pages are tagged with noindex/nofollow, and then work with your developers to create a solid communication plan when the site changes. If you have an understanding of how to use the code, you can catch errors before they run.

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If you see noindex/nofollow placed on pages that you expect to rank, it can be a huge barrier to organic traffic. While there are situations where many of these tags can be used correctly, using them incorrectly can cost a business.

Help your web developer understand the value by showing how much traffic specific keywords on impact pages can bring. Link it to revenue and show them how much you’re spending on organic traffic alone! They understand the importance of precision when it comes to noindex / nofollow, and how their decisions can help the most important pages on your site improve.

To run these Crawler Alerts, go to the Crawler Alerts section of your Crawl site, download the CSV file, determine what needs to be fixed, and create an action plan.

For more information on using noindex/nofollow, see the Standard Exclusion Robots section of the Web Developer SEO cheat page.

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Redirect issues include temporary redirects, redirect chains, and meta updates. All of this affects the user experience (and usability) and therefore affects SEO.

Temporary redirects or 302s/307s redirect users from one URL to another. Think of these redirects as road construction stops—the user can’t go that way today, but eventually, they will.

To be able to use this path. This is how Google sees temporary redirects and therefore they don’t give the page as much link (ranking power) – not ideal! Especially if you plan to not open the old path (or URL) back and the “detour” is the new route.

Web Development Seo Best Practices

Redirect chains are redirects from one page to another page and to another page and so on. The problem is that each redirect takes a few seconds for the user to load. Oh, and let’s not forget that Google drops link equity at every stop, so by the time you’ve had a few referrals, a fair bit of equity has been lost. Also, if the chain is too long, the Google browser will no longer try to access the last page. This means that your page will not be indexed and you have lost the chance to rank.

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A meta update is done in HTML and tells the server to redirect the user after a certain amount of time. This can be very confusing to the user and cause them to leave the site. Additionally, these redirects do not pass link parity.

As we mentioned earlier, it is important to understand why the decision was made before finding an effective way to fix it. Find out why your developers chose to use certain redirects and discuss with them why one decision is better than another. If they have a consistent process for making referrals, find out where that process fits and provide insight.

There are a few key points to keep in mind when dealing with web developers regarding redirect issues:

To identify redirects on your site, go to the Redirect Issues section of the Site Scan, download the CSV file, check and prioritize what you need to fix, and get to work.

Web Design Best Practices To Build An Seo Friendly Website

The HTTP status code and performance and page speed sections of the SEO Web Dev cheat page will be helpful here, so share it with your developers!

These elements affect how your content appears in search engine results pages (SERPs). All of these can affect your pages ranking potential, and if the page isn’t attracting clicks, you’re losing both traffic.

How have your web developers viewed metadata in the past? It may not have been on their radar or considered too important. Try to figure out where they’re coming from and then explain why you should agree with the site’s metadata decisions.

Web Development Seo Best Practices

Show your team the difference between what you think is good and what is bad when it comes to metadata. If you have the time, get click-through rate data for different instances of each and compare them, then figure out what traffic you’re losing.

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