What Channel Is Howard Stern On

What Channel Is Howard Stern On – Howard Stern said on “Pure Air” that the days of “Pure Knowledge” are behind him. Stern says he’s not the evil profession he once was. “If I don’t grow, develop and change… I don’t know if I can still stay on the radio.” His new book is Howard Stern Comes Back.

Howard Stern is glad he’s not a radio DJ. “I don’t want to play the Beatles,” he said. “I want to

What Channel Is Howard Stern On

What Channel Is Howard Stern On

Looking back on his early career, Howard Stern recalled that he was “terrified” that he wouldn’t be able to make ends meet. “All the strange sexual behavior, religious ceremonies, racial customs – everything I say, everything embarrassing I do – is to entertain my audience and increase my audience,” he said. “Whether you like it or not, like that person on the street or not – I don’t care as long as I continue to improve that audience.”

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Stern eventually managed to grow an audience of millions over a four-decade career, first on terrestrial radio and now on satellite radio. Stern, 65, said he wasn’t the one to shock her before. He admits, “If I hadn’t grown up and evolved and changed…I don’t know if I could still be on the radio.”

A compilation of some of the most memorable interviews with famous guests, including Madonna, Mike Tyson, Jerry Seinfeld, Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump.

With two years left on his contract at SiriusXM, Stern said he’s not sure what’s next for him. “I’m a little afraid of retirement,” he says. “It’s like any other day that I don’t know – and it bothers me because I don’t know myself enough… I don’t know what I want, what I want to do.”

Now, Stern is the happiest interviewer he’s ever been on radio: “I think where I am now is the perfect place,” he says.

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The interview was broadcast in two parts over two days. You can read the highlights below – edited for length and clarity – or click the audio link above to hear the full conversation.

Your interviewing approach has changed over the years – you’re more in-depth, you’re more empathetic. You said when you think about your interviews during the first two decades of your show, that you cringe … [and] this therapy was a turning point for you. You started therapy 20 years ago?

Stern: I remember the first day very clearly. … what was so deep for me — and why I fell — I sat there with a psychoanalyst, a psychiatrist, and they said, “Oh, I guess I’ll tell you about myself,” and I started to get into a good routine. which I have done many times on the radio. I will start talking about my father and continue with impressions. … I’m going to complete this thing, and he stopped me cold, looked at me, and said, “I don’t find anything funny.” I was like, what the hell is he talking about? … I mean, I get paid a lot of money to do this! He said, “No, I find him rather sad. And why did you tell me the story? Why didn’t you tell me about anything real?”

What Channel Is Howard Stern On

I don’t know what he’s talking about. I have never sat alone in a room with any human being on this planet and listened to it for real. Everything with me is saucy and cute, and that’s how my family comes together.

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Stern: I’m starting to think. … how about bringing guests here and there and talking properly? … how about letting other people shine? What if I can shut down Big Yap and I don’t do it myself?

Everything started to change. … my policy is just identity … let your mind get rid of every little bit of feeling and information – but most of what comes out is anger; It is not fully dimensional.

In therapy I started to explore other ways of communicating, and I was the happiest I had ever seen on the radio. And that’s not to say the radio show isn’t really crazy — and it is. There is a lot of outrageous humor in things, but what I also started to protect and protect are certain things in my personal life, that some things become precious and infinite. There is a good balance.

My feelings and difficulties were not on the table, so I buried them. I think when I finally got on the radio and screamed so hard and was sure everyone had heard me, I couldn’t get enough.

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Stern: I eventually grew up in what became an all-black community. And I was one of the few white kids, and not once did I say to my parents, “Gee, I feel weird here. All my friends are far away. There’s no discussion like that. My feelings and difficulties aren’t on the table, so I’m buried .I think when I finally got on the radio and screamed so hard and sure everyone heard me, I couldn’t get enough.

There was a point in my career where we did research [that] one in four cars on the Long Island Highway in the largest market in the United States, New York, was listening to me and tuning me in. And when I heard I was depressed because three of the four cars didn’t listen to me. So when you want everything and nothing satisfies you and you just want to be – in a narcissistic way – the center of the universe and the focus, I am clearly a hungry person who only believes that the focus should be on me. …

Now I realize, that my father was a radio engineer and he looked at this announcer with such appreciation. He was very kind and loving towards them and he worshiped them. I said, “Ah! That’s what you do. You stand behind the microphone and everyone listens, then everyone loves you!” Well, that’s a sad way to live your life, because nobody really loves you. They appreciate what you do…the entertainment you give them, but that’s not the kind of love I’m looking for.

What Channel Is Howard Stern On

Stern: My mother was a depressed woman – she had suicidal tendencies. He lived a horrible life – a horrible life. He lost his mother at nine o’clock, [he] was kicked out of the house. … I was raised by traumatized women. He has been through terrible trauma and has overcome a lot in his life. But he became very sad when his sister died – which was in fact his only family. …and I have come home from school and my mother is confused. I don’t know what to do with him. I left school and she was crying.

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Stern: In my family, words mean nothing. … we never had a real serious conversation. I thought it was all for drama. I don’t know how real it is. … You know, gender we can talk about, race we can talk about, homosexuality we can talk about – you name it, we can talk about it – but it’s always in a funny way. We can talk about today’s news in a funny way. But really to tackle something in a serious way? It’s complicated. …

This is a terrible burden for the child – to cheer up his mother. I remember making a very complicated impression on all the mothers in the neighborhood. …I don’t just make impressions – I destroy them too. And my mother loved her, because it means: She is the best mother. … what really encouraging is: See? I am the best mother. And I know that on some level. Now, that’s too much for a bright kid.

Stern: On my radio show there is a lot of sex and brutal behavior. Listen, I’m in my twenties, thirties, forties, and this is all good to me. … it’s like punk rock. It’s like, “What can I do that will scare everyone? Oh! Everyone’s nervous about sex. Sex, sex, sex.” … I want to decriminalize sex. I want to go ahead and celebrate sex and say, “Who cares? We talk about sex. We’re all animals and we all have sex.”

Well, I really like the idea of ​​celebrating sex. The part I don’t like about your show is talking about the size of women’s breasts and how much you want to have sex with them and rating the women from 1-10 – or asking the guests. And you have a large number of young followers

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