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White Label Debit Card Program

White Label Debit Card Program – BIN sponsorship is a faster way for licensed financial institutions to launch white label payment card programs. It is fully certified, secure and compliant as both a payment card issuer and card payment processor.

Launch custom branded card programs with a mix of technology and materials, tailored for each use case

White Label Debit Card Program

White Label Debit Card Program

From cards to card programs – What and how in the provision of services depends on you

Private / White Label Banking & Financial Services In 2022

BIN sponsorship services are powered by a fully featured card issuing API platform. Designed and built to enable a wide variety of modern payment solutions, the API is a simple and convenient tool that provides precise control and full ownership of your white label program.

In one integration, the Card Issuing API provides a comprehensive way to configure and manage all your debit and prepaid cards, whether virtual or physical payment cards, giving you the freedom to work with corporate and private clients.

Access to card processing capabilities is an important prerequisite for running a card program. An in-house processing center is available as part of our BIN sponsorship and white card issuing solutions, as well as card issuer services.

This helps reduce the need for additional third-party integrations and provides card issuers with all the functionality they need to effectively manage their card program:

Offer Prepaid, Debit And Credit Cards In Your Own Branding

For businesses in the online payments industry, it is critical to launch products quickly and ensure they are well integrated into the overall service portfolio in order to remain competitive, and our partnership has enabled us to do just that. Our new Monevium card has closed a gap in our product offering and has become one of the cornerstones, allowing our business to make significant progress.

The ability to provide card solutions to our clients has added a new level of credibility to our financial services. Solid execution and great attention to detail. Great job team!

We are very fortunate to have a business partner that helps us achieve our goals. The payments industry is tough; but his team showed skill and a truly superb approach. The quality of our service is important and we are able to provide it thanks to our team.

White Label Debit Card Program

The road to payment cards was not an easy one, and due to the large number of factors involved, the process was not as smooth as originally thought. Although we were very satisfied with the results achieved, the high professionalism and sensitivity of the team and the personalized approach made this trip worthwhile.

Chainswipe Crypto Debit Cards

Contact us directly or by filling out the application form. Let us know important details about your business and what type of card payment solution you are looking for.

We will conduct compatibility tests and check the necessary details. We are now ready to contact you with an offer and sign a partnership agreement.

Decide on card materials and design elements. Be creative – if you can dream it, we can make it for you!

We make the necessary arrangements to make your card program work: full Mastercard connection, development and integration, physical and virtual card production, defining fraud management rules specific to your business. All that’s left is to bridge the gap between your core business and your card management system via API.

Bin Sponsorship & White Label Card Issuing

Once all the preparations are complete, you are ready to launch your payment card program in the BIN range and deliver the cards to your customers.

A white payment card is a tangible part of your brand in the hands of your customers. Worry!

Embrace the possibilities of creating a unique payment card experience shared by your business and your customers. You have control over the smallest details – from the type of card to the choice of materials and packaging used to deliver the final product to cardholders.

White Label Debit Card Program

Card issuing services allow you to launch a wide range of payment card programs and issue different types of cards, both virtual and physical. These include: Create your own virtual and physical cards ready for immediate use. Our modern API ensures fast and seamless integration, allowing you to launch your new product in no time!

Launch A White Label Cloud Marketplace Software Platform…

“It was a pleasure to work together! The team is professional and knowledgeable in what they do. We were able to do full API integration quickly. Our corporate and individual clients are now enjoying their single-use virtual cards and plastic cards!”

“Working with us allowed us to launch a competitive product in record time and helped us accelerate our growth. Together we create technological solutions and launch new innovative products that will meet the needs of our users.”

“With its card solutions, it provided a new field of opportunity for our credit business in Bulgaria and helped us create state-of-the-art solutions for our clients.” We are grateful to see them as a reliable partner.”

“Our partnership with a company that values ​​the trust, reliability and satisfaction of our customers above all, has allowed us to maintain these principles at the highest level.” Their unwavering commitment to excellence shines through in their business, enabling us to confidently deliver world-class service to our clients.”

Delivering White Label Cards To Your Business

“Fintechs are always looking for improvements in service/product innovation, speed, flexibility, user interface/UX. This time, we’re switching to a new card partner—a world-class service and innovative solutions provider that quickly launched our branded Visa debit cards. Thanks to a wide range of state-of-the-art payment solutions, full compliance with KIC/AML requirements and a reliable fraud monitoring system. Our customers can finally enjoy a fast and reliable product around the world.”

“ConnectPai has become a VISA Business Card issuing partner. The entire team that worked on our project was extremely patient, helpful and professional at every step. Their attention to detail, every extra mile imaginable and their goal-oriented mindset allowed us to launch the new VISA cards just the way we wanted.

“The REST API has enabled MyMonii to quickly build and launch a best-in-class payment solution for kids and families.” We have received great support throughout the process and our customers are already greatly benefiting from modern and innovative payment platforms.”

White Label Debit Card Program

“We aimed to provide the best payment solution for children and we are happy that it fully met all our requirements!” This team is really technologically oriented and top speed by market standards. Their agile startup mentality and their great work have allowed us to offer the best digital solution for children. That way we can grow our business by attracting new markets and bring even more innovation to our product!”

Bmo Is First Canadian Financial Institution To Launch True Name™ By Mastercard

” proved to be a reliable, results-oriented partner. Thanks to the outstanding solutions provided by the team, the launch of Holm’s new Liisi credit card in the Estonian market went smoothly and our customers can enjoy flexible credit card services.

“After V1TTI engaged a partner that did not comply with regulatory obligations, we had to look for a new partner that was fast, reliable and trustworthy. After 4 weeks of pressure covering all market participants, we were identified as our new business partner based on their solutions and fast onboarding processes. We quickly built bridges, the team reached us from the CEO to the technical and commercial team. They moved quickly and quickly understood our situation. They were very organized and clear and within 5 weeks V1TTI was able to launch with virtual cards, while their competitors offered a minimum of 90 days for our launch. Thanks to the team!”

“The commitment to providing high-quality and innovative services to our clients is undoubtedly inspiring.” It is a pleasure for Idemia to share customer-centric values ​​and try to bring together best-in-class Visa payment card solutions.”

“Thanks to the platform and the REST API, we were able to launch branded payment cards much faster.” Now we offer credit cards to our clients, we have a loyalty program for discounts and refunds, and most importantly – a reliable partner who contributes to the implementation of our projects”.

Cibc Smart Prepaid Visa Card: The Full Review 2022

“It is the latest platform for issuing VISA cards on the international market, which meets the requirements of the modern world in terms of financial technology and digitalization.” Check our REST API and DMme if something is missing – we can fix it ;)”

“Our main goal is to provide a quality and reliable product suitable for the development of companies of all sizes.” We not only use innovative technologies and follow international standards, but also create them!”

A REST API built using the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) standard with a proven open standard JSON Web Token (JVT) to keep our API secure.

White Label Debit Card Program

WhiteLabel’s flexible turnkey solution for launching custom branded credit cards for your business ensures rapid time-to-market through simplified integration.

The 11 Best Prepaid Credit Cards In Canada In 2023

Currently issuing personalized virtual cards for various purposes. Virtual cards allow you to make instant payments, transfers and online purchases even more safely and reliably.

The fraud monitoring service provides monitoring of payment transactions to detect and prevent payment card fraud, thereby reducing potential financial losses.

High competition in the consumer credit industry forces companies to look for new ways to optimize customer service. It will help you improve your company’s financial processes and improve business performance as soon as possible!

The lending industry is rapidly evolving and constantly requires new and efficient solutions from financial institutions to meet the needs of clients. You can optimize your work with commercial clients and significantly speed up the lending process, thereby increasing your brand loyalty and company profitability!

Productfy Raises $16m To Build ‘defi For Traditional Finance’

Banking usually involves many complex processes that often require optimization and regular investments. offers innovative ready-to-use products that can help you avoid unnecessary financial costs and significantly save time.

Despite the dynamic development of financial technologies, many fintech companies still do not have modern, reliable and convenient payment tools. In this way, you will be able to issue your multifunctional virtual and physical cards specially designed for you, which can be adapted to different business processes. A locally produced platform that can be integrated with any IT system will allow you to take the lead.

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